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Dis And Dat

Why Does Your Book Pitch Matter?

There’s a Lot of Noise Out There.

As a writer, I find I’m always listening to other people’s conversations. Don’t get me wrong … I don’t do it to eavesdrop … it’s just a habit I developed to help me understand how people really talk to each other. 823 more words


Reviews - Snapdragon Alley, Sexy Teenage Vampires

felt like sharing a couple of interesting reviews i found on amazon, from people who have clearly read other stories of mine and have a sense of what to expect. 585 more words

Who Asked Me

How Did This **** Get Published?

Ever ask yourself this question when you’re flipping through bookstores? I work in a library and I find myself asking this all the time. It’s not joke. 551 more words

Writer's Woes

Attention Paranormal Romance Writers and Readers

I’m still have three guest slots available for my paranormal romance book launch. For all readers and lovers, join the event to check out Witches & Whiskey. 37 more words

Is Your Hero A Dynamic Character?

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to find out if your protagonist is Tagonisting thoroughly enough.

  1. Is your protagonist the kind of character who protects other people, or the kind of person who expects others to look after themselves?
  2. 156 more words

Why I Celebrate Being An Indie Writer

Most writers want an agent, a three-book publishing deal, an author tour, speaking engagements, and everything in between and surrounding the dream. Few achieve it. 379 more words