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i am not an activist

I am not an activist.
I am an active participant in my own life.

In the early 90s, I was 21, my parents were both dead, I was living with a woman who was not very good to me and I was working my ass off trying to get through college, in Charleston, SC. 993 more words

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Song Lyric Sunday, Gratitude: Virginia Woolf, Indigo Girls

An ode to Virginia Woolf might seem a funny song to choose for a song lyric Sunday theme about gratitude.

But, within the lyrics, Emily Salier expresses her gratitude to Virginia Woolf for keeping a diary, and how it links them through time. 759 more words

Song Lyric Sunday

Dancing with Speeches #46 March on Washington

In late August 1963, Martin Luther King led the march on Washington for jobs and freedom and delivered his famous “I have a dream… 727 more words

song lyric sunday

Helen asked us to use lyrics and music to express ourselves, how we create, how we get through for this Song Lyric Sunday.

I’ve already highlighted one song, Hallelujah, due to the death, this week, of it’s writer, Leonard Cohen. 463 more words

Song Lyric Sunday

Let's Hear It For the Indigo Girls!

Dear Friends,

A few years ago, Tig Notaro performed an amazing comedy set called Live. She does this bit in it about that saying “God never gives you more than you can handle.” And she describes God up in heaven surrounded by a group of angels, all of whom are looking down at some poor soul who just keeps having one awful thing after another thrown at them. 430 more words

A Novel Writing Mix Tape

I don’t typically write with music on in the background, and if I do, it is nearly always music without words. And I don’t typically match music up with what I’m currently writing, unlike my husband (also a writer) who tends to develop… 711 more words


National Coming Out Day

Today is national coming out day, which is appropriate because one of the first things anyone said to me today was, “I like your cardigan. It’s so soft butch.” 307 more words

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