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The One Called Erin

There was a very special girl named Erin. She saw and heard things no one else ever did. When she sat outside and looked at the sky she could see all the colors dancing in the sunbeams. 1,601 more words


Friends, don't let friends spread bullshit

See, now this is the kind of red meat that you feed to the folks in your personal echo chamber. It balances on a grain of truth, and is designed to invoke incredulity, and rage by invoking some of what you already know (Trump plays more golf than any President in memory, and Congress is cutting funding to lots of important areas right now). 168 more words

Middle Way

Lions and Coyotes and Calves, Oh My!

Two days ago, a calf was born on the 120-acre mountain farm next-door. On my morning walk that day, I rounded a turn in the trail and spied him under a chestnut tree by the creek, just hours old, still wobbly on his legs, his mother licking him vigorously. 370 more words

And they wonder

And they wonder why he is still president. They tell us we should do more. Protest more. Vote more. Demand more.

They tell us how hard it’s been and how much they’ve given and how long they’ve had to focus on Trump for us. 228 more words


Sen. Roy Blunt (r): about that Trump tax scam...

This morning in Springfield:

Hannah‏ @hannahbrashers
We (@swmo_now and @sgf_indivisible )
are here staging a sit-in at the office of @RoyBlunt . Call his office NOW to tell him you oppose the #TrumpTaxScam (417) 877-7814 @IndivisibleTeam…

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Heal the Divide: How His Kneeling Speaks to Me

He does not stand for the anthem.  Not because he does not love his country.  Not because he stands against the nation of his birth.  128 more words

When the Finger-Pointing Ends

When the voters realize what’s happening.

When the people finally start to protest.

When people recognize the hatred and fear leading us down this road. 373 more words