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Selflessness – Doesn’t it mean being without a self?
Then how can one claim to be alive if she’s is selfless???
You need the self to be truly alive!


Life, Knowledge Cubed - Part 8

 Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 8

Chapter Two – Character (Continued)

Part 7

Yellow Sector: Behavior

The character of this Chaplain was developed by his behavior over time, so this one act alone didn’t develop his character his continual behavior did. 148 more words

Knowledge Cubed

Life, Knowledge Cubed - Part 7

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed”– Part 7

Chapter 2- The Individual

“Know Thyself”

Chapter two will sketch out what makes up an individual. Understanding the nature of humans is vital for a good functional society. 63 more words

Knowledge Cubed

Life, Knowledge Cubed - Part 6

Chapter 1 – The Situation (conclusion)

Continuation from Part 5

Conclusion of Chapter One, “The Situation.” The strength of an individual can be measured by their type; Brittle, Resilient, or Solid. 19 more words

Knowledge Cubed

In The Driver Seat...

If we spend all our lives reacting to the various stimuli around us,
Then when’s the time to stand up and act?
What difference in  being animals and humans? 122 more words



The answers to all your questions are within you…
You just have to search for them…
Search truly…
Search deeply…


A Guide to Harrowing Emotions: Part - I

Emotions trip me up…badly…. I don’t understand them much… Especially, the particularly intense, persistent ones which refuse to go away even when you give them some time to stop feeling special and become normal. 624 more words