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Signs of Time and the new generation

According to the medium Francisco Xavier,  if the world doesn´t start a nuclear war until the year 2018, approximately the year of 2058 Earth enters into the category of worlds of regeneration. 5,605 more words

Allan Kardec And Spiritism Study

Do you know about Indigo Children?

Aloha! Today, I’d like to share one of my discoveries that a single angel card initiated.

Have you ever asked yourself: Who are you? Where do you come from? 1,232 more words

Angel Card Readings

Is it wrong to say "God" made a mistake?

Is it wrong to say “God” made a mistake? A world created where vagina is such a hot commodity that a man will take it no matter who or what it is on? 174 more words



With one breath

their souls evaporate

as they desperately gasp for air

in a world painted just for them

Lost were the days

where smiles brought the sun… 135 more words



I guess my reasons for writing on this site are for security in a not secure world. I don’t need anymore judgments or words that I am not the amount of you. 238 more words


Some days I feel insane amounts of light and love. Other days I awake knowing the dread will over come me in a matter of minutes. 307 more words