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Open letter to Parliament: Amend C-51 or kill it

The following is an open letter addressed to all members of Parliament and signed by more than 100 Canadian professors of law and related disciplines. 4,431 more words

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I was struggling with writing a long post about the current legislation in parliament and this government's history of caring not for the rules of the game. However, this open letter says what I think with more detail than I could have possibly mustered.

Making The Moral Case For Immigration Reform

Note: As the immigration battle continues in Washington D.C. with Congressional Republicans waging a self-destructive internal war cheered on by both House and Senate Democrats and the White House, we’re taking a break from our “Separating State and the Economy – What’s That About” series (check out… 699 more words

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The American Mind: Charles Kesler Interviewing Francis Fukuyama: The Final Form of Human Government

At risk of sounding insulting, wasn’t Frank Fukuyama a Neoconservative 10-15 years ago and one of the big backers of the Iraq War? I liked his first line about “democracy will only survive if the people want democracy.” I just wish he believed and wrote about that during and before the Iraq War. 353 more words

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Hillary Clinton 'gave in' to China says Chen Guangcheng

As she prepares for a possible presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton faces embarrassing revelations over her handling of a diplomatic crisis between China and the U.S. 851 more words

Rapid Changes in Attorney Advertising Online: A Case to Watch

Blogging for HessConnect:

“Even President Abraham Lincoln—who advertised his legal services as a lawyer in newspapers in the early 1850s—would run afoul of the state’s rules.” 587 more words