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Spirit Realm

I save my brethren in the spirit realm,

Centimeters away from the cemetery,

It’s eerie,

We were on the phone book of the Virgin Mary, 74 more words


No One comes out of the Bermuda Triangle...

“…not even for vacation.”

Today was a rough day of which I spent the majority staring into empty space until the power went out and my boyfriend realized he forgot to pay the bill. 377 more words


Another moon. Another night. Another sleepless night. Another night of my mind racing endlessly without end.

Paris was attacked today. Paris. The city of love. One of the most beautiful, loved cities in the world. 265 more words

We meet again.

November. We meet again.

Wow. Where had this year gone??

I blink and it’s over, I swear. October FLEW by. Sadly, because it’s my favorite month of the year and Halloween is what I live for. 872 more words

My Saboteur

The tears I’ve shed

Have painted my face

In every conceivable shade of

Pain and happiness….

A luminescent and demure smile on the outside

Mask the Obsidian stalactites on the inside… 84 more words


Lovers Block

What happened to love?

Did it walk away and ask for change?

Did it fly away only to find a soul covered in mange?

Why has it evolved to be so picky? 155 more words


Two For Tunesday: 20th October 2015

Raury – Friends

Following on from his mixtape ‘Indigo Child’, which was released late last year, Atlanta-born rapper Raury is about to release his debut album ‘All We Need’. 164 more words

Two For Tunesday