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First two pictures is woad plant leaves, before it started flowering, they were very close to the ground; now, within just a few weeks, they’re up to my waist and about to flower. 275 more words


"Indigo" as a label

I thought I might write about my view on labelling, because I am about to start a blog about ‘Indigo’ people. “Indigo” is definitely a kind of label. 97 more words

Adult Indigo

tattered paper art

Here’s something I put together, up-cycling the indigo stained masking tape from my arashi shibori experiments. I think it has the potential to turn into a wall piece :) 99 more words


in the dirt

Lots of scratching in the dirt, digging deep holes, transplanting and planting seeds.

This is just a beginning.

They’ve grown a wee bit since the last entry. 37 more words


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Google Gets In The Wireless Game!

Let the wireless game begin! Move over AT&T and Verizon because Google is getting ready to get into the wireless game! 110 more words

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