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You can't treat people like crap!

“We are not a holding company. We are people.”

“We care about you. Really.”

“We are about opportunity. Opportunity to create, to grow and to have an impact. 1,757 more words

Are You Wearing Peace?

This post spends a lot of energy suggesting that world Peace begins with individual Peace. In that vein, are you peace today? The day after contentious presidential debates, it is so easy to remain in that space of contention. 138 more words


Rainfall, Individualism and Income

Highly variable rainfall in a country is associated with less individualistic attitudes, according to a provocative paper by economist Lewis Davis (HT: Marginal Revolution). He leverages this relationship to estimate a positive impact of individual responsibility on economic development. 408 more words


Childhood obesity is not something to be battled

“Disappointed” doesn’t cover how I felt reading this article from the CBC. I’m used to hearing people blame individuals for being overweight. It’s always frustrating. However, it’s enraging to see a director of a Childhood Obesity Foundation laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of parents. 460 more words

Thoughts From An Anarchist Tree Hugger

Confession: I am a tree hugger. I love trees. I love being in nature. I’m an herbalist, a gardener, a fewer-chemicals-the-better kind of gal. I abhor litter bugs. 79 more words


The Problem of Free Will for a Conservative. A question and an answer.

In the last few years I have been totally converted to the  position that we have no actual Free Will. Now I do not mean that we physically do not make choices, rather what I mean is that the mechanisms behind every choice that we make are completely mysterious to us. 1,368 more words

Claim Personal Peace Today

Today, Claim Peace

We are living in turbulent times. The miseries of mankind are too easily paraded before our senses for speculation and judgement. This is an invitation for you to claim Peace in your life today. 102 more words