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CREOMPAZ Case: Fears that Congressman Ovalle has Fled

The Guatemala Attorney General, Thelma Aldana, issued an arrest warrant for Congressman Edgar Justino Ovalle, in connection with the CREOMPAZ case, writes Jo-Marie Burt in the… 286 more words


Challenging tourism growth: the role of aviation and impacts on biodiversity

Tourism was on the agenda at the 13th Meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP13) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), held in Cancun, Mexico in December 2016. 203 more words


Nice Folks 2.0

Last week we had a conversation about one of those “Nice Folks” problems: the kind you have when Nice Folks say the things that run around in their head out loud – and are surprised when people get mad.  2,062 more words


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This is the follow-up story to the article "Nice Folks" which was published on March 9th. These stories are about a gang of seemingly average folks who are taking over multiple Facebook groups, in the guise of free speech, in order to push what very much looks like an anti-minority agenda.

Following the publishing of the first story, despite all pleas in contrary to the story by these people, that they are only exercising free speech of tastelessness - no real foul, they persisted in harassing people as usual. I was one of the people they contacted in an attempt to intimidate me into haranguing the AuntieThis writers to take down their story. True to their historical form, they seemed to pointedly revel in harassment toward people of color, in particular Indigenous women.

It was rather interesting to watch this reaction of concern for themselves, considering their own direct and very public harassment was seen by hundreds for sure, but more likely by thousands. In any case, there is nothing within these story details that has not been put out in the public realm by themselves and their friends.

I find it interesting that people continue to allow these people to fly with their vitriol. I have to wonder if this is in fear or with the view it's cheap entertainment. Whatever the motives for sitting back, I am very glad to know there are other groups of people willing to step up and counter these growing voices of prejudice.


Filipino delegates arrive in Canada to raise awareness on effects of mining to indigenous communities in Philippines

News Release

Filipino Delegation tour Canada to raise awareness on the affects of Canadian mining to indigenous communities in the Philippines.

Migrante Alberta is hosting the Alberta leg of this Canada wide tour. 148 more words

Song, sculpture and huggy-huggy trees at the Bunan tribe's farm

As soon as the man with the top-knot hairstyle dropped us off at the entry to the Bunan farm he took off to join in a performance.   654 more words


Tibetan Proverbs: Translated to English

1. A child without education, is like a bird without wings. A child without education, is like a bird without wings.. Tibetan Proverb.

2. A father deserted by a wise son is like being caught in a shower without a felt. 427 more words