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The Perils of Indifference

The Founding Chair of the United States Holocaust Memorial, Elie Wiesel was invited to participate in a series of Millennium Lectures hosted by President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton at the White House leading up to the year 2000. 221 more words

Human Interest

Love >Hate> Indifference >Pity

I saw the pity he had for me yesterday.His indifference which had finally turned into pity.I have become that pathetic in his eyes.

I have fallen as low as I could ever have.I have no pride or ego left.Now I don’t feel anything. 147 more words



It was just a sound I didn’t like
that you ignored.
It was just a sound that became a letter
that became a word… 100 more words


The Opposite of Love

Hate is not the opposite of love– indifference is.

Love and hate have attachment as their common denominator.

Indifference is when the subject at hand means nothing whatsoever. 28 more words


New York Daily News' Dark Side

Why would anyone, especially a newspaper, attack the Clergy continually?  More to the point, why would The New York Daily News attack the Clergy in Australia… 113 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

A matter of indifference

Yesterday, I heard a friend speak of her growing indifference towards almost everything, and at once I found myself reflected in her. It is not that we do not care anymore for the people around us or the endeavors in which we find purpose, but that life has simply become too boring. 473 more words