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Creativity helps you take off the mask

When you find the courage to take off the mask, you get a little more of your personal power back.  Creativity helps you find that freedom. 37 more words

Personal Power

Prince's Message - Individuality + Unity

Creativity, whether music, writing, acting, arting, building, dancing, etc,… they draw you inward to see the truth about life. Many artists, as they get older, start to see that we can be both authentic and unified… creativity helps you solve all kinds of problems in life. 8 more words

Personal Power

Different Does Not Mean Less, And 5 Other Inspiring Lessons I've Learned From People With Autism

Everyone in this world has a unique experience. We all see life a bit differently, and take on the world in different ways. For people with autism, some of these differences may be a bit more pronounced, and a bit less understood. 1,102 more words

Meditation on individuality and self-realization


The evolution of species has endowed us, the human species, the quality of developing a sense of individuality, the quality feeling ourselves as someone separated from the rest of our environment. 967 more words

Self Realization

Uniqueness: Accepting and Celebrating Individuality

At the beginning of April, we went to meet a dog we were considering adopting through a rescue group. My husband had his heart set on a husky, which naturally conjures the image of a thick-coated black, white, and grey sled dog with piercing blue eyes and a graceful stride. 781 more words


Dreams Are Taking Over

It seems the dreams are taking over. At least for a little while. This was one of the peculiar dreams I had last night.

I was sitting a young woman in a park that overlooked a huge bridge, like in San Francisco, but not San Francisco. 362 more words


Do People Lie on Online Dating Services?

Webb’s takeaway: you can’t blame the algorithms. But people do lie when they answer questions put to them by online dating services.

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