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Indigenous Faces Unchanged for Centuries.

Heist gallery founder, Mashael Al Rushaid, says her new exhibition ‘Origins’ draws on the narratives of ‘indigenous peoples on the corners of the planet, whose lives have remained unchanged for centuries’. 149 more words

The Tjanpi Women Desert Weavers of Australia.

The Tjanpi Desert Weavers
Building on the traditions of using natural fibres to create objects for medicinal, ceremonial and daily use, the Tjanpi – or ‘dry grass’ – Weavers are women who come together to visit sacred sites and traditional homelands, hunt and gather food for their families and teach their children about country while collecting grasses to sculpt and weave. 167 more words

Disappearing Tribes around the World.

With the project Before They Pass Away, the photographer Jimmy Nelson spent three years, from 2010 to 2013, to visit the endangered tribes around the world, to deliver a poignant testimony to a disappearing part of human history. 56 more words

My Country No Home, Borroloola, Northern Territory.

My Country No Home: Nancy Kidd, Garrwa One Camp
Image Credit: Photograph by Miriam Charlie (2015) Garrwa/Yanyuwa.
Miriam Charlie was born in the Northern Territory town of Borroloola and has lived there her entire life. 44 more words

Sydney Opera House Celebrates Indigenous Australians.

Sydney Opera House, Australia
The roof of the Sydney Opera House is illuminated in celebration of the culture of indigenous Australians.
Image Credit: Photograph by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images… 16 more words

How one Man found identity through the "lost" Kaurna language.

by Brett Williamson,
Photo: Proud Kaurna man Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith in traditional face paint. (Supplied: Trentino Prior).
“Kulurdu marni ngathaitya.”That’s Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith’s favourite saying in Kaurna language, and it translates in English to “ sounds good to me”. 268 more words