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Managing the Gap Between Expectation and Reality

Someone very wise once told me that depression and anxiety represent the gap between one’s expectation and one’s reality. As someone who struggles with both depression and anxiety, hearing these words gave me life. 1,037 more words



There’s a thin line between Love and Hate, but a great divide before you reach Indifference.

Sadly, it takes a lot of anguish and pain to get there. 149 more words

Injustice, Inaction, and Indifferencl

Injustice, Inaction, and Indifference: The “I’s” of Congress and the White House that cannot see how to make America Great Again 

by Wannetta Hartman

How can politicians be so blind? 571 more words

This I Beieve

So Worried

Oh, I’m so worried about him
and her and what about them?
Well, I don’t know…
haven’t looked lately



If it’s something that everyone else loves, it’s usually something that I despise. Whether it be a song, a book, a movie, an idea, a food item, a place, a fashion, a fad, a person… If it’s all the rave, it’s hardly my fave.

Purifying the mind

Sometimes I will invite a client to stand at the window of my office and watch the movement of traffic in the street below. We are not interested in where these vehicles have come from or who is driving them. 33 more words

Keith Ashford


Your friends are armbands. They help you keep swimming and stay afloat. Sometimes they wear out so you get new ones. Sometimes they just need patching up. 248 more words