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In defense of pipelines—for the sake of human well-being

Our lives and flourishing literally depend on the availability of reliable, affordable, and plentiful energy—most of which comes from fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, and coal. 736 more words

Individual Rights

What I learned from my business ethics students: The appeal of altruism

I taught two business ethics courses this fall: one to undergraduate business students, and the other to an Executive MBA class. It was a lot of fun: the students were keen to learn and discuss. 705 more words

Business Ethics

The ethics and business of human genetic editing

The other day, I turned on the radio to a debate on the ethics on human genetic editing, prompted buy an international scientific summit on the topic recently held in Washington, DC. 670 more words

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Mark Zuckerberg wants to make the world a better place: Productiveness vs. charity?

Facebook CEO and recent parent Mark Zuckerberg has written a letter to his newborn daughter—cum a political manifesto—in which he makes the ‘Billionaires’ Pledge’ to give most of his wealth away to charity. 708 more words

Individual Rights

Confusion of Bill Gates: Capitalism, socialism, and climate change

In a recent interview with the Atlantic, Bill Gates revealed his utter confusion when he claimed that “only socialism can save the planet from climate change.” If the founder of Microsoft and the world’s richest man cares about human survival and flourishing, he is also utterly wrong. 702 more words

Individual Rights

A Liberal government in Canada: prospects for freedom and prosperity?

Last week’s landslide victory of the left-of-center Liberal Party in the Canadian parliamentary elections after almost 10 years of Conservative government prompted me to reflect on the implications for business. 757 more words

Individual Rights

Hooray for Uber!

As the last of major (and smaller) cities in Canada, my hometown Calgary finally saw the ride-sharing service Uber launch here a few days ago, to strong demand and to warnings from the mayor and city councilors. 683 more words

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