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A vision of Digital India

A connection between two regions can be achieved by constructing a bridge. The two regions might be different worlds on their own, but the bridge provides a path to merge them, to make them one, to provide an opportunity for the people from either of the worlds to explore newer verticals and achieve substantial growth. 1,555 more words


What does my Heart feel about you

Love is a word which has got to deal with various kinds of feelings. Love gives a true feeling of happiness and cheerfulness, it can make someone enter a world full of joy and trustworthy where he or she can find impractical things happening around them. 1,180 more words


Indian Litterbugs.

On national holidays, we do speak and share a lot about our country’s pride and our feeling of patriotism for the country. At various occasions of national day celebrations we do teach many of our juniors and colleagues about what are our feelings of patriotism for the country. 531 more words


Fragrance of Rain- #InspireAFragrance

How many times have you just gone out of your house when its raining only to take that refreshing sweet fragrance of wet soil? I’m sure every time it rains you all do that. 203 more words

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Cleaner From Within - Swachh Bharat

Much has been said and done about the movement of Swachh Bharat for a cleaner nation. Clean streets have been swept dotingly and many a moving statements have been made. 712 more words

Tit Bits



My take on the indiblogger prompt of life before and after indiblogger


Time: Any random weekend or even weekday evening… 363 more words


My Diary

This is a lovely prompt as Diary writing was my favourite for a very long time until when my routine left no time for me to write it regularly.Then i gave it up altogether as it is no point writing it at some day later when you dont even remember how you felt about it at all :) 289 more words