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Moving Anarchy away from Eurocentricism

a compilation of writings and spoken words, in the hope that anarchists will turn away from the dogmas of the West.

in the hopes of moving anarchist critique out from under the weight of eurocentricism, this is a reader of previously published material and spoken words from beyond traditional anarchist views, particularly those still espoused by many anarcho-communists and syndicalists. 11 more words


Gamaliel Churata. Antología y valoración

sta edición reúne una serie de textos que permite un acercamiento a la vida y obra de Arturo Peralta, quien decidió utilizar el seudónimo de Gamaliel Churata, nombre con el que firmaría, desde 1924, sus artículos periodísticos, ensayos, poemas y su mayor obra: … 1,312 more words


National Identity

In the creation of a national identity, there was also an ideal image for a “Mexican woman”. Manuel Gamio’s Forjando Patria (Forging the Fatherland) describes three types of women 1) … 560 more words

Indigenismo in Mexico

Indigenismo is an ideology that has a complex history and application. It first rose among Mexican intellectuals across several disciplines beginning in the mid-19th century. Since the conquest, there had been debate surrounding the indigenous peoples, where they or where they not inferior to those of Spanish descent? 474 more words