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What We Fought For

What we fought for, what we demanded, what we stopped… Trump has now destroyed. What we fought for we now will die for.

Because Trump cannot conceive of a world without chaos. 239 more words


IndivisibleCT and Allies Urge DNC to Stand by Pro-Choice Values

Don’t Abandon the Women Who Put You in Office

Hartford, October 11, 2017 – The 2016 Democratic platform called for an end to the Hyde Amendment—which restricts federal funding for abortion in the U.S.—and the Helms Amendment—which restricts federal aid funding for abortion abroad. 491 more words


Members Needed!

Prescott Indivisible is seeking members for a newly formed Ad Hoc Tax Reform Group.  Help the general membership of PI and the general public understand what is happening as the proposed congressional budget for FY 2018 and “appropriate budgetary levels for FY2019-2027” go forward.  44 more words

The Psychotic Establishment Will Resort to Anything

The spokesman for the Spanish People’s Party essentially threatened execution if the President of Catalonia proceeds with a declaration of independence.

Says PP Spokesman Pablo Cassado: 104 more words


“Now is not the time to get into a gun control debate, or to talk about policy.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “Now is not the time to get into a gun control debate, or to talk about policy.”

Ever. 420 more words

Middle Way

Welcoming the Stranger at Yale

This is what a Living Gospel looks like in today’s world:

Three members of the Yale community — Reverend Robert Beloin, Reverend Karl Davis and history professor Jennifer Klein — were arrested on Monday for blocking the entrance to a courthouse in Hartford during a demonstration against the planned deportation of Franklin and Gioconda Ramos, undocumented immigrants facing imminent removal from the country.

255 more words

A Call For All True Americans to Stand With Puerto Rico in Their Hour of Need

When I began writing this blog, it was in the hope that human beings would stand united to face the dire threat that is climate change. 342 more words

Climate Change