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Day of Mourning and Protest, Sydney, 1938.

On 26 January 1938, a day of mourning was arranged in Sydney, Australia by the Aborigines Progressive Association to protest ‘the callous treatment of aboriginal people by the white population during the past 150 years since… 10 more words

"This is My Place."

Ngura Walytja – This is my place
A dot painting shows Antara, a place where tribal members perform a traditional dance or song to produce a bounty of witchetty grubs. 263 more words

Outback Art Debuts.

If the far west New South Wales town of Wilcannia has a spiritual sister in the city of Sydney, it is undoubtedly the suburb of Redfern, an indigenous hub that has seen as much trouble as triumph. 172 more words

Unto These Hills.

Photo by Lee Bennett on Flickr | Copyright: Creative Commons
Contributor: DoctorMoog42
Since 1950, members of the local Cherokee tribe and actors from the University of North Carolina drama department have been performing Unto These Hills at the Mountainside Theatre in Cherokee, North Carolina. 151 more words

Life in Arctic Bay, Canada.

A photographer’s journey into the Canadian Arctic reveals the vibrancy of life in one of the coldest inhabited regions on the planet.
In early November the sun dips below the horizon in Arctic Bay and the sky bruises violet and blue. 183 more words

Thoughts from the road - Beginnings of the Miss Indian World Experience!


Hello readers!

Road trips often result in the deepest reflections. Long hours of highways and changing landscapes, delving further into unknowns and driving further away from what we know, who we know and where we come from. 885 more words


Indigenous Troupes travel Globe.

The festival, which was first held in 2011, aims to enhance international visibility of indigenous people, advocate the nation’s indigenous culture of music and dance, and promote exchanges between Taiwanese indigenous peoples and international indigenous peoples. 140 more words