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September 30th | Week in Review

¡Hola a todos! The month has passed by very fast. As we end September, think about the accomplishments and hard work people have done in just this one month to advocate for diverse literature and how much work still remains. 198 more words

Young Adult Literature

What is Orange Shirt Day? A Tribute to Taken Children

It’s not often I re-post a story, but in addition to explaining the background of what September 30th – “Orange Shirt Day” means to me and my family, I wanted to add the story of the person who was behind the creation of this campaign. 745 more words


Do First Nations Have a Right to Be Colonized?

Undoubtedly Indigenous Peoples in Canada have been horrifically mistreated by all levels of government in Canada since Confederation and well before.  Upon reading critiques of First Nations self-government by First Nations themselves, there is a burning question that lies beneath the surface. 182 more words


Racism in a Costume

If you haven’t heard about it already, Disney has a new movie coming out (Moana), featuring Maui – a revered figure in Polynesian culture. 381 more words

Khokana Newars file complaint to NHRC over human rights violations in land acquisition for Kathmandu-Tarai Fast Track Highway

26 September 2016, Lalitpur

Newars of Khokana area today filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission demanding redress for violations of their property, land and cultural rights in course of land acquisition process for Kathmandu-Tarai/Madhes Fast Track Highway. 485 more words