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Sandman Doppler: The World's Best Alarm Clock 

According to Indiegogo

The Sandman Doppler is the world’s best alarm clock! It’s got Alexa, 6 USB charging ports, awesome stereo speakers and a bunch of other nifty features.

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This Java Product Invention Will Save The World

So lets have a little environmental sustainability talk here…we all love to enjoy our one, two, three maybe four cups of java per day right? I bet you haven’t considered the amount of raw waste generated by all that coffee you consume! 143 more words


The NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack 

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According to Indiegogo Blog 

The NOMATIC Backpack, Perfect for Everyday Use.

The NOMATIC Travel Pack, Perfect for 1-3 Day Trips. 83 more words


Indiegogo's New Hub for Entrepreneurs Is an Important Reminder to Us All

Your daily selection of the latest crowdfunding projects!

According to Entrepreneur

Free Webinar | August 16th

Find out how to optimize your website to give your customers experiences that will have the biggest ROI for your business.

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'Documentary for the Recently Deceased' Dives Into the Making of Beetlejuice!

Attention K-Mart shoppers, and all horror fans! A Beetlejuice documentary called ‘Documentary for the Recently Deceased’ is coming our way!

Just a year shy of Tim Burton’s majestic film celebrating its 30th anniversary, super BeetleGeuse fan Fred China has set up an IndieGoGo campaign in an effort to bring us the ultimate documentary on our favorite ghost with the most’s 1988 movie entitled,  114 more words


Crowdfunding New Age

Unless you have a following in the high thousands you will not be successful on a Kickstarter Project.  It can also be costly to get the list of backers and an expert who will send the info to the selected backers after analyzing which ones are likely to go for your type of movie genre and cultural viewpoint. 522 more words


Snoppa M1: Crowdfunding at it's worst?

So back in 2016 I backed a campaign for a crowdfunded mobile phone gimbal called the Snoppa M1. The idea was I could use my mobile phone to capture footage, but it would be stabilised and look much better than handheld footage. 1,124 more words