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Just do your job

If you believe that the election of Donald Trump’s was the result of something other democratic elections, then you likely are very concerned right now. 562 more words

Middle Way

Indivisible Endorsements

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One of our big tools heading into the November 2018 midterm elections is endorsements.   646 more words


Christ’s Blessing

Christ’s blessing is our blessing.

Blessing looks like many things: provision 🍎, healing 💦, promotion 👑, relationship 👥… but most of all, blessing looks like Christ, the Spirit and substance of the Kingdom 🏰 6 more words


Turns out, it’s Trump who wants to come for your guns!

Earlier this week, President Trump scared the crap out of his party by not only stating that we should confiscate people’s guns, but to also do so by violating people’s right to due process while doing so. 947 more words

Middle Way

...the pursuit of happiness...

“Progress doesn’t start at the point of a sword.” That is my quote though it mirrors the feelings and thoughts of many before me.

How did we come to this? 822 more words


Action Needed: Help Stop Gun Violence

Support our legislators in creating laws to protect Vermonters from gun violence! Governor Scott has publicly said that he is now open to reviewing our state gun laws… 246 more words


Creation Calls

Creation has a destiny. This destiny is revealed in its testimony of Truth.




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