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Surprise, surprise. People can't agree on the women's marches either.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting pretty sick of everyone having a problem with everything?  I know, I know, I’m a liberal.  I get offended and mad at EVERYTHING, huh? 1,298 more words

Lovers Left Behind

It’s easy to say
“I don’t care”
to say that it doesn’t hurt
that their voice doesn’t still
echo through your core
“I’ve moved on” 257 more words


What Happens if This Goes On: The Future of Blacks and the Human Contradiction

By Nkechi Uradu

What is Afrofuturism? This is the central question that, as a class, we looked to examine and further apply to our current society. 817 more words

The True Definition of Beautiful

In today’s society we have been taught what “beautiful” is since we were little kids. We were introduced to dolls like Barbie and Bratz for instance. 466 more words

Makeup, Confidence, and Individuality

​I felt like giving some motivation and encouragement today.

Take risks with your makeup, do not let people dictate what style or color of makeup you choose. 276 more words


The Oddball of Music

Ever been the friend with the weird playlist that no one else seems to like for some reason?

Yeah I’ve been there and trust me I understand that it sucks. 348 more words


In class, we discussed how people dress can show many things about them. Honestly, I have always attended a school that had some form of uniform. 467 more words