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SAP license fees are due even for indirect users, court says

SAP’s named-user licensing fees apply even to related applications that only offer users indirect visibility of SAP data, a U.K. judge ruled Thursday in a case pitting SAP against Diageo, the alcoholic beverage giant behind Smirnoff vodka and Guinness beer. 34 more words

On Aspects in Geomantic Interpretation

Geomantically interpreting the House Chart usually necessitates a bit of knowledge about astrology.  Even though geomancy can be interpreted completely without relying on any sort of astrological symbolism or techniques, one of the biggest innovations that geomancy developed was to incorporate these very same symbols and methods into geomantic technique.   5,176 more words


Indirect Competition

An indirect competition would be any type of candy. Although candy and chocolate fall under the same category for “sweets” they don’t share similar tastes which make them different cravings. 43 more words

Direct Vs Indirect Marketing And Advertising

When you are contemplating the alternatives when it comes to your advertising and marketing method, be sure you know the difference in between direct and indirect advertising. 27 more words


he was there. By himself, kept saying to himself that was his choice, his isolation was condicioned by the willingness to be alone, said that he couldn’t identify himself with nobody, and that no one would understand his thoughts. 830 more words


Case-Sensitive Removal of Duplicates in Excel

By default, Microsoft Excel uses case-insensitive comparison of strings. This is useful in most cases. For instance, when you’re looking up a value in a column and the value you’re trying to find is written in sentence case but all values in the column are written in uppercase, Excel will still find that value without requiring you to… 671 more words

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Global Indirect Fired Air Heater Market Research Report 2016 - QY Research

Research Report on Global Indirect Fired Air Heater Market Research Report 2016. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview. 21 more words