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Thoughts From An Anarchist Tree Hugger

Confession: I am a tree hugger. I love trees. I love being in nature. I’m an herbalist, a gardener, a fewer-chemicals-the-better kind of gal. I abhor litter bugs. 79 more words


The Problem of Free Will for a Conservative. A question and an answer.

In the last few years I have been totally converted to the  position that we have no actual Free Will. Now I do not mean that we physically do not make choices, rather what I mean is that the mechanisms behind every choice that we make are completely mysterious to us. 1,368 more words

Claim Personal Peace Today

Today, Claim Peace

We are living in turbulent times. The miseries of mankind are too easily paraded before our senses for speculation and judgement. This is an invitation for you to claim Peace in your life today. 102 more words


Declaration of Independence

I’ve been a Republican from the cradle. My father, a California conservative and an educator (an almost unheard of combination), blared the liberal talk radio of the 1970s throughout my childhood home and made sure I thought through the words until I understood their weakness.   456 more words


"This bloody road remains a mystery..." Invincible, Pat Benatar

Contemplating the shootings at the Pulse club (when are we going to dtop the “gay” modifier for clubs that admit the whole LGBT community and straights?) in Orlando, Florida by Omar Siddiqui Mateen, there are more unanswered questions than answers. 1,017 more words

Second Life

Bring back the draft for every American?

This Memorial Day weekend seems a good time to ask ourselves why military veterans are always among the most patriotic of Americans.

It’s simple, really.  They have risked their lives for their country.  274 more words

The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.