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Too Harsh or Too Real?

Do you feel that this comment is too harsh or do you think that Rowling has a good point?

Book Review

Moristoun by Kevin McAllion (Book Review #111)

Moristoun is a story about redemption, love and the enjoyment of living. There are times in life when nothing seems to be going your way. The feeling of loneliness, having no goals or ambition and failing to recognize the reason for living overwhelms the individual causing them to consider giving up living entirely. Continue Reading

Book Review

Want to be a Successful Indie Writer? Recent Survey Highlights the Importance of Hiring Editors and Cover Designers

BookBaby Insights for Self-Publishing Authors

Stephen Spatz, president of BookBaby, a service provider for independent authors, carried out a survey in 2017 to ask over 5,000 self-published authors about what are they writing, how they publish, what services they use, what they do to market and promote their books and what they attribute their success to. 360 more words


When Do I Start Calling Myself a "Writer?"

That’s a trick question, right?

I had a writing professor as an undergrad that defined a “writer” as someone who got paid to write. I disagree. 291 more words

Writer's Woes

I'm hiding in a cave

For the past few month’s I’ve been struggling with my new material. Not really struggling, but have a difficult time completing it. At first, I wanted to write the story in third person, just like my series. 640 more words


POPO GIGI: The earlier years - London to Bollywood (Popo Gigi, #1) by Samuel G. Sterling (Book Review #98)

This is a 596-page book!

It is primarily about a guy named Popo Gigi. He is seeking his biological father. Unfortunately, Popo’s father abandoned his pregnant wife and shipped her off to London, England. 20 more words

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