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A cool new app (for me)

I recently came across a hashtag on Twitter that I found pretty interesting: #PersonalizedPD.  As I was going through some of the tweets with this hashtag, I saw this tweet: 386 more words


Group Learning or One-on-One?

Are you one of those people who loves to attend class? Do you really like the give & take of classroom discussion, while loathing the process of learning independently such as through a one-on-one tutorial? 516 more words

Individualized Learning

What is school for?

Put yourself back in one of your childhood classrooms – at the beginning of the day what was it that your teacher always said?  If it’s anything like my childhood experience, it was something like “Good morning class.” Then what would happen?  494 more words


One key to student success

With it being the beginning of the school year, many of us have been spending countless hours getting ready for our students.  We made sure our classrooms look just right, we made sure to pick the perfect activities for our students to get to know each other (and for us to get to know them).  851 more words


What did you do this summer?

It’s that time of year – my summer break has ended and I am back in the office preparing for a new school year and the new group of Hawks that will be coming into our building.  559 more words


Fidget Spinners in Classrooms: Worthwhile or Worthless?

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the new craze that’s taken the world by storm, and that is precisely what I’d like to talk about today: fidget spinners. 1,099 more words

Transformative Education

Make it meaningful

I was recently directed to an interesting article by Zachary Johnson titled “Bored Out of Their Minds” (click here to access the article).  While there were several aspects to the article that I connected with, and lots of interesting data and statistics about students’ engagement, one passage in particular stood out to me. 683 more words