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I love the Holstee-Manifesto … and this is what my thoughts created around it … 341 more words


Little Sunday Sins - Summer-Muffins

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So ganz hat der Sommer sich wohl noch nicht so ganz von Samstagnacht erholt. Der Himmel rafft sich gerade mal zu einem dezenten hellblau auf, aber nicht ohne sich eine dicke Wolkenjacke überzuziehen. 435 more words


Critical Thought – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 19

Blog series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 19

Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality

Last: Part 18

Regardless on the quality of our senses, or the quality of our “reality”, we are going to analyze the information. 74 more words

Knowledge Cubed

Rewiring the Mind – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 18

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 18

Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality

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As you’ve might have sensed earlier in this series I have very strong sentiments about the debased behavior of these Afghan soldiers when I was recollecting my memory of it. 116 more words

Knowledge Cubed

Sinking in Troubled Waters – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 17

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 17

Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality

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Good perception is carefully thought out observations and results in smooth sailing. 182 more words

Knowledge Cubed

Observation is an Art Form – Life, Knowledge Cubed – Part 15

Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 15

Chapter 3 – Perception is Reality

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Looking back in my own life, I have to say that the greatest damage done to me was the lack of attention to teaching observation skills. 63 more words

Knowledge Cubed

Heard That?

May 2011

(On Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi) – The mad dog of the Middle East. – Ronald Reagan

March 2009

I am on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it. 364 more words