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Indian Prehistory ... Myth and Reality

If you open any book on world history and look up the Aryan Migration Theory (AMT), you will almost certainly land up on the chapter describing the ancient history of India. 2,416 more words


Languages of the World: Afrikaans

Afrikaans is the youngest language in the world. The birthing process of a language takes a bit longer than 9 months. Afrikaans started making an appearance somewhere in the middle of the 18th century but was only granted official recognition in the early 20th century. 1,033 more words


Visual Friday: Revived Languages

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The Origin of Languages

Have you ever wondered about where languages came from? How is it that the world is filled with so many different languages, something like 6500 of them? 838 more words


Ancient DNA adds a piece to the PIE

By Wolfgang Haak

It’s no secret that the history of mankind has a fascination for me. As a boy, I used to make bows and arrows, spears and stone tools, hung out in the large woods behind our house in the German countryside, and read books about Stone Age mammoth hunters of Europe (I won’t mention the loincloth I made of rabbit skins). 1,049 more words


Has the Phaistos Disk Been Cracked? by Carol P. Christ

Recent headlines in the international press announced that the enigmatic language of the ancient Cretan “Phaistos Disk” has been translated—in part—by the Welch-Cretan scholar Gareth Owens. 1,673 more words


How To Say Thank you in 15 Languages

In my opinion, the phrase, “Thank you!” to me, is very important and often rings music to my ears. I remember growing up and my big brother,Mario Bernheim, 654 more words