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Blog 18/10/19 Karate Kid and all that stuff!

What:How the ‘Karate Kid’ ruined the modern world. An anatomy of perceived failure in modern day USA

Who: David Wong ,

When: May 2010… 198 more words

Homeschoolers are Educated, Not Indoctrinated, by Ron Paul

The difference between nurturing and stunting young minds. From Ron Paul at ronpaulinstitute.org:

Schoolchildren across the country recently skipped school or walked out of class to rally for new restrictions on our economic and personal liberties in the name of fighting “climate change.” Instead of punishing students for playing hooky to promote a political cause, many teachers and administrators allowed, or even encouraged, students to skip school to attend these events. 507 more words


Twitter Poems October 2-7, 2018

In a Quiet Parade

A planetary marble
that’s stuck in its grooves,
it lifts the blue sky,
is the universe on the take.
Granted there are more. 1,462 more words





Can NOBODY see what’s wrong with the above image?


if it has to be spelled out for dolts … of course… 144 more words


Podcast: On the Objective - The Indoctrination Of Youth - Bill Chapman - 10.08.2019

Welcome back On the Objective as your host Steven Menking sits down with Bill Chapman for another conversation about the impact of persuasion in the minds of the younger generation. 115 more words

Current Events

"Unloose" with Nightlightr


Nightlightr (Leighton Pustejovsky, rap artist)​ cuts loose with Chuck and Brady about leaving Christian Fundamentalism after decades of repressing his homosexuality. The three discuss how they had reframed their sexualities to fit within the faith and how discussions on the “unchanging” characteristics of God didn’t fit their experiences. 49 more words

Leaving Religion

Having Your Brain Scrubbed

Some of our returning POWs after the Korean War were referred to as having been “brainwashed” while in captivity. As a teenager, this term conjured up a vision of someone using soap and water to clean a brain. 388 more words