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Let Multi-Genre Ring

Hello Awesome Visitors! Let’s Talk!

Just recently, fellow author Da’Kharta Rising was asked by her mentor how it felt to be multi-genre. From her recent… 355 more words


the four year scam

Recently I’ve been dealing with the fact that my life isn’t exactly where societal norms say I should be. This is nothing new — rather than graduating from a  four year university and settling into adult life, I’m a five time drop out (twice from the same university, even) with a full time job and a serious relationship that will almost certainly avoid legal marriage. 442 more words


A Story Only You Can Tell

You could live an experience exactly like another person—be in the same place, with the same people, witnessing the same things—and still have a different story to tell. 276 more words


Dead Zone

Here we bleed
Without fluidity
The cuts are deep
But leave no scars
All secrets kept
Beneath this canopy
All dying light
Like ancient stars… 64 more words


Asmi - ME

It wasn’t me..my perspective that was making a difference.
It wasn’t me..my opinion that was making ME different.
All these years I was thinking only about ME still, I was unknown to me.. 30 more words


7/2/2015 22:21

I hate generalities. The grouping up of people just so someone can place a name on them. I guess it makes people feel better to be able to group up similar traits or ideas. 54 more words

The Alchemist

I have always been a pessimist for as long as I can remember; well that’s not entirely true. I am somewhat of a “positive pessimist” where although I strive for the positive, I more or less expect the worst to happen, and prepare myself. 447 more words

Self Sufficient