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I thought this would never happen again

I thought it was all over

Yet …

There was one tiny unfound piece of

my heart that had yet to be broken… 85 more words


Shabbat Ki Teitzei 5775/ 29 August 2015 : DO NOT TURN A BLIND EYE—A META-MITZVAH

Among the plethora of commandments in Ki Teitzei that bursts with a kaleidoscope of mitzvot, from the treatment of captive women in warfare and the treatment of the recalcitrant child with addictive personality traits to the final command to remember Amalek as the embodiment of evil, we find several dealing with the positive ethical commands of restoring your fellow’s lost property or helping him raise a fallen beast of burden. 213 more words

Weekly Torah Discussions

Inside Out

We have all these kinds of emotions. Joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust. Living in a world so beautiful yet disastrous makes one ponder at the irony of judging others so frequently, but failing to reflect on the person in the mirror. 58 more words



I’ve not been grateful throughout my years. In my mind, I recognize the moments where I could not have achieved something without the help and support of others, yet I seldom am vocal about it. 1,452 more words

Neither Nor

When the sea's too far away.

I felt suddenly much taller, this morning. It was a strange and strong experience a few minutes after stepping out from the revitalising shock of a cold shower. 277 more words

Life And Memory



Your life is an allusion to both family and strangers.

Every breath you take calls forth the spirits of memories and places.

Wearing your hakuna-mutata… 21 more words


Thomas C. Foster.

Next to our mortality which comes to great and small equally all the differences in our lives are mere surface details.
Thomas C. Foster

Foster, T. 21 more words