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Mental blocks and how to break them with mindful awareness!

Random typed thoughts from my indigo mind/

Change your mind & start to break the blockage

The first step to break out of this (and any) mental block in life is to accept that everything in life is SO simple, its hard. 322 more words

My "On The Sneak Tip" method to steer your reality towards an upwards path of life long enlightenment PART 1

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that in life, NOTHING is perfect. Not everything we set out to do always goes as intended. While this method has worked for me since mid year 2000, know that not everything will work out as you see it in your mind. 441 more words

Earthquake in Vegas today.. 5.4... and I knew it was going to happen.. yet was not aware

I would like to share an experience I just had…..

So starting last night (22st of May 2015),¬† a little after midnight, I started feeling weak, like bad anxiety, breathing issues, shit I have not felt since I would take a shitload of pills (like 2013 and before)… 268 more words


It was a blue Monday.

Mandy was running late and as she strapped her daughter into her car seat, she broke one of her manicured nails. 2,105 more words

Hot Holiday Halters

I’ve taken to Polyvore to organise my outfit’s I will be wearing for my holiday¬†to Florida next month, and after months of struggling to find some funky outfit inspiration I have finally found it! 153 more words