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Quitting Booze Successfully: A Paradoxical Wanky Climbing Analogy

It’s now been a month since I had my balls mangled, and everything is pretty much back to normal down there. I’ve got a couple of empty cups at home that need spunking in and emptying into a post box for a doctor to taste (“mmm yes that tastes lovely, and I’m glad to report it’s sperm free”), but that’s not due until September. 1,476 more words

My First Day Climbing

I’d been looking to start a new sport for a while. I like to do exercise and keep active, and sometimes the gym gets a little bit samey. 455 more words


...and he climbed happily ever after.

I recently did a 2-day full on outdoor climbing course with Hike & Climb. A superb 2 days with a very competent instructor. While talking with Ambrose over the 2 days I did some thinking about why I climbed. 1,048 more words

Mental Health

Play; Why my happiness is so happy

When I became a mother many of the puzzle pieces that made ME, just fell away. Things that I cherished, that brought me joy, that gave me purpose. 572 more words

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10 Types Of Indoor Climber

In cities and in poor weather, the characters ordinarily found on the hills are funnelled into indoor climbing gyms. Here are some of those characters to help you make sense of the interesting social structure of indoor climbing … 1,043 more words


A Mother's Super Power; why we should not always push through

Mum’s have a Super Power* that we weren’t entirely born with, but that we focus and sharpen as we delve into motherhood. It’s creation begins in pregnancy and is enhanced through endless sleep deprivation, the constant cascade of childhood illness, absorbing countless emotional meltdowns, and generally being on call 24/7. 566 more words

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Bouldering... in a rack

On Sunday my local gym, Chimera, held a competition to raise funds for charity. The idea? Climb a big wall – namely El Capitan, as quickly as possible. 416 more words