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Band of Burriersx

Band of Buriers

A good friend of mine proposed this fantastic band to me. Band of Buriers call their music “Anti-Rap-Alternative Folk”. Crazy, huh?!

 What exactly they mean with that, and a lot more told James P Honey of the Buriers to me in a little Q&A. 360 more words


Artist Spotlight: Kristynas Baczynski's 'Vessel'

Being of modest means, in the past I have shamefully bought comics due to page count alone. Quantity counts when strapped for cash and I’d usually choose comics with a bit more meat on their bones. 764 more words


Good Old War - Broken Into Better Things

By: Chris De Pastene

Late last month, Philadelphia-based Good Old War released their fourth studio album, Broken Into Better Shape. The album’s title takes on an added significance when you consider drummer Tim Arnold’s departure from the band during the album’s writing process. 281 more words

Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins covers Beck's "Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard" -- listen

Earlier this month, Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins launched his first-ever solo singles series. Every week, he’ll release a brand new original, followed a week later by the B-side featuring a cover of one of Adkins’ favorite artists. 191 more words



Bombernauts is an explosive online multiplayer battle game with fully destructible voxel terrain. Throw stupid amounts of bombs 27 more words


MM Shorts 752: The Hudson Branch

It’s been three years since we posted about Chicago’s The Hudson Branch and back then it was a Wilco cover. Now we have a free download of their new track… 21 more words


The Airplanes: West Coast State of Mind

 Really enjoying the latest EP by the super talented Indie Band: The Airplanes. Signature catchy melodies, beautiful lyrics and awesome percussion make this perfect summer evening sunset gazing music. 8 more words