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I know that my little girl is a very old soul. She has empathy and compassion even in her development as of now. Seems to be that her issue is trying to absorb and heal other peoples negative energies but she is around. 423 more words

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Your true Self...

Your true self feels like





Bonjour toute le monde

J’ai Chantier but I prefer to be called Bonnie. Anyone who is new to my life, or journey or even blog, here is where you can catch up. 69 more words


Nurturing Self Worth

All my life I have politely allowed people to make jokes about me and put me down. . As a child I had so much compassion for others and I could see their pain as easily as a raw wound. 597 more words

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Sensitive Souls Face Love

Their paths crossed on the night of the full moon, which seemed like fate. Connection undeniable. It’s as if they were both gazing into a mirror when peering into each other’s eyes. 277 more words

Indigo on Indigos

Indigo children also known as star children, rainbow children and crystal children are part of a new age concept which talks of gifted people sent here on a mission to clean up the bloody place. 656 more words


Will traveling help you heal from a Heartbreak? 

In the millions of heartaches that I’ve experienced myself, traveling solo will do only ONE thing.

It will make you LEARN.

I have met one or two persons that have traveled to mend a broken heart. 439 more words

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