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The Tail (A Jeremy Barnes Short Story) by Robert T. Germaux

I spotted the tail when I went out for my run on Thursday morning.  In my line of work, you learn pretty quickly to spot a person who’s following you, or at least you do if you don’t want to go back into teaching.  1,472 more words

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Why write a blog?

I expect other people have different reasons for writing a blog, but mine are very simple: to express my thoughts and feelings about what is proving to be a most enjoyable, exhilarating, educational and utterly frustrating experience.   122 more words

Edward IV

Mirrors of a woman's life

“Sydney is different. She has “sightings” others call “visions”. Because she often knows a thing before it happens, those who are frightened call her “witch”. Those who cherish her call her “blessed.” A fully-formed, stunning woman with an unshakable sense of self, she is what she is, and if you don’t like it. 428 more words


Real Live Editors

I met my editor! She is a real person! Not a computer algorithm or a heuristic writing/editing program!

I was in California for a week and I thought I would actually go over my latest book, Desperate Druggie, with my editor, Tara Maya in person. 246 more words

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Understanding Amazon’s Sales Rankings

One of the greatest mysteries of self-publishing is the way that Amazon has to calculate its sales rankings. Much has been said from the algorhythms involved, most of it hogwash coming from independent writers as they try to out-guess an intricately developed program in their feeble attempts to understand how it works, so they could scheme a way to the top bestsellers lists. 412 more words

Logan (A Jeremy Barnes short story) by Robert T. Germaux

Laura Fleming and moi. At a fancy art thing on Saturday night. The weekend was shaping up nicely. But that was two days away. First things first. 1,708 more words

Indie Authors


I recently had a conversation with Aubree Lane about Early One Morning which has one of the most original plots I’ve ever come across, not to mention wonderfully drawn characters. 1,480 more words