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Praise Principles!

Key Scripture:1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


St. Paul was a man of thanksgiving; he never ceased in praising and giving thanks to God irrespective of the place and circumstance. 1,745 more words

English Sermons

Can you hear me?

You are exposed to a number of problems,

but would you judge me if i told you mine?

Would you sit across, listening to me? 233 more words

On the quest to finding Enlightenment

So far throughout the semester, we have talked about enlightenment. About what it means and how you can reach it. I have noticed that when we talk about different characters and authors, at times there is a divide between whether they have reached enlightenment or not. 352 more words



Someone, somewhere is bound to experience this very human form of isolation at some time in their life. It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of – be you a man or a woman. 809 more words

As absurd and obnoxious as it sounds, it’s Gulliver

The passage I think displayed satire is:

“He desired I would stand like a Colossus, with my legs as far asunder as I conveniently could. He then commanded his General (who was an old experienced Leader, and a great Patron of mine) to draw up the Troops in close Order, and march them under me, the Foot by Twenty-four in a breast, and the Horse by Sixteen, with Drums beating, Colours flying, and Pikes advanced…His Majesty gave Orders, upon pain of Death, that every Soldier in his March should observe the strictest Decency, with regard to my Person; which however could not prevent some of the young officers from turning up their Eyes as they passed under me. 341 more words

Gulliver: The Butt Of A Joke (9/28, 10/5)

The purpose of using a phone, says a lot about the person using it.

Whenever I stumble across a friend who is busy with his/her phone, it looks as if there is an imaginary sign board that reads “DO NOT DISTURB.” Such situations made me develop a theory about it. 486 more words

Scale of Servitude

Scale of servitude is an idea concept I’ve been talking about a lot lately. It used to refer to  slavery, but now it’s the chain of social command… 428 more words