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'Dead Air': When 'Josie and the Pussycats' met 'Braindead' – An Interview With Geoff Harmer, The Director And Producer

I published this interview on my first blog which I don’t run anymore. But since ‘Dead Air’ movie’s campaign has been relaunched on April 24th, I’ve decided to publish this once again here, after subtle edition to make it up-to-date.  1,595 more words

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#4 A Glance At Independent Horror Scene

I can’t deny that horror is definitely my favorite genre of films, books, etc. But it doesn’t mean that I’m approaching scary stories without criticism. In general, I’m not very fond of modern-day horror, especially if it comes to movies. 881 more words


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„Plamene zore… bude me iz sna…“

Prvi taktovi „Maljčika“ dižu na ples ljude svih generacija na svim meridijanima i paralelama. 658 more words

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The Happy Child Tour - Crowdfunding campaign

ENG:  – español más abajo –

The ‘Happy Child Tour’ stands for a new concept of touring that brings people from different disciplines of art together on stage. 347 more words


Kickstarter launches a 'request for projects' program

You can’t be hanging around in the world of crowdfunding for as long as Kickstarter without spotting a few trends here and there. Taking a leaf out of… 325 more words


Happy Gadget: Wearable Alert Watch on Indiegogo

Hello all. To my parents particularly! You care about your childs welfare right? Well then check out the Happy Gadget: Wearable Alert Watch on #Indiegogo. 113 more words


DC Motor Generator

MotorGen https://scorpigemblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/18/dc-motor-generato/ … via wordpressdotcom Zero Carbon emmissions. Zero Fumes. 0 #Grid. They back the GRENGINE but we get zero backers on @indiegogo.

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