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"Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way."

Coming across this quote the other day reminded me of so many times in life when learning just happened and just as many others when it kept slipping through my fingers. 253 more words


Keep California on the Cutting Edge of Education by Withdrawing AB2926

Dear Assemblywoman Eggman and Assemblyman Medina,

Bill AB2926 was brought to my attention. If it were to pass, it would be a step backward for education because California homeschoolers are on the cutting edge of educational innovation and customized learning. 332 more words

Experiential Learning

Zearn Math

I have recently discovered a new math program that I’ve been using daily in my classroom. I actually changed up my math instruction entirely to accommodate using the program during math. 502 more words


Developing wonder

I was recently having a conversation with a teacher. We were talking about her efforts to integrate more creative, outside the box style of learning activities in her class. 1,138 more words


College and career ready

Think back to the beginning of your college career.  What did innovation look like for you?  What did technology look like for you?  What did learning look like for you? 1,063 more words


I cannonballed in! Aaaaaah! #IMMOOC

So here is the text of the email I just composed and hit send to my principal:

Since this summer I have been learning about how to do assessment differently. 572 more words


#IMMOOC Week 2 – The networked learner/leader

Recently I wrote a post about my takeaways from the book The Innovators by Walter Isaacson. One of the big takeaways that I had from that book was the fact that the innovations that led to a digital revolution did not happen in several giant leaps. 634 more words