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Government’s role: Providing services or protecting individual rights?

For many, government exists to look after us by providing various services: health care, education (both K to 12 and post-secondary), licensing (of daycares, restaurants, selling of food, liquor and tobacco; driving, gambling, etc.), old age security, advising and funding for business. 640 more words


Does government suspending Costco’s fish import license make us safer?

Full disclosure: I am a Costco fan, and I particularly like buying wild-caught fish there because it is always fresh and a good value. A brief news article in the Financial Post (FP) recently caught my eye: “Food safety watchdog suspends Costco Canada’s fish import licence.” According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Costco is not consistent in following food safety controls set by the regulator—a horror of horrors—and therefore Costco’s import license was suspended at the end of February. 668 more words

Individual Rights

Gays & Christians & Agnostics are equal some of the time, but not others.

A law was recently passed in Illinois allowing business owners to deny service to gay (or other) clientele based on their religious beliefs. The irony of this law is that it is establishing a right that we already have as free individuals with the freedom to associate with whomever we please but does so in such a way as to assume that one of these two groups previously had more rights than the other, and this law is simply bringing equality back when there was never an imbalance to begin with, except the ones that Government created in order to “solve” it. 2,143 more words

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Inequality is not the problem—lack of freedom is

Desperate to leave a legacy—of having turned the United States more sharply toward socialism—President Obama is grasping for various schemes. In his latest State of The Union address, he again brought up solving the “problem” of income and wealth inequality by the means of state intervention as part of his desired legacy. 702 more words


Altruism means self-sacrifice, not benevolence

Despite the positive connotations of benevolence and kindness that most people hold for altruism, that is not what this moral code means. The Encyclopedia of Ethics gives this definition (under ‘Theories of the Good’): “altruism is the policy of always denying oneself for the sake of others.” In other words, every time you attempt to achieve a value—food, a job, a promotion, a gold medal, profit, you must give it up for someone else who needs it more than you do. 683 more words

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Does government regulation make us safe?

When government regulates and licenses daycares, restaurants, taxicabs, banks, other businesses, and physicians, we can rest assured that their operations and products are safe and no harm will come to us. 708 more words

Individual Rights

Morality of capitalism

I have written about the aversion to capitalism (including among business students) before. Given all the evidence about the benefits of free markets—such as the rapid economic growth in many Asian countries in the last 30 years due to increased economic freedom (see the new World Trade Organization report… 725 more words