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A COALITION OF TYRANTS: Will We Come to Salute the Flag of the U.C.A?

We’re supposed to be a union of states. States are regional entities, not classes of people. We are supposed to be a union of regions, united in a belief in Liberty and individual rights. 61 more words

Border Wall, ergo, México Libre?

Trump rhetoric is different from Bush rhetoric. Bush offered to have some hemp kingpins executed by firing squad, electric chair or lethal injection. Trump grins and waves toward plans for “The Wall” with promises that… 509 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

Power to the public

In my previous article (128: “Ask me why”) I gave a brief outline of why I became a member of the National Secular Society (NSS). The article expressed how my desire for membership in the society was an outcome of changes in my thinking, beliefs and attitudes – the personal effects of experiences and events that have taken place in my life over a number of years. 938 more words

Encouragement to Voters

Tomorrow is Election Day! Anyone who has not already voted via early voting, I encourage you to take the time to vote. The two-thirds of eligible voters who do not vote, would make a large difference. 490 more words

Individual Rights

Dawn's Early Light

By Dawn’s Early Light was a Cold War propaganda movie. Much of the contest between Communism and Religious Mercantilism played out in movies. Amerika and… 316 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

What Democrats Unintentionally Revealed About Themselves In Their Witch Hunt Against Kavanaugh

Through the savage, merciless smear campaign conducted against Judge Kavanaugh, several core beliefs and habitual tactics of the Democrat Party came into much clearer focus. Namely: the strange and arguably damning pattern of weaponizing generally baseless allegations of sexual assault, misconduct, or even outright rape; the disregard for individual rights where and when they obstruct Democrats’ pursuit of political power; and their telling fallback to the FBI, an agency they’ve come to think of more as a weapon to further their own parties interests and kneecap political opponents. 3,309 more words


GDPR-what does it really mean?

GDPR has become an acronym recognised by us all. But do you know what it really means? Well, neither did I. That is, until recent. 795 more words