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What About Passion in Learning?

There is the common saying to “Follow your passion,” but there is an equally common saying to “Not let your passion be your profession.” Which is correct? 542 more words

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Lessons from a Substitute Teacher

I’m a professional writer, but when I don’t have writing work, I also substitute teach at the local grade school and middle school. I’ve found that I really enjoy teaching kids — although I have no formal training as a teacher for young students. 788 more words

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From Real to Ideal: A Classroom Transformation


Imagine a classroom of 20-30 students – all with the following characteristics:

  • Good visual acuity
  • Good auditory acuity
  • Good body control and spatial awareness…
  • 952 more words

Why It's Better to be a Geek than a Nerd

Have you ever watched the Big Bang Theory? It’s really about a bunch of geeks. But these days it’s hip to be a geek, because geeks can do something very well. 408 more words

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Are We Losing Common Sense about Learning and Education?

Sometimes when I read articles about education and learning, I believe that we are losing common sense about what it means to become educated. There is a never ending debate on the value of a STEM education vs. 448 more words

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Parent Resource: Top 5 Reasons Why Montessori Works, Ann Pilzner

Another resource proving why Montessori is much more beneficial than the “traditional” educational approach. There are so many reasons whey Montessori works, one being that the pedagogy “follows the child”. 1,029 more words


Top 5 Education Policy Issues in 2015

1. School readiness for all – In order for children to be ready to begin attending school, it is important that they have mastered their motor skills, socialization skills, and other educational skills. 295 more words