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The System!

Almost all of my interest in economics has been nullified. It’s been the worst injustice I’ve ever suffered. Now I’m convinced, my bad handwriting is going to haunt me throughout my academic career. 198 more words



I mean it as no insult when I say that Indignation made me feel as if I was watching a picture produced in 1950s America. There are the costumes of course, with men wearing ties and tweed jackets all the time, and the girls with their long and colorful skirts. 101 more words

On se plaint

On se plaint….

De quoi nous plaignons nous au juste

Quand les âmes périssent

Quand crissent et s’effritent les âmes sans Christ

Je n’ai pas construit ma maison… 366 more words

Poète Camerounais


The day after the math
We awake to a leader
Who tricked with a feeder
He rolled in hot
Confessed all that he’s got
And we still gave it away… 73 more words


Indignation & Co.

Reflecting on how people can change my feelings I found out few things can let me down as indignation: hearing them pouring complaints all around me, like the rain rains during a summer storm… and I was without the umbrella 🙄. 259 more words

The Human Mind

The human mind is a dark place;
And its core is filled with disgrace.
People that blame others for their fate;
Treating each other as a snare and bait. 92 more words


Electrickcity - DisCo-Dancing while the City Burns

We, Nigerians, are a very patient people known to be ‘suffering and smiling’, according to the Late social activist and great musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Nothing riles and annoys us like the Electricity issue in Nigeria. 831 more words