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My Lonely Life

It has recently come to my attention that I have lived a lonely life. Now this isn’t something I have thought much about because I’ve been busy getting on with life and keeping myself preoccupied. 439 more words

You know you are in love......

When it always plays on your mind

When you hope to meet now and often and forever!

When you can’t think of anything else apart from the one… 84 more words


Differences between Japanese and Canadian Culture (That I Have Noticed...and Have Been Told About)

Canada is an individualist culture, and Japan is a collectivist culture. This quality alone makes for a very large difference between how Japanese and Canadians live their lives. 702 more words


On Cultural Differences in Defining "Individualism"

I’m used to subjective adjectives, such as “beautiful”, where one person can find something beautiful and another person, hideous. Even words like “salty”, where someone brought up in Portugal or Japan might not find the same thing you just tasted to be salty because of what they are used to. 1,016 more words



The issue I’m raising is the difference between INDIVIDUAL & COLLECTIVE economic systems.

Economics can simply be defined as human behavior to the scarcity of goods and services. 542 more words

Ancient African System

365 Grateful: base metal or awesome nature?

There’s something fascinating about crystals. Rocks. Geodes. Creations of geology, of Mother Earth. Particularly amazing are the iron pyrite crystals — fool’s gold. They’re not like any crystals you probably imagine. 154 more words