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Indoctrinated By The Public Schools, Millennials Are The New Definition Of Stupid

Products of America’s Public Indoctrination System, formerly known as the Public School system, and the Bolshevik loving Nomenklatura, formerly known as teachers, have produced the densist and the dumbest. 7 more words


Conclusion: Teaching for Social Justice is Bigoted, Dumbs Down Students and was created by an America Hating, White Privileged A-Hole!

I started researching Teaching for Social Justice more intensely when my step-son, on what seemed to be a weekly basis, would make an inaccurate or incoherent comment or statement regarding Geopolitics, Social Issues (Pimarily Race), or America being less than a fair and just nation.  622 more words

Teaching For Social Justice

Wisdom VS Common Sense

One of the side effects of religious indoctrination at a very young age is inability to tell the difference between common sense and wisdom. A greater side effect would be inability to think for oneself – high dependency on others to do the thinking on one’s behalf. 358 more words


No Forgiveness

No Forgiveness

Were he still with us, we should thank Mr. Franklin, and his friends and relatives, that he shared his thoughts with so many, and so many had the foresight to gather them up and preserve them for posterity. 426 more words


Say hello wave goodbye

There’s something that the activists of the Left have completely failed to comprehend; they basically all work (gratis) for the very globalist corporations they claim to despise. 648 more words

Secrets And Lies

Three Psychological Reasons Why Americans Are Politically Paralyzed

Psychological Reasons Why Americans Are Politically Paralyzed

February 7, 2016

The Common Sense Show is bring forth a story of unbelievable implications to the people of the United States. 1,786 more words

Dave Hodges


Let us be careful not to use our children as props for our beliefs, if you seek the truth, ask the child before they’re indoctrinated, then you may know something worth repeating…