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The Beauty of Dance.

Picture taken during the Rising Winds of Aboriginal Trends, Music and Dance Festival held in 2014 at the remodeled Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers inside the Taipei Expo Park. 40 more words

Story of why the Crow is Black.

One day, a crow and a hawk hunted together in the bush. After travelling together for some time, they decided to hunt in opposite directions, and, at the close of the day, to share whatever game they had caught. 685 more words

Tent Boxing Troupes.

Eugene Eades was 14 when he first joined a tent boxing troupe.
In an era when the only level playing field Indigenous people had with white Australians was the boxing ring or football field, tent troupes gave Aboriginal fighters a brief shot at glory. 372 more words


By Jenny Zhang.
Barefoot nomads roaming the desert; tribe members laughing together, their faces covered in paint; youths on horseback galloping across Tibetan plains—these are the subjects of Still Points in a Turning World, a fascinating series by photographer Terri Gold that documents the few indigenous tribal cultures left in the world. 193 more words

Panning for gold: a real time glimpse into the (neo) colonisation of Papua New Guinea

This is a tale of good ‘ole colonisation in 2016.

Awareness of the colonial, neo colonial, and ‘postcolonial’ practices that lead Indigenous peoples to  “live our daily realities in suffocating spaces forbidding our perspectives, our creativity, and our wisdom” ( 719 more words