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Hillary Supporter Checks Himself into Psych Ward on Election Night...

Isn’t that where they Belong?

I found out Donald Trump had won the Electoral College while midstream in providing a urine sample for the emergency psychiatric staff of a New York City public hospital.

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Video: OSU Students Blame 'Racist' America For ISIS Terror Attack | Paul Joseph Watson - Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Students at Ohio State University told the Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy that “racism” and “misunderstanding” were to blame for Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s vehicle and knife rampage. 392 more words

Social Engineering

Special Snowflake Pledges to Defend You (Well, if you're an Illegal or a muslim he'll Defend you)... From Trump...

Please, enjoy a good laugh at the expense of this indoctrinated latte-boy-warrior…Then pray for him and the rest of America’s young men and women to open their eyes, grow up and discover the TRUTH!!! 546 more words

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Trump calls for teaching 'patriotism' in schools | Andrew Tilghman - Military Times

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump signaled Thursday plans to seek nationwide changes to school curricula with the goal of “promoting American pride and patriotism in America’s schools.” 79 more words


It's Nearly That Time Of Year Again - Part Three

Well, we are now into December and the juggernaut that is Christmas is heading towards us in all its vulgarity at a rate of knots. What’s that I hear you say? 447 more words

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