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Why the left can't stand school choice

There is a lot that the media gets wrong about public education.  I’m not getting into the debate today on which is the superior product between public and private education.  631 more words

Orwellian Colleges Socially Engineering Students with Fake Pronouns

Orwellian Destruction of Language: The Tyranny of Fake Pronouns.

It seems unbelievable outside of an Orwellian novel about the destruction of language, but it is happening. 1,794 more words


New York State High School Uses Trump, Mussolini, Hitler to Teach Fascism Lesson

Authored By Andrew West March 22, 2017

URL of the original posting site: http://constitution.com/new-york-state-high-school-uses-trump-mussolini-hitler-teach-fascism-lesson/

In the case of President Donald Trump, it seems that his opponents are relying only on their unhealthy obsession with history’s greatest villains to defame the leader of the free world.

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human rights program in my college

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

I do not mince words. There is a reason why ‘human rights’ is written in quotation marks. 2,886 more words

Cultural Marxism

Deal 945: Tanka

dark rite induction
deeper into mystery
open to secrets
but betrayal penalty
swift sure and always fatal

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Educating people about religion by keeping them dumb

original article: CNN religion quiz needs to take Christianity seriously
March 19, 2017 by John Stonestreet

In what has become an annual tradition of television programming claiming to reveal the real Jesus of Nazareth, it seems that CNN is off to an early start. 694 more words


Deal 945 Preview

Veiled Secrets:
On a puddle of lavender (#bebada) are thrown
Indoctrination, Voodoo, silence, Mirror, Traitor, Unity, and Wisdom

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