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Descaso no Brasil

Navios de guerra disparavam caminhões na baía de Guanabara no ano 1893, marcada por uma crise econômica global. Uma parte desta crise emanava das políticas monetárias adotadas nos EUA. 645 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

Bed and Breakfast and LGBT Rights - Who's Treading on Who?

Recently, there has been a spate of cases regarding LGBT couples and bed and breakfast/hotels getting into legal disputes. The main issue in all of these cases has been that the venues have refused service to LGBT people because they are LGBT on religious grounds. 1,213 more words

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"Donald Trump's Just Not That Into Your Rights," TODAY at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Telling the NYT they’ll probably “be fine” with respect to First Amendment protections, threatening to outlaw flag burning, among other things. It seems that Trump’s just not that into your rights. 272 more words

Don't Let It Go...Unheard

Need a Foreign Policy, Mr. Trump? Look No Further

The other day we received an email from our President-Elect with a link to a survey asking how he should spend his first 100 days in office. 1,044 more words

Individual Rights

Meta-Persuasion Reality Control

Dilbert artist Scott Adams is excited about Huxleyan hypnosis as applied to politics, yet misses the most important fact in the whole political scene. The oversight is typical of nihilistic rejection of conceptual thinking: 646 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

Econazis kill Democratic Party

Jill Stein’s ecological nationalsocialists really are responsible for the democrats’ utter rout, but not because of 2016 spoiler votes. The Greens used up their entire platform–both barrels–pushing carbon penalty transfer payments from mixed economies to Red China… 452 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

The Visible Hand

The visible hand is the one that’s invisible to Socialist congregants… it holds a deadly weapon. 

Every socialist, communist and miscellaneous looter is fond of reciting… 624 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values