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Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 70-80)

70. They said, “Did we not forbid you from strangers?”

71. He said, “These are my daughters, if you must.”

72. By your life, they were blundering in their drunkenness. 263 more words

Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 60-70)

60. “Except for his wife.” We have determined that she will be of those who lag behind.

61. And when the envoys came to the family of Lot. 333 more words

Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 50-60)

50. And that My punishment is the painful punishment.

51. And inform them of the guests of Abraham.

52. When they entered upon him, and said, “Peace.” He said, “We are wary of you.” 347 more words

Woven Shibori Scarves - Well, Finally! (Originally Published 8/2/16)

I was preparing to list these Woven Shibori scarves in my Etsy shop (see button on the right!). As I sometimes do, I got out my trusty weaving notebook to refresh my memory about the details of these scarves. 300 more words


Very Slow Cloth (Originally Published 3/12/16)

Just realized it’s been almost two months since the last post. Much is happening Chez iowaweaver and much more is going to be happening very soon. 505 more words