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Trump’s goons muscle into classified White House Russia briefings... Yes, really.

This! This right here! This shit is classic heavy-fucking-handed, Russian mob, Putin-style stuff!

This man will not stop. Not for business norms. Not for political norms. 46 more words

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How Have We Forgotten

How have we forgotten what it means to go to war with ourselves? How can we forget what it looks like when the earth is churned red and wet with blood and bitter tears? 385 more words


Judge rules Trump can't block users on Twitter

I never really thought about it, thank God this judge did. No way should Trump, or anyone else, be able to selectively block certain Americans from getting information put out by the President directly to the public, the way he always wanted it. 63 more words

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FBI vs. Trump

Question: If the FBI planted a “mole” inside the 2016 Trump campaign in order to “frame” Trump, then why did everything in the news only come out after he was elected president, and not before the election when it would have been most effective?

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I hereby demand...

1.) The FBI using undercover informants to investigate whether a foreign power is infiltrating any U.S. presidential campaign is a GOOD thing! We want them to look for that kind of stuff you fucking wing-nut. 65 more words

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America First!

America First: Trump’s slogan.

I don’t really agree with it because I know there’s a lot more beneath the surface on this one, but I get it. 232 more words

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan?

Let me ask you… If Barack Obama openly helped China get around our own sanctions on one of their companies, and at roughly the same time China gave him about a half billion dollars toward his own personal business enrichment, how quickly would Congress have impeached him. 21 more words

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