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The Difference between Anger and Indignation

In the Spirit realm, it is taught to control emotions, for emotions cause actions. When we succumb to anger, the effects are not beneficial to anyone. 21 more words


Lila Ike Pon Dem

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Have you experienced the gem that is Lila Ike? Yes? No? Well, either way, grab your favourite pair of earphones and let’s dive into sweet reggae bliss. 397 more words


Those are the Brakes

Literally. I took my car into the shop this morning, as my breaks have not been sounding right for some time. Not squealing or squeaking, simply an odd rubbing sound. 1,019 more words

Bipolar Madness

A World Full of Accused Woody Allens, Harvey Weinsteins et al - Accused but never to be proven guilty?

The World is a global village (I know it’s a bit cliché), and as we’d say here in Nigeria, it’s the ‘same same’ everywhere, populated by the same noxious types and characters: kidnappers, mass murderers, sexual predators, paedophiles, robbers and all shades of evil. 498 more words


I needed a shower...

Some things are memorable on their own sake, some things are memorable for their aftermath, some things are memorable because you don’t know the rest of the story. 812 more words


Fallacious Sanctity and Indignation

“…An Appeal to Righteous Indignation is a logical fallacy in which a person claims to be offended, insulted, or hurt by criticism of a proposition they hold, or by the advancement of a proposition with which they disagree…An Appeal to Sanctity is a logical fallacy in which a person attempts to deflect criticism of an idea by claiming that the idea or argument is holy, sacred, sacrosanct, or otherwise privileged and immune from critique…”

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Dove et racisme à l’ère de l’indignation

Le gel douche. Il n’inspire absolument rien, on est d’accord. Personne n’y pense au delà de sentir quelques parfums dans le rayon au supermarché avant d’en choisir un et passer aux autres choses sur la liste des courses. 409 more words