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Fruit that looks like cheese?!

Local Name: Mengkudu 

Scientific Name: Morinda citrifolia 

Common Name: Indian mulberry; Great morinda; Cheese fruit; Awl tree; Brimstone tree

Family: Rubiaceae

Habitat: Usually naturalised from dry to mesic sites 0 – 500m in elevation, can be found in brackish pools near the coast, open areas near the shorelines and disturbed forests. 114 more words

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Water Spinach - Reduce breast rashes?

Local Name: Bunga kankung 

Scientific Name: Ipomoea aquatica 

Common Name: Water spinach; Swamp morning glory

Family: Convolvulaceae

Habitat: Found in marshy habitats and ditches, muddy stream banks, ponds, lakes, rice paddies and waste areas. 254 more words

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Local Name: Sukun 

Scientific Name: Artocarpus altilis

Family: Moraceae

Common Name: Breadfruit

Habitat: Well-drained clay loams under partial shade are the optimum condition for it to grow. 178 more words

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Our voices, our rights

By Miriam Sainnawap, Co-Coordinator of MCC Canada’s Indigenous Neighbours Program. She is Oji-Cree from Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Ontario.

Every spring, I travel to New York to attend the… 728 more words

Navajo nation stands up to USA


PADEN, Okla.—“Stop giving federal rights to the states that were formed after our Treaty of 1868,” says President Russell Begaye, Navajo Nation. “If you are moving forward with this reorganization, tribes must be involved.” 761 more words


'Setanggak'- Breast Itch Reliever

Local Name: Setanggak

Scientific Name: Dianella ensifolia

Common Name: Flax Lilies

Family: Asphodelaceae


Being an evergreen and perennial herb, it has grass-like blades growing from rhizomes which are usually white. 372 more words

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