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Self Awareness

You may not be what you think you are. You may not be as clever or adept as you think you are either. According to… 372 more words


Cognition: Persuasion: Study Shows Newspaper Op-Eds Change Minds: YaleNews

Through two randomized experiments, a new study has found that op-ed pieces have significant effects on people’s views among both the public and policy experts. 195 more words



In an ideal world, that is a world as I like to imagine it, colleges and universities would be communities of learning, places where folks with different points of view, ages, and preferences meet to discuss with open minds the issues that have confounded humanity for generations. 743 more words

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Do people become believers because they where indoctrinated as children?

UNBELIEVER : Again, statistically, chances are great you believe in Jesus for no better reason than that is what u were born of Christian parents Your baby/child brain would have believed anything your parents & surrounding culture exposed you to, content is meaningless… 725 more words

Thank GOD! Not ALL College Students Buy Into the Leftist Indoctrination Forced Down Their Throats...

A conservative woman who recently graduated from Kent State University has received threats after she took aim at her school’s anti-gun policies in a photo shoot where she carried an AR-10 and wore a cap that said, “Come and take it.”

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