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POPO GIGI: The earlier years - London to Bollywood (Popo Gigi, #1) by Samuel G. Sterling (Book Review #98)

This is a 596-page book!

It is primarily about a guy named Popo Gigi. He is seeking his biological father. Unfortunately, Popo’s father abandoned his pregnant wife and shipped her off to London, England. 20 more words

Book Review

Gatc’hh’en’s Rite – by John Talisker (Book Review #96)

This is a captivating story about a living being that is half machine. Gatc’hh’en isn’t from earth, so he studies the way which humans are like. 16 more words


Life into Mist by Haidji (Book Review #93)

Life into Mist is a journey. Its setting is in a place where souls travel to earth as a newborn. This poetic, mystical story has a combination of stories where a girl is recounting her life or a boy is trying to help an old man. 14 more words

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Quest Chasers: The Deadly Cavern by Grace & Thomas Lockhaven - Book Review

Quest Chasers is a charming children’s book written about a girl named Eevie and a boy named Tommy. There is a very pleasing bond of friendship between these two, and as they enter the world of which they have never known before, they are trapped. 20 more words

Book Review

How Do You Choose a Story to Write?

How does a writer decide which story they are going to work on? What makes them choose, out of all the ideas in their head, one specific one to work on and devote all their energy to? 227 more words