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CNN IS Fake News and it's Pretty Amusing Watching them Squirm and Whine when they get Called on it...

Three videos of elitist, leftist dummies getting their comeuppance and getting scared and mad over it…

More “mainstream media” fun…HEREHERE…and HERE… 14 more words

TR News & Politics

Education. Indoctrination. Whats the Difference?

Right Wing Child Indoctrination a video by Harmful Opinions has in my opinion a lot of appeal to emotions then arguments, like kids being used for an ad being cringe is emotional and not an argument. 279 more words


Back to the 80’s # 2: The Keegstra Affair

In 1981, the village of Eckville, population about 700, became home to the most notorious incident in the history of Alberta education.

Susan Maddox, a relative newcomer to town, read over her son’s high school social studies notes with alarm. 781 more words

Classroom Teaching

Escape from Indoctrination - A Summary of my Experience

Growing up in Northern California, my education and social life was indoctrinated with liberal beliefs. For the most part, this was fine, as my parents remained quite apolitical and therefore un-involved in any economic or social dilemmas presented to us. 947 more words


Deal 880: Caged chick

It was the mirror that did it. It drove me to madness.

And now, here I am, trapped in this cage. This very tiny cage. 59 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 880 Preview

Old to New:
Pivot: Birdcage
The Old: Mirror, fowl
The New: Fearlessness, Indoctrination

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Book Review: Dumbing Us Down - The Hidden Curriculum Of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

A Truly Must-Read Book Exposing The Current Dismal State Of Public Schooling

Zy Marquiez
January 11, 2017

John Taylor Gatto is an award winning teacher that isn’t afraid to buck the trend. 812 more words