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Social Engineering Via Media 101 - How to Normalize the Absurd - Waking Times

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If your only source of news is coming from the local and national, main-stream media, including PBS, NPR, Mother Jones, The Huffington Post and their far-right counterparts, then you are, without discernment (without understanding), being programmed/propagandized/mind-fucked, since what you are being fed as ‘news’ is meant to keep you unaware of the truth: you are simply being even more ‘dumbed-down’, and made more sheep like, than you already are, every time you tune in. 1,136 more words

Political/Social Issues

Why I won't force my son to stay in school

” I think i’m getting dumber”.

This is the statement my 15 year old son made to me one day after walking in the door after school. 702 more words



I studied anthropology in college.

For all I studied, I’m prone to forget what it means to be an anthropologist.

When I lived in Japan, 972 more words


Indoctrination can be amusing but is always harmful.

Lately I’ve been thinking of indoctrination again, mostly because of a conversation I overheard at my son’s school sports day, which I’ll get on to in a bit… 1,199 more words


Educated Or Indoctrinated?

Do you feel –

Educated or indoctrinated?

Told or informed?

Does corporate media inform?

Are corporate media journalists intellectual prostitutes?

Control Of Humanity

In The Wrong Place

I wasn’t sitting in church when I realized I was totally in the wrong place; I was avoiding church for the third week in a row or something and feeling pretty trapped in a belief system I hated when I realized I probably ought to be doing something different. 1,609 more words