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Do What We Can

Even though Plant Trees, Plant Our Future was only a three day field-trip, this project had acknowledged me much about the environment issue and the living condition of indigenous people in the Northeastern part of Cambodia, particularly in Ratanakkiri province. 655 more words


99 Word Flash Fiction: Giving a Voice

This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the Freedom Rides which exposed the violent racism, the living conditions and welfare gaps for indigenous people and stood against strong opposition. 378 more words

Irene Waters

Bangladesh Chittagong

Historically special rules have been made about the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) – firstly with the CHT Manual and then with the CHT ‘Peace’ Accord of 1997. 444 more words

A Trip to Learn and Love the Forest

This was my first experience in participating in local community work in a remote area of the northern part of Cambodia. It gave me a chance to learn the importance of evergreen forests and witness the effects of deforestation on the environment and the livelihood of local communities. 692 more words


Life-Changing Adventure

After a 12-hour travelling from Phnom Penh to Rattanakiri Province with little amount of sleeping time, I woke up just before dawn marking the beginning of the most significant day of this three days and two nights. 1,505 more words


The Truthfulness Finally Revealed

Having participated in the project “Plant trees, Plant our future”, it has broadened my perspective and become one of my remarkable experiences in life. Through this project, I have a chance to understand more about the environment in the remote area at Ratanakiri Province. 631 more words


Guest in a stolen house: On immigration, colonialism and Canada

(As published on Rabble.ca, February 19 2015)

I am a guest in a stolen house. I can sympathize with the victims, because a long time ago, my house was the scene of a crime as well. 1,097 more words