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Buddhism Lecture 2: Characteristics of Existence to the Noble Truths (Video Format)

This, the second day of our Buddhism Unit, begins with a discussion of the Three Characteristics of Existence (impermanence, anatta, and nirvana). From there we look at what makes us who we are (The Five Aggregates) followed by a discussion of the first two Noble Truths, paying particular attention to the term “dukkha,” often translated as suffering. 6 more words


What is normal?

Many times the word ‘normal’ is used as something to strive for, but what is normal?
This is the Oxford dictionary definition:

Conforming to a standard; … 73 more words

¡Mira, Look!: Call Me Tree Call Me Tree/Llámame árbol

Saludos, readers! In light of Earth Day (April 22) and National Poetry Month I am delighted to present to you a very special book that perfectly celebrates a child’s relationship to nature through bilingual poetry. 636 more words

¡Mira, Look!

A School of Fish

In my own understanding, a group of fish may be called a school due to the fact that all the fish look the same, move the same direction and behave the same, surrounded by fish that are exactly the same. 600 more words


March to your own beat...

I’m trying to envision the line , Between what will last and what will fade

Im playing this mindless game sometimes

Because if I don’t, solidarity chains… 150 more words