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A dying breed - the gentleman.

       “A gentleman” is defined as being somebody who is chivalrous, courteous or honourable and is also used as a form of address.

       There doesn´t seem to be too many of that kind of people walking the planet in our modern times. 350 more words

Keeping The Wolf From The Door ...

Yesterday I was privileged to read an astonishingly powerful, honest and beautiful blog. It began with the story of the wolves in Yellowstone Park, and moved from there to reflections about the author’s personal and creative life – inspired by the wolf story. 951 more words

Relationships? What do I need?

So, today my teacher asked me two questions: What five things do you need to have in a successful relationship? What five things do you not want in a relationship? 667 more words

The Four-Legged Shopper

My two-legged maid knows how to please her master. I have trained her so well.

Unlike the others that have tried to ‘train’ me, this one is such a pushover. 570 more words


OLWG#47 - Love is not love... - #amwriting

This week’s New Unofficial On-Line Writer’s Guild prompts guided me to taking my title from the Bard himself.

I’m not at all sure if the below works as a story, and I don’t know where this little character came from, but I’d be happy to meet with her again. 556 more words

Flash Fiction

A Structural Outline

The last blog post summarized my point that digital meme culture can be seen as a phenomenon of trancultural processes which assumes the position of a kind of universal self-medication process to counteract or perhaps cope with the excessive categorization habits involved in collectivist meaning-making or social identity formations. 655 more words


Looking To The Future

Looking to the Future, Leaving onlookers Behind,

Forgetting Vulnerabilities, Assuming they are Blind;

Caring nothing for Yesterday, Having no use for the Now,

Ignoring opinions of Others, Considering themselves Highbrow; 27 more words