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Freedom, Democracy and Investment

Ask anyone what they voted for, and the conceptually-challenged invariably respond with some grinning politician. Even folks who expect to benefit along with the grinning politician–by increased… 547 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

Economic liberties: Free Trade

One of the common assumptions about a capitalistic society is that depressions are inevitable. Economist Nathaniel Branden defines depression as, “a large-scale decline in production and trade; it is characterized by a sharp drop in productive output, in investment, in employment and in the value of capital assets.” Based on this definition, one would have to assume that a depression is not a minor ordeal. 818 more words

Role Of Government

A Day Without A Man

“Day Without A Mexican” and “Day Without A Woman” have their own special day and memes. I think men need a “Day Without A Man” so we can help everyone else put their days off in perspective.

Government Failures

Federal Postal Monopoly v. Alaska

Those uppity Alaskans dared to imagine–like New Yorkers in 1923–that they could repeal their prohibition laws and still collect excise taxes? Think again!

God’s Own Prohibitionists have appointed… 139 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

A no-peeing section of the pool

So, as a society, we must compromise. In the Unites States we err towards personal freedom; it has been a cornerstone of our culture. Recent fear mongering has pushed some of us into demanding that all new-comers “act like us,” which, if you think about it, is a very odd demand. 99 more words

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Vichy Amerika Collaborators

How Gary Johnson’s party alienated women voters:

Judges should be appointed who will interpret the Constitution according to its original meaning. Any court decision that does not follow this original meaning of the Constitution should be revisited.

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Political Economy And Ethical Values

Climate Change & Nonaggression Pact

National Socialist–Soviet Socialist Pact, (August 23, 1939)–Paris “Agreement” November 4, 2016… a comparison

The National Socialist–Soviet Socialist pact is also called the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Nazi–Soviet Pact and the German–Soviet Non-aggression Pact and Russo-German Pact.** In much the way Global Cooling morphed into Anthropomorphic Global Warming, then (to cover all bases) Climate Change (which was everywhere long before mankind).   665 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values