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Waiting for God?

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The vast majority of us (humanity) have helped to create our collective problems/issues: many of us have been compliant and supportive of this corrupt system/order, while many more of us have spent our lives complacently and cowardly running away from our responsibility to do something to help put an end to it. 1,516 more words

Political/Social Issues

"The Individual and His Future"

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“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

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Paints and Ladders

You gaze upwards at the ceiling
peeling and covered in smoke
from the candles lighted daily
taking prayers to heaven

You shake your head in despair; 128 more words


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We need to stop looking for “heroes” and “saviors” to rescue us from OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITIES, and become our own unique, individual hero and savior! And then we can begin to solve the vast problems facing all of us together!

International Day Of Peace

I understand that archaeological evidence consisting of spear tips, arrow heads, blunt force damage to human bones and similar artifacts has been dated back many thousands of years.  738 more words

Cultural Highlights

Connection: Antidote to Peace

There is a plague in the world that has killed more men, women and children one hundred fold over all diseases – the name of that plague is war – a system perpetuated by a profound, continuous disconnect. 359 more words


The Bathroom Wars in America and why we need to resolve this.

Bathroom is a simple resource that is available to everyone unlike oils and land. But why do people snap easily for a bathroom and will rage war for it? 2,590 more words


The destruction of community

There was a time when if I saw a man being abusive to a woman, I could with some confidence, intervene verbally. If he got angry with me, I could continue my verbal intervention, or walk away…if he got physically aggressive towards me, I could reasonably count on other bystanders coming to my aid. 295 more words

Group Dynamics