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Challenge: Complimenting Someone

Compliment someone! Make sure it’s someone you don’t know too well, you may be in for a pleasant surprise :)


The Politics of Mince Pie and Fruitcake ...

A decade or two ago, the self-appointed cognoscenti now disposing of Christmas, trumpeted in chorus that the seasonal delights mince pie and fruitcake were but low class indicators of a lack of taste, never mind that they are delicious and long traditional at Christmas. 127 more words


New Moon 19 Aquarius on February 8, 2016 – Thoughts Are Things !

An exciting New Moon at 19 Aquarius 16 on February 8, 2016 is exact at 8:41 am current Chicago time. This New Moon gets a grand reception from the other planets and receives many aspects – Mars at 18 Scorpio squares it– Jupiter has 21 Virgo retro inconjuncts it – Uranus at 18 Aries sextiles it– Saturn at 14 Sagittarius sextiles it– and Pluto and Venus at 16-19 Capricorn semisextiles it. 271 more words

Frani Blaylock - Your Guide To The Stars


J.K. Rowling knows what she is chatting about, so here is just one of the many fabulous lines from Harry Potter:

It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

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does truth travel? (daily hot! quote)

“No matter where you run, no matter what ties you break the truth with always follow. Be courageous! Sever the bonds where your brilliance is suppressed.” -Amy Larson,  11 more words