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A Modest Proposal

Let’s kill a few birds with one (satirical) stone, shall we?  Let’s treat adult relations the way the leftists want guns to be treated.

If you decide to sleep with someone, you will need to fill out some paperwork, register your sexual interactions, and wait 5 business days for a license to fornicate and submit yourself to a background check. 354 more words

Gun Control

Tom Woods: 'Remember When Conservatives Didn't Make You Pull Your Hair Out?'

Source:The New Democrat

From Tom Woods:

Source:Tom Woods: Remember When Conservatives Didn’t Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out?’

“Remember when conservatives used to be antiwar, opposed centralized power, and actually wanted to eliminate government agencies rather than just take them over? 664 more words


What’s the use of laws?

Among the many ill-conceived arguments against libertarians and classical liberals is the idea that these political factions view laws as useless and unnecessary. 

While there are anarchist libertarians, most classical liberals usually stem their political views from the basis of government (it should technically be from the perspective of individual rights though). 391 more words


The Capitalist Green New Deal

Admin Note: The Objective Standard published my last article with the title “Why Conservatives Are Defenseless against Ocasio-Cortez’s Lethal Moral Code”. Head over there and check it out and sample some of the other terrific content by… 1,450 more words

Individual Rights

The Vigilante Execution plank

After the LP earned a 328% increase in vote share in the 2016 election, the initiation-of-force parties had to find some way to turn voters against us. 289 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

The Story of Civilization: Political Elements – Law

SUMMARY: In the beginning, laws were customs, and man did not have individual rights, but with property, marriage and government, laws evolved, and the individual emerged. 612 more words


Interaction with the Powers

I’m writing this based on some of my interactions with politicians and bureaucrats. I find it rather odd how we delegate others to have complete control over our lives and yet how do we hold these individuals accountable for their actions? 1,227 more words

Equal Rights