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Rough Draft

I created a rough draft that shows the general structure and feel I’m aiming to achieve. A couple of key things I want to change are the green screen shot of brushing teeth as the quality is lower compared to the rest and the ending. 123 more words



Jaime, a sweet and vibrant person who was a pleasure to photograph. Contemplating transition, the train tracks are a symbol of her position at the crossroads of life.

Cfb Shilo

Be You

Believe yourself, trust your gut instincts, seek the advice when needed, but ultimately, go with what you think is right! You can make your own decisions in life, draw a table with pros and cons or similar, weigh things up, take the time to delve in to your own mind and decide on things. 206 more words

Graphic Art

The Science of the Individual

Human behavior is remarkably variable. It changes systematically over time, and it fluctuates moment-to-moment depending on the immediate context. If this kind of individual variability… 247 more words