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Should Indie Authors Survey Their Readers?

Surveys Can Point Out Better Ways to Go.

Taking a page out of business school (please, bear with me, I like to think the effort to get that MBA years ago was good for something) 596 more words


The constant lover, sorry I mean, author

I’ve mentioned a few times that when writing we need to be aware of the importance of consistency. But why is it important?

To begin with, it will infuriate your reader if Jane turns into Jean every few pages and back again. 1,309 more words

Why I am digitally moving

For those who have followed or joined me along the way of my 257 posts I am moving. I have created a new WordPress website where I will continue blogging about writing including a ‘who I am’ page and links to my e-books with a synopsis of each. 30 more words

E-book Publishing

Ways to introduce minor characters in your novel-part two

In my previous post I wrote how to introduce a minor character into your story. We met Grover in a barbershop. He was 5’8″, bald, wore a green wool shirt, red suspenders and Levi’s with a massive gut sagging down over his pants. 296 more words


Using slang and colloquialisms

Pearly Kings and Queens of London

So–slang. What is it? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is “informal nonstandard vocabulary”. In this post I’m using it to mean text that is riddled with idiomatic, nonstandard language signifying a specific regional or economic background. 793 more words

The Stars Seem So Far Away by Margrét Helgadóttir

The last in this season of indie highlights, The Stars Seem So Far Away is published by Fox Spirit Books, a small press primarily focused on fantasy and horror works. 573 more words

Book Review

Ways to introduce minor characters in your novel-part one

Every tale needs a protagonist and antagonist, a hero and villain, a good guy and bad guy. But a tale also needs minor characters, maybe just a character in a barbershop, something to divert or give a change of pace, a set-up for what is to come. 347 more words