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Why avoiding taxes is moral

The recent leak of the Panama Papers—which consist of confidential banking documents that report names of thousands of offshore corporations and their shareholders—created a media storm around the world. 710 more words

Individual Rights

The nanny state of Finland

On a recent visit to Finland, I had some exposure to the current state of the culture and politics of my native country. Sad, if not surprising, was the ever-present state interference with the freedom of the Finns that many of them quietly accept and even take for granted. 619 more words

Individual Rights

Why government is anti-innovation

The Canadian Liberal government (similar to the Democrats, but further to the Left) announced its first budget last week, filled with bold promises—and lots of spending of tax payers’ hard-earned money. 731 more words

Individual Rights

Is “green” oil good for us?

The carbon reduction craze has been now embraced by the Canadian oil sands producers as the unavoidable necessity to “clean up” their product to meet the ever more stringent government regulation on CO2 emissions. 658 more words

Individual Rights

Government regulation does not make us safe—capitalism does

Would you trust government more than business to keep you safe? Amazingly, most people say yes almost automatically when asked. They see government as the trusted nanny that has their best interests at heart. 684 more words

Individual Rights

In defense of pipelines—for the sake of human well-being

Our lives and flourishing literally depend on the availability of reliable, affordable, and plentiful energy—most of which comes from fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, and coal. 736 more words

Individual Rights

What I learned from my business ethics students: The appeal of altruism

I taught two business ethics courses this fall: one to undergraduate business students, and the other to an Executive MBA class. It was a lot of fun: the students were keen to learn and discuss. 705 more words

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