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Dissipated Energy- The Collapse of Religion

The Inverse Square Law in physics can adequately and scientifically describe the deterioration process and vice versa, and the impending collapse of monotheistic religion as a principle of sound hypothesis. 194 more words


We Need Education Not Indoctrination

After more than twenty years as a Pastor/House Painter I returned to school in my forties to become a History professor.  I saw that the lack of a historical perspective was an important part of the foundation of a dumbed down herd of sheeple being systematically programmed by the Progressive Educational Complex. 636 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

Making One God From Three

The Bible is quite clear that more than on god is depicted in the text. Years of explaining and funneling pinpoints has convinced the Christian world that three is really one. 180 more words


Deal 1308: Ribbit?

Jewel had a lifetime of training behind her. But that never really made what she had to do easier. Each time was as difficult as her first. 44 more words

Daily Deal

Mau Goddess Bastet

I believe the Egyptians were on to something when they acknowledged the cat (Felis silvestris catusas) as a god. Bastet, a half human and half cat, is the closest representation in Egyptology to the Christian god YHWY. 59 more words


Ohio student suspended for not participating in National Walkout Day

Expression of only one opinion allowed.

From Fox News: An Ohio high school student said he tried to stay apolitical during the National Walkout Day over gun violence but was suspended for his choice to remain in a classroom instead of joining protests or the alternative, going to study hall. 295 more words