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A Great Writing Tool

It’s customary about writers to share writing tips with each other; I guess it’s my turn now.

However, what I’ll share here isn’t a new piece of software that will turn the output of what your sorry thousand-monkeys-persona writes everyday into Shakespeare, nor a Grammar-Nazi website that will automatically fix your penchant to confuse ‘ 325 more words

Are You Doing Book Signings?

The holiday season is here again, and it’s a very family time of year. I’m extremely grateful to have good people with whom to share it. 719 more words

Book Promotion

Tax Withholding on Amazon eBooks and Createspace books

When I first started out in the book world, I just pressed “publish” and hoped for the best. I didn’t have a clue about all the ins and outs. 469 more words

Writing Experiences

5 Ways Books Can Change The World

We live in a convoluted world, no doubt about it. When I was a young girl I dreamed of changing it for the better. Now, as years make me inevitably wiser, I see the need to keep that dream alive, not only for me, but for future generations. 546 more words


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Proud to present this blog of Mariana's. I firmly believe that if not for my parent's surrounding us with books from birth, me and my siblings would have missed out. Consider purchasing Mariana's books for your family, your children will thank you and there's almost nothing better than a grateful child! Cheers.

Miss Landon and Aubranael by Charlotte E. English

For the winter season, my goal is to highlight excellent work published independently by self-published authors or small presses. There was therefore never really any question of whether I’d include something by Charlotte E. 514 more words

Book Review

Indie Author Interview: Caroline Peckham

Indie Author Caroline Peckham is releasing her debut novel “Creeping Shadow”, the first in her series “The Rise of Isaac” on kindle, December 10th this year. 1,112 more words


Once You Go Indie ...

There are tons of indie books out there and lots of people who will tell you all of the reasons they should be avoided at all cost. 624 more words

Self Publishing Progress