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Marija Gimbutas Triumphant: Colin Renfrew Concedes by Carol P. Christ

The disdain with which the work of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas has been held in the field of classics and archaeology was shown to me when I stated quietly at a cocktail party at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens that I was interested in her work. 903 more words


"Lingo" by Gaston Dorren

A light hearted look at the languages of Europe with interesting insights. There are 60 chapters each featuring a different language. Georgian doesn’t get a mention but neighbouring… 244 more words



Seth Lerer – lecture 3

I have been listening, for the second time, to a series of lectures by Professor Seth Lerer of the University of California at San Diego: History of the English Language, 2nd Edition, produced by The Teaching Company and included in their Great Courses series of college courses. 70 more words

Roger W. Smith

Introduction to Linguistic Analysis& European languages origins

The Basics:

Linguistics and behaviorism

Since the 1920s, linguistics experienced a great development in the United States. A great deal of descriptive work was made on the Indian languages, which was associated with anthropological studies. 4,108 more words


Etymology: Anacrusis

Anacrusis is a Latin term stemming from the Greek word ana, meaning “back” + krouein, meaning “to strike”, or anakrouein, meaning, to push back, stop short, check. 146 more words