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Why Pinterest May Be The Greatest Website For Writers

by Teagan Berry

There are countless social media sites out on the internet, each of them offering us different means to share our thoughts and life with other people. 842 more words


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"Cons, Dames, & G-Men" An Anthology Part 3

The third story in the Cons, Dames & G-Men” anthology is Dark at the Top of the Stairs by Elizabeth Horton-Newton. Here is a review of this short story from author Neil Douglas Newton. 442 more words

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Moristoun by Kevin McAllion (Book Review #111)

Moristoun is a story about redemption, love and the enjoyment of living. There are times in life when nothing seems to be going your way. The feeling of loneliness, having no goals or ambition and failing to recognize the reason for living overwhelms the individual causing them to consider giving up living entirely. Continue Reading

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The Indie Writer's Support Network: Review Edition

Indie writers have it tough.

From the writing to the promotion of our books and stories, we’re responsible for every step of the publishing process. Even those of us who sign with indie and boutique publishers have to do significantly more legwork than those who get in with the big houses. 406 more words


Guest Blog - A. Renee Hunt

Why I Chose to go Independent!

Book Blogger, Reviewer & Author

Hello! My name’s Alyssa, but I normally go by my pen name, A. Renee Hunt. 561 more words


11.05 Murders by Brian O'Hare (Book Review #113)

This is indeed a crime tale consisting of a rape that happened 12 years ago and three murders conducted all at the same time, 11.05. 70 more words

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Nailing Jess by Triona Scully - but mostly, a lecture on craft

Every now and then I make a mad grab for a book, something I run across serendipitously while perusing bookshop events or stumble over in my email. 849 more words

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