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SEVEN IN THE MIX ! Weekend August 29-30...

Seven tracks to blow up the weekend in style !…

The saviors of eccentric rock & fun live in London, UK – party time !… 133 more words

Seven In The Mix

Abbyss of Youth~

I was never there, you were always here

My empty smiles meant nothing but condolences

My soul’s starving, my mouth’s dry

My future is waving at me from a past life… 366 more words


Rope of Phantom

by Indigo Child

All these years i thought what we had was special
but it seems like it wasn’t much but another ,
after all these years i thought we always meant for each other…. 611 more words


Recent life changing & transcending epiphanies

December 2014 is when I was emotionally, physically & financially at the lowest point in my life. This was because in October I made a “run” and got away from a toxic life that I had been trapped in for half of a decade. 1,024 more words


Raining Umbrellas

It’s raining so we hid in the cellar
Interstellar, we’ve all sunk to the bottom of the ocean and I grabbed your hand in the blur… 218 more words


Raury - 'Devil's Whisper'

‘Devil’s Whisper’ is, for all intents and purposes, a companion track Raury’s first-ever single, ‘God’s Whisper’ (found on 2014’s Indigo Child). Where the latter sketches a vision of Raury as a chosen one being called to a higher purpose (namely music), ‘Devil’s Whisper’ fleshes out the flip side of ego and the promises the devil makes to satiate it: “young boy, tryna rule the world I see / well young boy, I can give you everything”. 205 more words