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The Journey and The Destination

I’ve been gone for a while on maternity leave from both the site and my job. I still found time to handle some business here and there, but I have really dialed-in on being somebody’s mother that has less than 4 legs. 641 more words


"Field Study" Example: Memes as Cultural Critique: The Case of the BBQ Incident

by Matthew Wagner 

A video has recently gone viral, subsequently ‘memed’, and as a result, garnered even further attention. In the nearly 30 minutes long video, the woman filming (the white wife of the man setting up a grill) confronts a woman who is on the phone with the police attempting to report a group of black men for having a BBQ using a charcoal grill in a zone of the park (located in Oakland, California) designated for grilling, but isn’t one of the three (out of six) ‘grilling zones’ that allows the use of the charcoal grills. 460 more words


Last Week I Stopped Loving Myself... Here's Why

I haven’t written on this site in some time. I guess you can say I have a real issue with consistency and daily, committed work ethic. 1,450 more words


Sweet, Sweet Insignificance

life has blessed me with a quarter-life crisis. How more generically millennial can I get? I’ve always struggled with my individuality; coming from a big family, and a town farthest away from significant, my identity always lied somewhere between the weird girl and the risk taker. 512 more words


Hoop Troop Starts the Fire

There’s fire creeping closer to her body, inches away from burning bare skin. She looks up and there’s only more fire; she tries to move away and it follows. 649 more words

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Nice to meet you

I wonder why – the phrase “Nice to meet you”, implies as if we will be caught up again.
Why aren’t the words interpreted literally? It is nice meeting you, but that does not guarantee that we will meet again. 406 more words

Asperger's Syndrome