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Real Talk...Indie Author Issues...Sounding Off

I am promoting 52 Sermons as much as possible. I hit a wall because the people who you think would buy it, they don’t. It is crazy because when I reach out to big time celebrities, I hear crickets. 121 more words


Available on Smashwords!

I now have two books in The Hot Dog Detective series available on Smashwords!  Now you can get both Avid Angler and Busty Ballbreaker… 19 more words

Hot Dog Detective

The archetypal Indie ?

I don’t have a feather to fly with…
Impecunious as a church mouse;
And to keep a roof over the keyboard,
I’ve sold half the stuff in the house. 246 more words


Editing Services - Alex McGilvery

With millions of new indie writers taking the stage, it’s not often they go through that last processing stage.  As readers, you know how important it is to read what you wrote and write what you mean.  313 more words


“What Makes You Enthusiastic About Life?”

My blog buddy, Britt Skrabanek asked me to write a guest post for her Life Enthusiast series. It was my first guest post and I really enjoyed the process. 187 more words

NO WAY HOME? We're nearly there.

Yesterday, I emailed copies of ‘No Way Home’, a sci-fi anthology, to my ARC reviewers.  This is beyond exciting.  To think that after months and months of hard work copies of  ‘No Way Home’ is finally in the hands of readers and in just under two weeks it will be available for sale. 210 more words

Getting Acquainted with the Real World of Indie Publishing

By: Ebonye Gussine Wilkins

Indie publishing is a tough world to navigate. There are so many important issues that need to be addressed if you want to publish, and it’s hard to know where to start. 629 more words

Learning From Others