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The Indoor Climbing Challenge

I once heard it said that The only way to fulfill your potential and discover your true strength is to break out of comfort zones and challenge yourself!” 748 more words

Indoor Climbing

Would you rather?

If any of you have ever wondered where TheDIHEDRAL crew likes to spend their time, worry no more! This weeks post is just a little insight into how we feel about the different climbing options available.   583 more words

Face your fears, or sneak up on them from behind.

I don’t like heights, not at all.

In my mind if you are firmly planted to the ground it is damn near impossible to fall to your death, no that only happens when you are way up high and why in the world would I do that? 600 more words


Texas: Austin Bouldering Project

Pretty large bouldering gym in Austin, TX. $16 for a day pass. Also has a fitness center and decent amount of work space. We went around 5PM on a Thursday and the gym was pretty active, progressively busier as the night wore on. 74 more words

Rock Climbing

Improving By Accident


Everyone wants to get better and climb harder, and unexpectedly I’ve started to notice small improvements in my climbing. It feels like I’m nailing moves that I have been struggling with for a few months, and this in turn has started to unlock parts of bouldering problems for me which were previously unattainable.   122 more words


"Pulling on plastic"

Being nervous is one of those things that most people don’t really enjoy. I think its safe to say that the feeling of apprehension and over analytical thinking is enough to put people of whatever is causing them to feel this way. 300 more words



Well that could’ve gone better! Lack of energy, head not in the game, i even managed to draw blood. Needless to say, that was not the best night i have ever had. 786 more words