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Beauty Contest in the Peruvian Rainforests.

In this June 23, 2015 photo, Yeni Casiano Barboza, 15, from the Ashaninka Indian community, Natividad, poses for a photo while waiting to compete in the annual beauty contest, in the Otari Nativo village, Pichari, Peru. 421 more words

"We Can Be Heroes" by Tony Albert.

Tony Albert, We Can Be Heroes, Pigment print on paper
An artwork based on a police shooting in Sydney has become the first photographic work to win the first prize in the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award. 144 more words

The Beauty of Dance, Taipei Dance Festival.

Picture taken during the Rising Winds of Aboriginal Trends, Music and Dance Festival held in 2014 at the remodeled Pavilion of Aroma of Flowers inside the Taipei Expo Park. 40 more words

Ancient Aborigines understood Eclipses.

by Stuart Gary
Australian Aboriginal accounts of lunar and solar eclipses indicate many traditional communities understood the movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon.
The research by Duane Hamacher from Sydney’s Macquarie University and accepted for publication in the journal Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage and appearing on the website arXiv.org, indicates Aboriginal communities in different parts of Australia often have similar traditional stories to explain these events. 328 more words

Colourful Masks at Indigenous Festival, Costa Rica.

Indigenous children dress in traditional outfits in preparation for the Rey Curré festival. Courtesy The Culture Ministry
The moment tourists arrive at a Costa Rican airport, they see artifacts of the Boruca people: elaborately painted balsawood masks hang in the souvenir shops, sculpted like monsters, jaguars, and playful demons. 199 more words

Life in Arctic Bay, Canada.

A photographer’s journey into the Canadian Arctic reveals the vibrancy of life in one of the coldest inhabited regions on the planet.
In early November the sun dips below the horizon in Arctic Bay and the sky bruises violet and blue. 183 more words

"Outback Spirit" Bush Foods Keeps Growing.

When the Robins, a family from Melbourne, began a bush foods store and catering business back in 1986, they had no idea that it would grow to employ hundreds of Indigenous people across Australia. 194 more words