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I often ponder how we wish our lives away. Anyone else who just could not wait to turn the magical eighteen, as teens often do because we are always in a hurry, striving to reach some momentous peak in our aging process that, as in a fairy tale world will change our lives and fill us with wonder and awe. 1,204 more words


I, Narcissus

My soul does not belong with motionless, emotionless sculptures. I sing my melodies loud and sassy. My heart is elastic and my spirit limitless. I feel no bound of shame or fear strong enough to break it. 202 more words


Detroit Man Kills 4 Kids, Tortures Wife

Michigan man charged with killing 4 children, murdered previous pregnant wife

Detroit, MI  –  A 49-year-old Michigan man was charged on Thursday with torturing his wife and murdering his two kids and two stepchildren, in a crime with parallels to a prior conviction for stabbing to death in 1991 his previous wife who was pregnant, officials said. 354 more words

Child Abuse

Indifference by Blair Gaulton 

Indifference showers ennui.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Sept 2016

Blair Gaulton

26th Sunday, Year C | Overcoming Indifference

This week’s Gospel from Luke 16 should be compulsory reading for all.  Jesus tells a parable in which he contrasts a poor man, Lazarus, ‘covered with sores’, who goes hungry and unnoticed outside the gate of a rich man who enjoys a life of ease and comfort.  772 more words

Baby Brianna

Mother in New Mexico Child Abuse Case Released from Prison

Special Archive – Baby Brianna

DONA ANA COUNTY, NM  –  Wednesday, the mother of baby Brianna Lopez, the 5-month old who was brutally raped and beat to death in 2002 was released from prison. 362 more words

Good Parenting

Anonymous app Yik Yak may have met its destroyer: the indifference of college students

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

In 2014, Yik Yak was one of the hottest apps on college campuses. The anonymous app worked like a location-based Twitter and let college students gossip and share opinions from behind a virtual mask. 371 more words