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Indie Authors: Do you have True Grit?

Research has shown that those who succeed have the quality of what we would call grit – ability the shake off the negative and keep going – perseverance in the face of failure. 204 more words

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What's in a Book's Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator Ride Doesn’t Last Very Long

Every author has been in the position where someone asks them to describe his/her book. It happened to me several times at a book-signing last Saturday… 727 more words

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Lost in Spaces

I was sitting here sipping from a bottle of Honest T (“Just” Green Tea ™) when I noticed some writing on the inside of the bottle cap. 189 more words

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Balancing Social Media With Actual Writing

Just four more days until the start of Thirty Days, Thirty Ideas.  Sign up now, or regret it later.  Click right here to sign up. 1,314 more words


Formatting an ebook, or how to lose your sanity and all your happy thoughts in one easy step

So there you are, emerging from under a pile of coffee mugs, suffering from a lack of sleep, muttering to yourself (or maybe that’s just me), you can’t remember the last real meal you had, the dog hates you, your family aren’t sure if it’s safe to approach you (and they’re trying to remember just who the heck you are), but finally there it is, your precious manuscript. 638 more words

Thursday ...

It’s been one of those days. I don’t know whether to grab the bag of Oreo cookies and run around screaming, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” or hug it and say, “My precious …”

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Self Publishing: What I've learned so far

I have some exciting stuff coming up. A guest post from an author in Greece, and some interviews with self published authors (get your questions in if you have any). 359 more words

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