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Picanha from my trusted OTP

This is definitely one of my favourite pieces of meat!

Picanha. It’s Brazilian meat, and it’s goooood! Really good!

The thing is, I had a piece of dutch bought picanha of 2kg, although the traditional Brazilian chefs tell you that the original picanha is a maximum of 1 – 1,1 kg. 246 more words


Fish Out of Water

I’m a “D” personality. According to The DISC personality test  “The D Personality Style tends to be direct and decisive, sometimes described as dominant.”

I grew up in an incredibly (loving, warm) conservative Christian home. 630 more words

Too Many Games: Majesty 2

I can’t tell whether Majesty 2 does a great or a terrible job of achieving the goal of being a fantasy kingdom simulator. It’s a non-stop cavalcade of annoyance, which seems like it might actually be a reasonable approximation of what it’s like to try to defend a kingdom against minotaurs with the aid of fickle mercenaries.  475 more words

Too Many Games

What is an indirect proof?

In economics, especially in theoretical economics, it is often necessary to formally prove your statements. Meaning to show your statements are correct in a logical way. 193 more words


The indirect German

A German man who once liked me explained the three times he tried to ask me out ( very indirectly, way to not conform to the stereotype right, right) 157 more words


Grid of Random Integers

Inspired by a recent query at one of the Excel forums I occasionally visit, I would like to share a formula-based solution for the task of generating an… 1,226 more words