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I recently had a conversation with Aubree Lane about Early One Morning which has one of the most original plots I’ve ever come across, not to mention wonderfully drawn characters. 1,480 more words

Your Help Needed!

Hi Guys,

This marketing thing is a strange undertaking for me. At the wonderful suggestion of Colleen from Silver Threading I started a campaign with an organization called… 194 more words


Because We Can: SHOULD Everyone Publish a Book?

Did you know that recent stats indicate that 450+ thousand books were self-published at last count? That’s a lot of books, garnering a lot of conversation about where the trend is headed and if it’s headed in the right direction. 308 more words

Ahhhh-Ruba! (Part 3)

Okay, we’re did we left off?

Ah, yes, I was about to embark in my pilgrimage across Caracas (while scavenging aluminum cans), so I could burn off the fifteen or so hours I had before I was able to check-in for my plane to Aruba. 519 more words

Activate The Writer In You!

Writing a book is only hard because of the way we think. We often think we can’t write well, we can’t figure out how to transition from one part of our story to the next, or we can’t get those thoughts out or line them up. 105 more words

Writing Process Stuffs

In which I share a bit of info about how I write and provide photographic evidence.

Writing Process Stuffs.

via Writing Process Stuffs.