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Narcissistic Nannies

Narcissistic Nannies – the Moral Narcissism of Collectivists

Does what you claim to believe define you as an individual and makes you smarter, rather than what you do or the result of your actions?   1,958 more words


The Myth of Society

The Myth of Society

Ok, we’re going to wade into some muddy waters now.

Let’s begin with this statement.  The concept of society is a myth.    1,545 more words


Petition Project v. Consensus impostors

Over 30,000 degreed scientists signed the Petition Project successfully urging the Senate to reject the Kyoto Protocol. Yet politicians too ignorant to integrate by parts or even differentiate a simple constant apply religious tests for office. 297 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

The Circle

AKA the high tech Brave New World


The Circle is a book about privacy and technology.  Technology is advancing so quickly that it will provide incredible tools to undermine your privacy, and the question is, who will access to those tools?  3,194 more words


Trump and National Socialism

During the campaign subtle cues suggested that Econazi Germany was not looking forward to God’s Own Prohibitionists’ persuasive candidate winning the election.

Still, literate and rational persons who… 538 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

We can change the world.


Conformists are not the people who change the world.

This is probably my favorite crossbyte of all time. It came to me pretty easily, so I hope it’s not just something I have read somewhere.   578 more words

Crossbytes Of Wisdom

Hoping to Really Cut Spending, Mr. Trump? Abolish Social Security and Government Healthcare

Shortly before the holidays, Mr. Trump expressed his displeasure with the cost estimates for both a new version of Air Force One (4-5 Billion USD) and… 660 more words

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