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Let’s Make Indonesia Great Again

Indonesian Speaker of the House Setya Novanto, a baffled grin plastered on his face, appeared alongside Donald Trump at a press conference in New York City’s Trump Tower on Thursday. 873 more words


Mais Snapshots Para Clara: Jakarta

Downtown Jakarta

Dear Clara – For two weeks we were in Jakarta, a crazy city of 12 million, modern and not modern, choking with cars that can barely move, smog, motorbikes and people. 

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Dinner Dadakan di Kedai Kita Bogor

Kedai Kita Bogor, merupakan salah satu tempat kuliner terkenal di kota hujan. Saya sudah beberapa kali ke Kedai Kita Bogor bersama teman-teman atau hanya berdua bersama istri. 599 more words


Day 5 and 6 , Wae Rebo, Kampung yang dikelilingi pegunungan.

Di hari  ke- 5, kami sepakat untuk berangkat jam 4.00 subuh. Kami bersiap dari hotel CF Komodo dijemput oleh bapak driver yang memang sudah kami pesan sebelum kami berangkat. 2,470 more words

My Take On: Spicy Food

Most of Indonesian food are spicy and also so rich in spices that it burns my throat. When people eat those spicy food, they keep telling me it tastes great but they’re sweating, snot is coming out of their noses and I can just see them begging for water. 470 more words


In the land where dinosaurs still exist

Hi guys, sorry to leave you for so long. Today’s post is going to continue on from the previous one, when I ended up in Kupang, Indonesia…by mistake. 1,001 more words


MasterCard introduces Bali to the global Priceless Cities program

Experience Bali like never before, reimagined with Priceless Bali

A host of complimentary benefits await MasterCard cardholders at any one of the 700 luxurious villas available through ministry of villas. 560 more words