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Bring Back the One-Room School House!

Long below there was a Department of Education, there was the one-room school house. According to the book: Why School – Reclaiming Education for All of Us… 508 more words

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The Problem With the Concept of Special Education

About ten years ago, something called mainstreaming became popular in the schools in my area. Mainstreaming is educating children with learning differences such as dyslexia in the regular education classroom. 1,517 more words


Benefits of Flipping Your Math Class


What is it?

Essentially, a “flipped classroom” is when you flip flop your in class lectures and assigned homework. This way your classroom is more students centered and gives the teacher more face to face time with their students. 503 more words

Experience is the Hardest Teacher...

Experience is the hardest Teacher, she gives the test first, followed by the lessons.”

Life takes us to unexpected places. Families with children having Autism and other challenges that affect their communication abilities are overwhelmed by the experience of coping with and caring for their child.

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Why is Education Front-Loaded?

How can we educationally prepare for a life and career that will be radically different than what we know now? If you prepare for something, doesn’t it follow that you have to know what you are preparing for so you can design your path to reach that outcome? 392 more words

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To Grade or Not

James Moffett is a strong proponent of individualized learning, something I have written on in the past. He believes in a class where instruction is limited and coaching is given where needed. 348 more words


Flipping Without Flipping Out

When Sonja and I first began writing our new book, Flip Your Writing Workshop: A Blended Learning Approach, we kept referring to it as our “Flipping Without Flipping Out” project. 550 more words