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Group Rights: Negative or Necessity?

and her three friends retreated to the woods to pray. They journeyed through the forest, MukLuk boots treading lightly along the fallen leaves, their colors fading with the fast approaching winter. 558 more words

Right to Bear Arms: The Legal Question

I’m not trying to be argumentative, just curious. The current Court has struck down most recent attempts of states and municipalities to regulate arms. The…

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American Religion

How should the government go about definition and expression of the first ten amendments, collectively known as the Bill of Rights, that applies to its increasingly diverse population while still standing for equality and freedom as the religions conflict with one another? 19 more words

Advocacy Organizations

Civil Rights

Women’s rights, gay rights, and rights for minorities ought never be separated from individual rights.  Consider this: the need for such “group” rights would not have existed if applied to everyone equally.   76 more words