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I had what I thought of as a rolling stone in my bladder. It was estimated to be about 4 mm. in diameter. It had to be removed. 417 more words

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Individual Rights Must Be Preserved Without Interference From The Government

Source: EpicTimes.com, by Richard Ebeling

What is the role of government in society? This has been and remains the most fundamental question in all political discussions and debates. 1,294 more words

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We Are All Liberals

“…Liberalism (Enlightenment Liberalism)… the grand Western Liberal tradition that professes to affirm ‘value neutrality’ and regards the autonomy of the individual as not only an intrinsic good which democratic government can guarantee but also as a foundational good which trumps all other values.” 110 more words

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Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Supports Trump Ban on Muslim Immigrants; Beware, Farrakhan Embraces Islam

In case you missed it, hell froze over as the cows came home while the chicken returned home to roost.  The fox stood guard outside the hen house after the horses were released and the barn door closed.  1,245 more words

From Freedom to Slavery, by Gerry Spence

This book was most disappointing.  The title sounded promising, and Gerry Spence was the defense attorney for Randy Weaver.  For those of you who do not know, Randy Weaver was the separatist involved in the Ruby Ridge incident, which left his son, wife, and at least one federal officer dead, all over a shotgun barrel that was 1/4″ too short and a rescheduled trial.   456 more words


Making a Murderer. . . . Netflix

Steven Avery ‘s mug shots from Google public domain

This is a very current conversation in the States. . . . the 10 episode  documentary produced by Netflix about the wrongly convicted Steven Avery.   215 more words