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PAST standards - as of 2016

Parenthesis are what you should strive for before Indoc

2 x 25 meter underwater at 3 min interval (5 at 2:30)

500 m swim – 10:07 (9:30) 12 more words

Air Force


I “scribbled” these thoughts down last night while stoned…they made so much more sense in my head.

If you think about something small, like a piece of fruit you can easily make it appear in your life. 119 more words


Conservative speakers take on political correctness at U Mass

My friend N. sent me this video of a campus event at the EXTREMELY liberal University of Massachusetts. This is the center of the leftist universe, the worst place in the world for conservatives students. 608 more words


Perspective Counseling Services

I am not a traditional therapist and I am not a “life coach”. If I must label myself I would have to say I am a counselor / mentor of human nature, seeking to clarify the meaning of life and to help you make sense of it all. 481 more words

Critical Thinking


So the title of this post is possibly a little misleading.

Maybe, ‘My lack of beliefs’ would be more fitting.

I’m not writing this with the idea in mind of offending anyone/ to push my viewpoints upon other people for what I choose to believe. 671 more words


Indoctrination Trailer and Preview

How do you kill an idea?

Michael Moreci and artist Matt Battaglia have been busy, Indoctrination looks amazing. Earlier today they released a trailer and a few preview pages of the political supernatural thriller. 462 more words


"Report into study abroad students being radicalised"

Interesting. Hadn’t really thought much about this being an issue, but I can understand the concern. You would definitely want to be careful about your friends or acquaintances. 563 more words