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Free Trade IS Fair Trade, Mr. President

Amidst the ACA/AHCA frenzy, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has quietly made his first appearances around the world, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been gearing up for trade agreement renegotiations. 706 more words

Individual Rights

The True Political Divide

It is important to begin with the fact that all political discourse in Western civilization can be divided into two distinct camps; individualism and collectivism.  Regardless of what political label you identify yourself with and or what labels you apply to others, the basic political ideologies can always be divided down to individualism versus collectivism.  3,992 more words



Silent Persons
make for
scrumptious delights
while revealing Audacious Truths.
Delirious Thoughts from Madasahatter572 ;)


White Powder, USA, 1929

The new Republican President never touched liquor before his March, 1929 swearing-in ceremony. Indeed, nearly three decades earlier he palmed off all hospitality cordials on his Chinese interpreter, who sometimes had trouble navigating after Hoover’s visits to hosts. 419 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

More Comfortable Lies and Painful Truths

By Mike Cronin

Comfortable Lie: Healthcare is a right. The US is the only developed country without universal healthcare. Obamacare reduced the gap. We must close that gap, but the Republican just tried (and failed) to open it back up. 556 more words


Privacy, Protection Or Something

Would you share your internet browsing habits with a group of strangers? Does it matter if people have access to how you spend your time online? 457 more words

Whims And Wonders

United Nations Appoints Itself Governing Body of All World Nations by Instructing Governments to Regulate Speech

The United Nations has now inserted itself into the governing bodies of every sovereign nation, republic, and country in the world.  This “world” body has long chomped at the bit to “govern” all nations, especially Western culture nations and republics, through its bureaucratic regulations, pseudo-laws and mandates, upon the world population through “agreements” made between member states to “uphold” their globalist ideology.   1,762 more words