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The Mundane Train Ride (The MTR)

As every arm and leg got wondrously tangled
In a seemingly endless game of Twister,
And as every dirty-dancing belly and bum
Writhed rhythmically to the railway’s rattle… 394 more words


I wish...

I wish you had said more. More than just a hi or a bye… more than just a thank you. I was all ears. Ready to listen to anything and everything you had to say… but you really had nothing to tell me. 96 more words

Cameron County TX DA’s Office Making A Difference

Cameron County Child Abuse Unit works to aid those in need

Cameron County, TX  –  Often, the person who sexually abuses a child is someone the child knows or trusts. 237 more words

Good Parenting

Expect nothing.

From anyone. Ever.

And that’s the best way not to feel despondent, desperate, disappointed, defeated (and any of words beginning with ‘d’ that you can think of… 191 more words

Take Me Apart

I’m more than excited to have my story Take Me Apart published in the first issue of Bad Pony. This lit mag is edited by Emily Corwin and J.D. 27 more words


CA Surgeon Solicited Victims for Decades

Brain Surgeon Who Allegedly Wanted to Create ‘Sexual Families’ to Abuse Children Facing More Charges

Additional charges have been filed against a California brain surgeon who allegedly sexually abused several children and… 662 more words


Waianae squatter camp is a model of government neglect and indifference

I really have to hand it to the residents of the huge Waianae Boat Harbor squatter camp.  They’ve managed to carve some sense of order out of wilderness and live rent-free on state land for years, taking full advantage of the harbor’s water supply and rubbish collection service while government officials totally abdicate their responsibility to manage the property or even make an actual decision about what to do next. 734 more words