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Indirectly Speaking

Indirectly speaking
 Of things I've grown accustomed to
 Doing, talking, moving,
 not used to yet being...
Indirectly speaking
 Of words I've grown accustomed to
 Saying, walking, cooing,
 not used to yet seeing... 28 more words

How are we going to find Planet Nine?

With much hype about a possible ninth planet we still need to remember that the current evidence for it’s existence is indirect. However we do have the equipment necessary to find such a planet. 156 more words


7 Coping Skills to Use in the Face of Passive Aggression

Learn how to side-step their toxic behavior and save your sanity.

Is someone’s passive-aggressive behavior driving you crazy? You feel the energetic hit of his or her toxic behavior, but then you question yourself. 837 more words


Higher Level Dissection of Conversations

The idea of initiating and carrying forth a conversation should be simple right! I mean we do it on a daily basis so it should be ingrained as some form of a habit and we should all be experts at it. 882 more words

Inquiry 3: Indirect Sources that relate to Topic

For my source from UNC Charlotte’s library database, I found a peer reviewed article and it talks about the changes that were going on in Austrian football. 334 more words