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Weaving our authority together: an introductory sketch

Working on Indigenous issues and working within Indigenous communities can often be an experience that is filled with extreme frustration. Frustration with the way settler societies continue to disrespect and mistreat Indigenous peoples and communities. 996 more words


If I get a PhD, should I expect a broken heart too?

When I started as a doctoral student in 2012, I attended a slew of orientation sessions at the university. Among other signposts, like preparing the first year proposal, and how to access your research funding, I heard not once, but on a number of occasions that in the PhD process, it could be expected that your personal romantic partnerships might fall apart. 688 more words


Aboriginal shield from Cook's Landing.

Photo: A shield collected at Botany Bay during Captain Cook’s visit in 1770. (Supplied: British Museum) 248 more words

Why do White People Write about us?

This latest report put out by MOTU, an economic and public research institute based in New Zealand, titled;

‘Indigenous Belief in a Just World: New Zealand Māori and other Ethnicities Compared’

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