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The Mauve-ish Moo

Is a ‘cult of difference’ letting us and our businesses down?

Aireni Omerri recently published a post on LinkedIn entitled “To All The Purple Cows” 971 more words


Models: A Standard of Beauty

model (n):  A standard or example for imitation or comparison.

Models. From magazine covers to television to the catwalk, models abound in today’s media. They’re attractive, no doubting that. 310 more words


Individuality with religion 

When this quote says “my own mind is my church” to me it is saying what Thomas Paine believes in, and how he worships is his own, his church. 129 more words


The Woman...

For all the women,

the woman who follows the crowd will usually find herself no further than the crowd. but the woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before


A really heavy post on the concept that 'there is no such thing as an individual self'.

This is heavy stuff. I was watching a video by someone talking about enlightenment on youtube, and to be fair, he did have enlightened energy. 719 more words

Cool Transition

First off, if anyone gets the reference in that title I’ll give you a cookie; oh for it to be early 2011 again.

Now, I will try to segue between baby animals, a postgender, postracial and postsexual society, and my own interpretations of these topics, drawing on my years of blogging and writing experience that have netted me positions on two sports societies’ committees, and the grand total of zero pounds in income. 347 more words

James' Posts

She Is Not Among The Debris

She forgets the slow current’s nature

The bridge makes memory disappear

Both sides, anchored to one another

By concrete skin, steel bolts, a mirage

Beams and illusion. 153 more words