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Gender-fluid keeping the label big…

Humans have an Innate need to label things, it’s really not our best quality. Once a thing has a label we believe we know it, once we think we know it, all the wonder is sucked dry. 587 more words

Gender Fluidity

Staying True to Myself

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Embrace your own beauty

Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.

I will find the beauty of my individuality by expressing myself more — doing, speaking, and wearing what I like without caring about what others will say and think of me.   196 more words


Erik. The lone Wolf by Sarah Finan.

Erik. The lone Wolf by Sarah Finan. Pub. Allen & Unwin, 2018.

This picture book impressed me the minute I picked it up and without even opening up to see what was inside. 143 more words

Picture Book

The Gift of Individuality

We are all different. We come from different backgrounds, have different stories, and are all heading in different directions. We are our own person, and despite the knowledge that there are apparently around seven people in the world who look identical to us, they will not (at least I highly doubt) have our same story. 511 more words

Miscellaneous: unfinished thoughts

It’s the day of water today. I spent two or more hours this morning inadvertently spilling water all over the place. The water connection of our damaged and uninstalled dish water was leaking (a new one arrived this morning wohoo), I didn’t stop the water running from the water filter when pulling water from it and so on… Anyway… 1,420 more words

And then he kissed me...

And then he kissed me,

Those lovely soft lips,

The connection from mine to yours,

The energy, that spark,

Bang and I am all yours, 35 more words


The changing weather

       We´ve been having quite a bit of snow these last few weeks, haven´t we.

       I´m not too keen on all that white stuff. It´s so terribly cold underfoot. 369 more words