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"Colorful masks abound in Costa Rica".

Indigenous children dress in traditional outfits in preparation for the Rey Curré festival. Courtesy The Culture Ministry
The moment tourists arrive at a Costa Rican airport, they see artifacts of the Boruca people: elaborately painted balsawood masks hang in the souvenir shops, sculpted like monsters, jaguars, and playful demons. 199 more words

"The Beauty of Dance".

Picture taken during the Rising Winds of Aboriginal Trends, Music and Dance Festival held in 2014 at the remodeled Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers inside the Taipei Expo Park. 40 more words

"The Mushuanu Innu".

Labrador, Canada The Mushuau Innu of Labrador were one of the last indigenous peoples to be forced to settle by the Canadian government in 1967. … 37 more words

The "Surma Boys".

Omo valley, Ethiopia
Surma boys in the lower Omo valley in south-west Ethiopia, which is home to eight different tribes, numbering about 200,000 including the Surma. 49 more words

First Nations People to Gather at Old Parliament House

Ghillar Anderson, leader of the Euahlayi tribe, and one of four original founders of the Tent Embassy, is preparing for this year’s annual Gathering of First Nations and Peoples. 606 more words


"Bush Tucker and Medicine".

A remote community in the Northern Territory is growing its own fruit and vegetables, bush tucker and bush medicine.
Ali Curung is an Indigenous community about 350 kilometres north of Alice Springs, where a network of communal garden beds have just being built. 222 more words

"Destruction by Tadros".

Ingetje Tadros has been named a finalist in the feature/photographic essay category for her work, which presents an insider’s view of the struggles faced by remote Aboriginal communities undergoing the hardships that stem from dislocation. 68 more words