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Group Projects .... And How Much I Loathe Them.

Group projects.

For some classes, it’s a blessing. For other classes, it’s the biggest and most frustrating painful thing to deal with.

From the title, you can probably see where I fall on the spectrum regarding group project. 462 more words


Personality & Development


Each of us have own interaction style with the physical and social environment that is deeply fixed, consistent, distinctive and characteristic patterns. This style is influencer of circumstances and time, as personality is shown via-a-via behaviour, thoughts and feelings. 457 more words

Training & Development

The Power of Vision

In anticipation of the future and the power that it holds I will build a scenario of my future goals. Being able to look at the situation and in anticipation turning the future outcome into a progressive tool for moving into the new millennium; this is the power of vision.  750 more words


Extravagant grace

Just when you think the old religious metaphors don’t work for you anymore, they slap you upside the head on a quiet Sunday morning in Quaker meeting. 800 more words

Solitary Realizers

I came across this very nice commentary by Chogyam Trungpa.  Trungpa Rinpoche, was one of the great mahasiddhas of the last century (1939-1987) that condensed the essence of many Buddhist teachings in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.  608 more words

Tibetan Buddhism

Character Trait -- Individualistic

Individualistic  —  characterized by individualism; independent and self-reliant; not concerned about what other people will think.

Not being part of the herd.

The herd NEVER achieves financial security; the herd usually loses money. 37 more words