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Indoor Rock Climbing

B and I went indoor rock climbing at Arcadia Rock Climbing (ARC). It was our boys night out; Mom and sister had other parties going on. 40 more words


Mission Cliffs - June 14, 2015

(I put this in the wrong place earlier, so I’m trying to fix it now)

Dex and I got Mission Cliffs at 9:07 am Sunday morning.   999 more words


Bouldering at Planet Granite - June 28, 2015

Dex has been out of town for a few weeks, so I have been focusing on CrossFit and running while he was gone.  I didn’t want to go two weeks without climbing, so I went bouldering at Planet Granite. 246 more words


Grade improvement - bouldering update

So after dragging my arse out of bed last week and heading to the local bouldering centre with the aim of completing a certain set of problems (blue, if that helps anyone, if it does you should get some kind of prize). 704 more words

Things to do in Cardiff: Climbing Boulders A Must

I’ve always loved to climb and on Wednesday this last week I got to go to the indoor climbing centre Boulders in Cardiff. Please click on any of the links throughout this and  my other blog posts for more info, hopefully they take you some place useful if you want more information on anything. 974 more words

Health And Fitness


From my old blog

I know it of course from climbing but I am sure it is similar in other physical activities and I have also studied its theory. 257 more words


Improving grades update - bouldering

After a busy afternoon yesterday i decided that a trip to the bouldering centre was in order, i deserved a treat and since i knew there would be drinking (it was friday night after all) i felt that i would need to justify it to myself somehow, it makes the hangover more acceptable and guilt free, seems to keep off ‘the fear’. 664 more words