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Day 321: Website Theme

Today I pretty much established a brand new website theme and made some other changes. While I liked the old theme a lot, I did have some problems with it. 198 more words

I am giving up on Kickstarters and Crowdfunding

I am done with these bloody things. Sorry guys who have kickstarters going. I am not going to back you anymore. Sure, I might promote you if I like your project, and encourage folks who want to back you do so, but me, personally? 534 more words


Sweetcheeks: Please support independent film

Got a creative project you want to promote? Check out our advertising packages here


As someone who has been involved with independent films I know how hard it can be. 296 more words


A new Comic on Indiegogo

Finally, DJ Dirty Brown is now LIVE on Indiegogo. A new comic with 13 issues having thrilling action and twist which will never bore anyone while reading it. 446 more words


#ReadInColor: #WhoTellsYourStory

Help Blood Orange Press hit their Indigogo Goal for the #ReadInColor campaign and remember to share your own story! Take action to correct the invisibility of kids of color in children’s books. 9 more words


Day 320: Add-On Store

Today I basically did four things. I had a productive meeting with Maria where she showed the progress on the art. She has now colored in two more storyboards and they looked really great.  100 more words

FASHION ROCKS: Love & Nudes share their new intimate line for Women of Colour!

Hey Curlfriends!

By now, you should have heard about the phenomenal new intimate line Love & Nudes by Chantal Carter. If not, let’s get you a up to speed. 338 more words