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Elaborating on the principle of Chaos

I have been meaning to elaborate more on the principle of Chaos I mentioned earlier.

In past blog entries I have primarily described Chaos a primordial force in the universe, but now I feel ever closer like Chaos is an individual principle. 216 more words


The biggest culture difference between people

The biggest culture difference between people

The biggest culture difference we have, in every country, is not a question of different background, if it is Mexican, Persian, African or something else; the real biggest culture difference we have is between: “working people” & “career-people”. 93 more words

Lets Talk Knowledge

Here’s a review from NDPR — notwithstanding the reviewer’s criticisms, this may well be a useful update to a longstanding, and often infertile debate.

The traditional opposition between social wholes and individuals rings a bit hollow to contemporary ears, not only because the poles of the opposition are only vaguely or ambiguously conceived, nor solely because one suspects that they are hardly mutually exclusive, but also because this opposition doesn’t include, within the scope of potentially relevant factors it considers, those that are non-human or sub-personal (such as, for instance, human biology, ecology, and artifacts and technology).

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Social Epistemology

A Large Version Of Detroit

Something we observed starkly in the past century is that the fruits of collectivism are ~always~ poverty, want, and gross inequality between the “planners” and the “masses”. 286 more words