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Game Review | Oxenfree - Night School Studio

Oxenfree is one crazy game. You play as Alex, one fifth of a group of friends who go to an island every year per tradition. This year, Alex is recovering from a tragedy that left her family broken. 526 more words

One whole week..

I survived one whole week on the best sellers list for Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Didn’t think that was gonna happen, but it did! It still doesn’t seem real. 456 more words


Surreal (Ft. Abby Sevcik) - Mielo

Mielo opens this track a simple piano chord and lets a sweet vocal sample set the stage, used more as a synth than singing. This intro effortlessly drops into gorgeous song, reverb filling the empty spaces around… 52 more words


Listen: The Pocket Rockets - 'The End'

5,200 miles away from the headquarters of Forgotten City Records lies Los Angeles, home of the stars. And it’s also home to their latest signing and potential stars of the future, … 111 more words


Iisa - 'Perjantai'

Finnish singer Iisa Pykäri, more commonly known as ‘Iiisa’ released her first solo album back in 2014. So why am I writing about her single ‘Perjantai’ now, you ask? 236 more words


Talking in Your Sleep by Gallant #recommendationwednesday

Waiting for a love
Even though you know you’ll end up
Walking a mile on your own
And you can’t seem to break out of it…

56 more words