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Study Tips - Managing Yourself Around Exams

Hello everyone! This week, I was really stuck on what to write. I’m fairly sure its because of a combination of stressing for exams in the upcoming weeks, and the start of the Christmas season for work! 907 more words



Children need space from parents to develop. Balanced with individualised support.


Wellington Sports Med Rehab Programmes

Wellington Sports Med offers a rehabilitation structure that supports our clients all the way through to their final stages of recovery, ensuring they can safely and confidently stay in/return to work and their previous level of sport(s) or physical activity. 169 more words

Multi-Age Collaborative Learning

Is the best way for children to learn to share a class with children who happen to have been born within the same arbitrary time frame, aka a school year? 420 more words


Differentiation: A Happy Medium

The importance of differentiation is obvious: everyone is unique. In an ideal world, teaching would be individualised and tailored to a single child’s unique personality, needs, knowledge, strengths, challenges and goals. 117 more words