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Indivisible Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


Vaughn slowed his truck to a stop at the end of a long line of cars. Up ahead he could see red flashers and men in black body armor with tinted face shields and M-16s. 2,525 more words

Indivisible Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


After waiting about an hour at the Mercantile building, Vaughn hid his shotgun, locked up his truck, grabbed his empty gas can, and began a slow jog through the snow, south toward the village of Buffalo Creek. 2,077 more words

Indivisible Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Crowds began assembling on a field of ice at around eleven a.m. They arrived in carpools and busses and spilled out into the snow and cold. 2,669 more words

Indivisible Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


“Mr. Clayton, I’m going to have to ask you to stay in town,” advised the portly detective from the sheriff’s department. 3,267 more words

Indivisible Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


It was a whirlwind tour for Marzan and Rollins.  First Chicago, then Houston, Atlanta, back to Chicago, then Detroit, St. 2,024 more words

Indivisible Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


“It’s over,” explained Vaughn’s boss with averted eyes. He wore a look of surrender on his face. “We didn’t get the federal contract so we’re shutting it down. 2,987 more words

Indivisible Chapter 12

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Chapter 12


Undersheriff Garrity had been working for twenty-five straight hours. He had reached the point of sleep deprivation where his mind began morphing things out of the shadows that darted across the highway in front of his SUV. 2,067 more words