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A Mother's Super Power; why we should not always push through

Mum’s have a Super Power* that we weren’t entirely born with, but that we focus and sharpen as we delve into motherhood. It’s creation begins in pregnancy and is enhanced through endless sleep deprivation, the constant cascade of childhood illness, absorbing countless emotional meltdowns, and generally being on call 24/7. 566 more words

Adventure Mum

Successful Saturday

Today’s adventure made me feel super successful. I have recently started indoor bouldering, which is climbing rock walls that are shorter and allow you to climb without a rope (there’s a big mat, in case you fall). 514 more words


Bouldering... in a rack

On Sunday my local gym, Chimera, held a competition to raise funds for charity. The idea? Climb a big wall – namely El Capitan, as quickly as possible. 416 more words


New Year: March 2018

Happy New Year! A couple of days late but we’ll get to that. This is a bit of an interesting one this year, with lots having happened and lots about to kick off. 2,695 more words


Breaking in/stretching climbing shoes

The excitement of unboxing a new pair climbing shoes often nosedives as soon as you put them on.  In some cases, all that is required is a bit of breaking in, so that the shoe gets a little more flexible.   212 more words


Crux Climbing Center (Gym Review)

Crux Climbing Center in Austin Texas might be the gym most suited to represent its host city. It’s no surprise that Crux has recommendation and survey boxes scattered liberally throughout this royal climbing manor of Austin (they are actually giant slopers re-purposed as suggestion boxes…brilliant!). 657 more words

Virtual Coffee Date: February 2018

Oh February! Such a short month but it was a such a great and super busy month with work, friends and climbing.

If we were having coffee today. 466 more words