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Politics and the early years

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A while back, I came across an article with an interesting title involving early childhood and the term neoliberalism. As I read more, I do wonder about the rock under which I appear to have been hiding – this is too big a deal for it to have been under the rock – neoliberalism, I mean. 966 more words

Music Education

Individuality: fuck the rest

So all my life I’ve been a bit of an outsider. I have slowly throughout my 24 years, went from loathing all that made me different to celebrating it, briefly back to loathing it, and nowadays flickering between the two. 1,107 more words


Ichabod Jesus


Ichabod Jesus
had a man bun
found a purpose
then he ran
the table
Sheila looking
for cloud direction
her wi-fi tattoos… 80 more words


Motherfucking Cavalry

This is just a little poem I wrote, to go with a picture I drew. Not everyone will understand or maybe they’ll get a different interpretation whatever is cool. 136 more words


The Importance of Individuality

Retaining Individualism in Relationships is Key to Keeping the Passion Strong

By: Brenton Mitchell

We live in a world of labels.

A society of categories, definitions, associations, organizations and anything under the sun that someone may subscribe to. 630 more words

Sex And Relationships

The Importance of Being Yourself

I think that one of the most important things to remember when historical costuming (and life in general) is to be true to yourself. No matter what century or decade you are dressing in if you are not dressing in something that you feel comfortable in then it’s not going to be fun for you, and who wants to spend an entire event feeling (therefore looking) uncomfortable and awkward? 1,064 more words


Seven Dimensions - Freedom

There are Seven Dimensions within this universe through which light becomes life and gives life.  The Seven Steps describe how energy moves through life in a constant and continuous cycle.  80 more words