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Wisdom of the Sapling Forest

There are over three hundred little terracotta pots in my care. They all want me to give them individual attention. They thrive on it. Every day I have to scan each one to see if they have enough sunlight, enough water, are feeling validated. 376 more words

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Stay in/Create your own lane

With our modern, fast pace social media and societal standards, it’s easy to slip onto paths that aren’t for you and that you can’t handle. Though as teens it’s not hard to be misled and tricked into different personalities and lifestyles when you aren’t rooted in yourself and what you truly want and who you should be. 585 more words


Be You


Restless in your own bliss
Brimmed to the top and spilling over
A muse of the self
Content with your own friendship
A dancing sprite impervious to the annoyance of others. 9 more words

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Prometheus Unbound

cf. “Rockefeller Center” (1930)

The echoes of the human world, which tell
Of the low voice of love, almost unheard,
And dove-eyed pity’s murmured pain, and music,

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Wear What YOU Like

Take a look at us! Annie and I show off our matching white blouses at the office! Annie is one of our wonderful administrative professionals at work. 44 more words