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The Icy River By C.A. Keith

The Icy River                                                                                   By C.A. Keith

So we have this bet going around in our family. My parents live in the Grey Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. 645 more words

Passion Pit's Return To Tempe

By Lauren Hernandez

February 2nd, I was able to see Passion Pit at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona. This was my second time seeing the band as I saw them in 2012 in Oakland, California. 518 more words


Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake

Oh the power of advertising. The indie world knew who Cake were before the iPod was invented thanks mostly to their slow languid cover version of I Will Survive. 263 more words

Wild Beasts Release Final Album and Refuse to go Gentle into that Good Night

Wild Beasts have released a career-spanning homage on the eve of their final performance. The surrealist New Wave group has been producing music for near two decades; a blemish-free career that came to a hurdling stop back in September of 2017 when the band announced its imminent end. 265 more words


“Bad day for the cut” (2017)

Dir. Chris Baugh

A lonely middle-aged man lives with his widowed mother in a rural town on Ireland. He takes care of the house and works as a mechanic. 323 more words

Sugarspun- “Spaceman Dreams” Review

Crawling from the Cumbrian sludge, Sugarspun have blossomed from an acoustic duo to a fully-fledged band in their ascendance. One of their first studio-recorded tracks, “Spaceman Dreams”, is a gaudily optimistic, rather self-consciously anthemic opening salvo, setting out Sugarspun’s stand in the shadow of earlier indie giants. 218 more words