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I hear people saying that we are losing our rights slowly, but slowly…..and there is something to thin about it that one simple accusation…..


Rational Foreign Policy Agreements in The Self-Interest of Americans

In this day and age of pragmatic, short-range, agreements for agreement’s sake with communist (Cuba) and theocratic (Iran) dictatorships, and of the United States sacrificially financing both the defense of half a welfare… 1,008 more words

Individual Rights

Carl Miller - Right to travel without a license plate

ATTENTION everyone that watches this video and engages in the discussion!
Just so everyone knows this channel does not give legal advice. This is a constitutional discusion, of which please note that the Constitution happens to be the HIGHEST LAW OF THE LAND. 474 more words

The Matrix

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I agree with this guy in principle. We should NOT be forced to get a license plate. I have argued against being forced to get a drivers license in order to use the roads I have PAID for, the car I BOUGHT, the gas I PAID for. There is NO justification under constitutional law for the state (or any other government agent) to FORCE me to submit, to BEG their permission to travel freely! I was BORN with the INALIENABLE RIGHT to TRAVEL. FREELY! That means I can move along a public road or any other public space without interference as long as I am not bothering anyone else. That goes for the airways too! The TSA and all its bullshit security theater is a HUGE violation of my rights and IS totally unconstitutional in every way! Where's the warrant? Where's the probable cause? What right do those government thugs in uniforms have to restrict you in ANY way in YOUR RIGHT to travel? The answer is NONE! They have STOLEN your rights from you!


I am not a number
I am not a cypher.
I am a real live person
Not a hypothetical one.
I am part of a portion… 322 more words


Quote by Marilyn vos Savant on freedom and individuality

A quote by Marilyn vos Savant on freedom is the topic of this blog post.

“The freedom to be an individual is the essence of America.” Marilyn vos Savant… 183 more words

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Flag Burning, the Bill of Rights, and Leaving America Behind: Fourth of July Special

Yes, the American Revolution was special. It’s not yet uncool to recognize facts. You are entitled to your mistaken and unsupported opinions, however; this is a free country. 724 more words

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America is My Favorite

The other day my niece asked me ‘what is your favorite country?’ Without missing a beat I said “America is my favorite”.  She seemed surprised as if most people said Japan, England or some other country.  529 more words