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Competing in the Shadow of Colonialism

With thousands of spectators watching, muscular members of New Zealand’s national rugby team stand in front of their opponents chanting energetically, moving their bodies aggressively and making intimidating facial expressions as part of the… 962 more words

We in the Jungle!

Originally published on his own blog “Off-Season”, Harry A Johnson is a Watson Fellow scouring the world for the most innovative uses of sports as a vehicle for social change. 1,216 more words

Khelo Coaching

Day 17 - The Contagious Disease of Civilization

Library of America, Vol. 1 – Typee, Omoo, Mardi by Herman Melville. Page 25.

“The ship taken, we could not do otherwise than yield ourselves prisoners, and for the whole period that she remained in the bay, the ‘Dolly,’ as well as her crew, were completely in the hands of the mermaids.”  131 more words

Canada, Reparations Don’t End at Apologies - Just Ask Germany

Revised August 20, 2017

Canadians must work to heal a major historical point of contention for Canada and the Indigenous, and that point does not focus on “apologies and acknowledgements of territories.” 749 more words


Gisborne Herald: Google Earth tours local marae

Gisborne Herald: Google Earth tours local marae. “A 100-year-old marae just outside Gisborne has become the first to open its doors to global audiences on Google Earth. 39 more words

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Day 13 - Sophistication and Corruption

Library of America, Vol. 1 – Typee, Omoo, Mardi by Herman Melville. Page 21.

“Its inhabitants have become somewhat corrupted, owing to their recent commerce with Europeans; but so far as regards their peculiar customs and general mode of life, they retain their original primitive character, remaining very nearly in the state of nature in which they were first beheld by white men.”  58 more words