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Books Every Writer Should Read

There are plenty of books about writing. Go check out the hundreds of books on Amazon. Some of them are free, which is great for writers, but beware; free isn’t always better. 202 more words

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But okay so like..I have questions.

I just read yet another super Anti-Black piece of trash in a “well regarded” supposedly venerable publication.

Okay I have fucking questions.

So, in the past few years I’ve not been trying to get as involved with lit world fuckery. 452 more words

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Indie Author Woes

I’m going to rant and gush for a moment, so…read or not.

The indie publishing market is saturated with poorly written books. With such a high number of those poorly written books, it makes it harder for the good books among them to stand out.(Go to Amazon and search the fantasy books.) People see ‘self-published’ and they assume poorly written. 751 more words

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Indie Book Review: A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones

A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Katie didn’t wake up expecting to die. And yet, that’s exactly how A Thousand Rooms… 530 more words


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A review by of Helen Jones' A THOUSAND ROOMS, which I've raved about here before. Highly recommended.

Welcome, Authors, to GeezWriter.com!

Welcome, Authors, to GeezWriter.com!

You have something to say.

You have stories to tell.

This is true even if the content you create falls outside the traditional forms of fiction and plot-driven narrative. 381 more words

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POV: First Person/Second Person/Third Person

POV is one of the most important building blocks of a story. If you’re feeling stuck, or like your story is lacking something, try a different POV. 803 more words

Architectural genius

The Palace of Knossos would have to be one of the most amazing ancient sites I was fortunate to see. Built around 2000 BCE, and the largest of structures on Crete, it was the main power and pivotal centre of Minoan culture. 598 more words