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The purpose of life in 3D- summary

I am going to skip some steps with this post and make it really short.When I heard the idea I’m going to share I felt like there is nothing left for me to say besides… 91 more words

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Who and what is a Starseed?

The common knowledge about Starseeds is that they are highly evolved souls who have chosen to come here from other dimensions or from other star systems with the mission of helping planet Earth and her people in the golden phase of evolution. 449 more words

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Star Children ― A Human Race from Another World

In 1982, the Chinese government launched a nationwide search for children with the extraordinary abilities, some of the talents they looked for the psychic powers, … 95 more words

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Mother's Guilt

I like to say that I don’t experience mother’s guilt* Recently, this has become dishonest of me.

I have no doubt in my ability to provide in all the practical areas; cooking healthy meals, and baking fun ones, providing seasonal footwear, extracurricular lessons and classes, teaching and loving; and, indeed, I experience no guilt whatsoever when it comes to my youngest daughter who, from the very beginning, has had an exceptionally easy going and compassionate personality.  1,273 more words


How do mermaids make money?

Mermaiding, wearing a mermaid tale and swimming, has exploded in popularity recently. And last week I had the opportunity to chat with Abby Oliver, mermaid and leader in the Indigo Child community. 299 more words


Introduction to My Spirituality: An Overview of Souls, Universal Consciousness, and Indigo and Crystal Children

Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog, but this post was inspired by a recent conversation with my mum! It has been designed to outline my personal views on spirituality, for the sake of friends and family (such as my mum) who wish to understand my experiences more. 3,659 more words

About My Life

My Personal Challenge for 2018

I have decided to write everyday of 2018, in whatever form that takes, whether it be on here, my written journal, or for my book. This is because I know my life purpose involves writing, and I must start now, or continue to endure the steady inner pings of anxiety- start now! 164 more words