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Reflexions from outside the cave?

– Winston Smith

There are two worlds, separated by the merest of membranes. There is the world which I and those like me choose to inhabit, and there is the other; more populous world of mainstream perceptions. 485 more words

False Flags

Pro-abortion author admits abortion isn't about health or rights, it's about narcissistic convenience

A three-year-old named Lee defends the abortion of his sister in a new children’s book – by an author with her own “ghost sister.”

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FBI figures tweaked to show phony increase in mass shootings, report says

Crime stats published by the FBI and relied upon by the media distort the gun violence and leave the public with the impression “mass shooting” incidents are a much bigger threat than they really are, according to a criminologist and Second Amendment scholar. 106 more words


Fear Sign

Fear Sign

Trying new things ought to, of course, be approached with some trepidation, as should testing of all kinds of limits. The shedding of untenable strictures a person imposes on himself, as well as those imposed by others without legitimate justification, that make one person enslaved, in effect, to another carries with that action a great risk. 138 more words


Are Christians guilty of brainwashing their children?

The more worldly and ungodly American society becomes; the more devout Christians will be criticized and persecuted for their beliefs and actions. One popular criticism that has been levied against Christians in recent years involves the Christian home. 847 more words


Documentary Exposes Hamas Indoctrination, Training of Child Soldiers

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, Infidel and Patriot.

Where they once shot marbles, and played other childhood games, having little future they are easy prey for Hamas. 943 more words