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What does the Children card mean for you?

Aloha! There are “Children” cards in multiple angel card decks, and today, I’d like to introduce you to some of them and talk about the possible meanings of the Children cards; it is related to children in general, and it may also mean your hidden inner child. 848 more words

Oracle Cards & Angel Cards

Four Walls

Four walls tremble steadily

Like the engine of a car on its last mile

Each beam inside splintering as

the seconds continue to tick my perseverance away… 134 more words



The ancient drums play on
Deep into the night, I crave home
Homage to ancestral fathers that have passed on
Sweet papa I hear your call… 16 more words

Wild Child

Go on wild child
Forget about the the right side
Conjure up your third eye
Emancipate your life
Go on wild child
Find solace in the night… 36 more words

Shifting Consciousness

Many young people are coming into this world fully or partially awake.

They are more likely to undergo a gentle awakening, rather than experiencing a catalyst in their lives that typically commences the awakening process for many of older generations. 113 more words