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Best Fertility hospital in Chennai | Indigo Women's Center

Fertility hospitals that assist the couples, individuals who want to become parents but for medical reason have been unable to achieve the goal via the natural course. 139 more words


Source Energy - update....

Ive just been reading an older post of mine “Source Energy” and realise how much I have changed. When I wrote that post, I was very new on this journey, experiencing some wild events, and felt Source Energy only when deeply meditating or during those wild-ride happenings! 300 more words

Best IVF Centre in Chennai | Indigo Women's Center

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a treatment for infertility problems. In recent days most of the people are facing the infertility problem. To overcome this problem to take a IVF treatment in best IVF centre. 112 more words


Episode 31: Dig Those Diglett! (Indigo League)

While lost in the mountains, Ash, Misty and Brock are thrust in the middle of a conflict between construction workers and the native Diglett. While attempting to pick a side, Ash’s rival, Gary, gets involved and things quickly spiral out of control. 439 more words


a moon memory...

On this day forty seven years ago I was 11 years old and living in Yokohama, Japan.  Our family had earned the privilege  of a home leave visit back to the US after having been there since 1965 and my dad having signed up for another stay in Japan. 187 more words



help – I’m stuck!

the loom is naked

two scarves with handspun silk warp, natural dyes

weft yarns made a significant difference

on the left, 20/2 silk dyed with lac – a plum colour… 161 more words


Textile Society visit to Kew

Last week I joined the Textile Society visit to Kew Gardens to see the Economic Botany Collection and also some of Jenny Balfour-Paul’s collection of indigo textiles housed at Kew. 1,071 more words