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Should the brightest minds be working on new technology or be teaching?

Originally posted on Quora, At first glance the question seems very straightforward and the enticing answer seems “YES”. The question however is bemusing even in its simplest of modes. 228 more words


Prince, A True Individualist

Wow, today, my heart hurts, Prince died at 57.

Prince was my favorite live performer ever!

I saw him with some co-worker/friends back in the 2000’s… 193 more words


Last Days for One-of-a-Kind Giveaway!

We are so excited about this amazing giveaway! Don’t miss out on your chance to enter and win your one-of-a-kind matching XOXO Tote and Makeup Bag! 33 more words


06. Explain the importance of cross-cultural studies in psychology.

In psychology we search for explanations to why behavior and mental processes are the way they are and work the way they work. Psychology as an academic discipline was developed largely in white, middle-class, Europe and North America. 953 more words

Potential Exam Topic

Standing Out in the Crowd

It may not be for everyone, but for those of you who love a little spotlight or like to stand out in the crowd, we salute you! 203 more words


Cultural dimensions

Hofstede in 2001 conducted a meta-analysis of 72 IBM employees from 40 different countries aiming to deepen the understanding of work-related attitudes pertaining to culture. These are called cultural dimensions. 542 more words


There's No "I" in Team, Right?

In a culture where it seems we are all about ourselves, sports usually epitomize the exact opposite. Teams compete together as one collective unit to defeat their opponent. 171 more words