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Reason 75: Because Unfortunately For Children, The Government School Will Never Sue Itself For Malfeasance

This is an article from World Magazine involving the Texas Supreme Court. As articles go, anytime you read in a headline the word “Judge” or “court”, especially if it includes the word “Supreme” I pay attention because these are the people who can decree all sorts of mischief and make it the law of the land, no matter how nasty or idiotic. 297 more words


Reason 73: Your Child's School Is Not A Religion Free Zone, Just A Christianity Free Zone

There’s probably nothing more exhilarating than spending other people’s money on folly. And if the state has failed at everything else, it certainly gets an A plus on that one. 406 more words


Fully Indoctrinated, Fully Oppressed

Fully Indoctrinated, Fully Oppressed

When Christians read the Bible (if, indeed, they ever bother) they open it and read a few verses, and mull them over.

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Anatomy of Belief: Suicide Bombers and Bigfoot

Written on 11/21/15 in Starbucks in Los Gatos with a grandè mocha and electronic dance music (EDM) pulsating through my brain. I did not proof read this entry. 1,219 more words


Cops Can Give Parents in Wisconsin Town Tickets When Their Kids Are Caught Bullying | Melissa Dykes - The Daily Sheeple


Before we get into it, just know I have mixed feelings on this…

A new ordinance in Plover, Wisconsin allows police to ticket parents of children who bully other kids, making the parents financially responsible for their children’s behavior. 492 more words

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