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Are you requesting a formal evaluation for your student?

If you are wanting a full educational evaluation for your child and think that he or she could benefit from school related services, the request should be in writing to the school administrator.  116 more words

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Day #149 - The IEP, Part 1

It’s the middle of the night.

I can’t sleep.

I don’t usually have troubles falling or staying asleep.  So what’s on my mind?

Yesterday, the yearly message, “We need to schedule your IEP meeting by February 24.” 904 more words

IEP Challenges? Remember These 3 Words

“Least Restrictive Environment.”

When IEP challenges arise, some parents find themselves at a loss for words. They are determined to get their student help but can get tangled in administrative “roadblocks.”  Parents usually have a good idea what their kidlet can do and what he or she is actually able to do.  77 more words
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3 Words To Live By In This New Year

“It’s just business.”

When working with your student’s school about his or her goals, challenges, accommodations and IEP, remember that being straight forward is easiest when the emotion has been removed from the scenario. 8 more words

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Why It's Important To Take The Emotion Out Of Special Education

I have heard from a few parents recently who want advice on how to handle teachers and the “IEP.” One parent has even stopped volunteering at school because of the drama. 326 more words

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School Contexts and IEPs

Viewing a school as an ecosystem entails acknowledging its unique context. When it comes to providing special education services for students with disabilities, we tend to act as if schools are akin to controlled clinical settings where scientific interventions can be applied with fidelity. 219 more words


What is an IEP and Should I be Okay with My Child Having One?

Written by Teresa Woodruff

An IEP, or Individualized Education Program, is a specialized education plan developed by teachers, counselors, and specialists to help a child be more successful in the classroom. 384 more words

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