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Scale of Servitude

Scale of servitude is an idea concept I’ve been talking about a lot lately. It used to refer to  slavery, but now it’s the chain of social command… 428 more words

No One Saves You

Pretty boy, why don’t you smile more often and mean it?

I know you’re the happiest, believe me, I’ve seen it.

You’re the rare one, always there for those who need you… 226 more words

A Peace of the Ocean

Dear Quiet Minds,

Why is it that when we stare out into the ocean, we feel inner peace?

Is it the beautiful ripples crawling towards the shore? 493 more words


I won't fit in. Period.

I don’t fit in; Maybe I was meant to lead!

Model : Priyanka

Occupation: Free spiriting

Style statement : Free spirited. 9 more words

Lifestyle Moderne

Joy of little things 

All of us enjoy little things in life.  It is these small things in life, which gives us joy.   The source of joy is personal to each of us.   481 more words

Different Laws for Different Societies

Humans are different from one another. They are divided in different tribes and nations across the world and follow their own ideologies of life. Sometimes these different ideologies of life clashes with each other and one major ideology comes into power that affects other ideologies. 591 more words