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Collective Consciousness - The Individual Is Gone

Jon Rappoport
October 24, 2016

“In the middle of all the brain-research going on, from one end of the planet to the other, there is the assumption that the individual doesn’t really exist. 1,303 more words


Don't Shy Away From You

Chameleons do it. So do wallflowers. Stick bugs even do it. Each blends in with the environment around them so as not to be noticed. Some use it as a defensive tactic. 333 more words

David N. Alderman

Autumnal Stardust

The wind rushes through the yellowing leaves, swaying the trees to a slant. The unhindered sunshine fools the world into thinking its warmth will be enough to cut through the crisp autumn air. 268 more words


My child works hard.  Every day, she works as hard as she can to manage the world, all that’s in it, and her related reactions.  At times, this is difficult for her; she feels things differently than others do.  645 more words



Greetings from the edge of perception

These the last words of a sense memory ghost


Hallowed halls of a mind that is mine but not home… 127 more words



Free to take residence
A charnel house
Society built for me
Free to be
The I who
Is me,
Each new day’s
Reality. 7 more words


Why is this this?

I’ve spent at least half of my life asking questions, yet I still know nothing. I’ll never change the way I ask questions, I think it’s the most useful interest I have. 643 more words