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When Two Worlds Collide (2016)

When Two Worlds Collide is a documentary by Heidi Branderburg and Mathew Orzel about the political activism of the indigenous peoples of Peru from 2007-2013. It is sympathetic toward the view of the indigenous people.. 472 more words

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Book Review - Blackfish City by Sam J. Miller


After a brutal migraine derailed my plans last weekend, I am finally here to talk about Blackfish City!

Goodreads Rating: 4/5 Stars

Blackfish City… 845 more words


Akwesasne Chief to run in Ottawa marathon to fight child obesity

Child obesity is a problem that affects thousands of Canadians, but none more so than Canada’s indigenous youth.

A 2012 report from the National Aboriginal Health Organization says First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Canada have much higher rates of obesity and diseases associated with obesity such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. 304 more words


Bishop Gerardi was killed 20 years ago in Guatemala. The search for justice continues today.

By Jackie McVicar (published in America Magazine)

“Monsignor Gerardi was a person who didn’t only relate with people in the poorest regions, not only with those most excluded,” says Nery Rodenas, but who also “sought reconciliation, peace and to recognize the truth in Guatemala.” 1,168 more words


University of Nebraska-Lincoln: NEH-funded project brings Salmon Pueblo ruins into digital age

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: NEH-funded project brings Salmon Pueblo ruins into digital age. “The project is designed as an online resource that allows users to search more than 140,500 records, including approximately 11,000 photographs, 29,000 documents and 24 data tables with information on particular artifact types, such as ceramics vessels, ornaments and bone tools. 16 more words

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The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

I adore Kelley Armstrong. I think this was the first of her YA fiction that I’ve read and while I would say it was good, really good even, I guess there’s something about YA’s tropiness that makes it hard for even great writers to really shine. 317 more words

MSVU under scrutiny over residential schools course taught by white prof

A Nova Scotia university is under fire for assigning a course about Canada’s residential schools to a non-Indigenous professor, something activists say undermines reconciliation efforts. 344 more words