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Thank science I was a rebellious little shit.

This post is going to be a general description about my past, specifically when I was a kid. Believe me, I’ll go into more detail later on, I’ve got a lot of bitch about. 809 more words


Back to School: The Cesspool of Illegal Indoctrination | Bradlee Dean - Freedom Outpost

“Former Education Secretary under Ronald Regan said, In America today, the longer you stay in school, the dumber you get…” –William Bennett

Outside of the fact the federal government is illegally (Violation of Article 10 of The Bill of Rights) and intentionally indoctrinating American students in public schools through International Baccalaureate, No Child Left Behind, and now Common Core, you have to ask the question, “Why are 86% of them that complain about what is going on dropping their kids off at the school gate?”  The 86% just happen to be Professed Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives? 278 more words

Social Engineering

You're being played

You’re being played,

you’re bitter cos you didn’t make the grade,

it’s hard to take the blame when you’re afraid.

You’re being played,

by vampires with a penchant to persuade, 73 more words


Restroom 'War on Women' in Boston...Taha Hamid Exposes Himself, Urinates in Sink, Declares: "This is a Man's Bathroom Now"...

Had Enough Yet??? VOTE TRUMP!!!

A man was arrested Friday after he allegedly exposed himself inside a women’s bathroom and urinated in the sink.

A Transit Police officer was patrolling the Back Bay station when he was informed a man had just entered the women’s room.

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Shabbat Shalom: Watch as the Great Minds of Evolutionary Science Fail Miserably at Defending their "Theory"...(38 minutes, but WELL Worth it)...

• Peter Nonacs, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA…
• Craig Stanford, Professor, Biological Sciences and Anthropology, USC …
• PZ Myers, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Minnesota Morris… 21 more words

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The Left: Hate-Filled, Indoctrinated, Filthy IDIOTS...

  This month Stanford University students voted on a campus resolution that would have had their college require a course on Western civilization — as it did until the 1980s.

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