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I can’t tell if this is peace or indifference. Things rarely move me anymore.


TX Sex Offender Gets 15 Years For Child Porn

More than 2,200 images of Child Pornography found on iPods and thumb drive, some of it showing babies.

A registered sex offender from Arlington TX was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison Tuesday for possessing hundreds of images of child pornography, some of which showed babies.

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Good Parenting

Surviving the Australian Catholic Apocalypse - Education of Children I

Following on from my previous post, in researching the Church attendance stats, I also happened upon some interesting information on Catholic schools.

Just a reminder that in the overall… 1,085 more words

Written By Lucy

Don't Care

The ex boyfriends and the crying and the messages and the people I could have…

All the destruction I leave in my wake,

The trail of blood and broken hearts smeared across the pathway when I walk away, 405 more words



“All that glitters isn’t gold,” I say this as I try and forget our most recent fight.

For the most part we’re happy, for the most part we don’t argue, for the most part we care. 89 more words


The Danger of Fear and Indifference

“They were educated, cultured and family loving people. They kissed their children and wives goodbye and then went to work–some engineered and built gas chambers, some worked on the railroad system that transported people to death camps and some placed human beings into the gas chambers and burned them. 984 more words

Fueled by rage..

I hate you, with every single fibre of my existence. I can’t stand the thought of having your DNA in my system! If there was a way to cleanse myself from it, I would have it done without batting an eye. 239 more words