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Quote by Marilyn vos Savant on freedom and individuality

A quote by Marilyn vos Savant on freedom is the topic of this blog post.

“The freedom to be an individual is the essence of America.” Marilyn vos Savant… 183 more words

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Flag Burning, the Bill of Rights, and Leaving America Behind: Fourth of July Special

Yes, the American Revolution was special. It’s not yet uncool to recognize facts. You are entitled to your mistaken and unsupported opinions, however; this is a free country. 724 more words

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America is My Favorite

The other day my niece asked me ‘what is your favorite country?’ Without missing a beat I said “America is my favorite”.  She seemed surprised as if most people said Japan, England or some other country.  529 more words


Flogging the Confederate Flag – A Case Study in Rational Moral Certainty

The recent racist motivated church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, re-ignited the debate over flying the Confederate flag in general, and flying it at the capitol in Columbia in particular. 890 more words

Individual Rights

I pay Half Attention, to Half of Everything, Half of the Time.

This is why I’m better equipped than Half of America to make a statement on this mornings Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marraige.

This was Half a Victory. 323 more words

Racial Dog Whistles, The Confederate Flag And The Long Shadow Of The GOP's 'Southern Strategy' | ThinkProgress

With all the shootings and death that has occurred in the last year something needs to be addressed…..I know many do not want to talk about such things but believe it is here and it is real….. 85 more words