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Still counts.

These V0s scared the crap out of me and were (IMO) v difficult mentally. My body didn’t want to cooperate; my legs didn’t trust the last few footholds for the final boost up to the top. 156 more words


Indoor Bouldering Adventure

Last week I went bouldering for the first time in ages. A few friends and I went to Iron Palm Bouldering, an indoor bouldering gym in south Asheville, NC.  203 more words


Trip: A Weekend in the Bluies

Whoever said it was too cold to climb in the Bluies in winter, or that 2 days isn’t long enough for a holiday?

A Jucy El Cheapo Sleeper took us into the backstreets of Blackheath late Friday night, and we hunkered down for a chilly evening. 536 more words


Indoor Rock Climbing

B and I went indoor rock climbing at Arcadia Rock Climbing (ARC). It was our boys night out; Mom and sister had other parties going on. 40 more words


Mission Cliffs - June 14, 2015

(I put this in the wrong place earlier, so I’m trying to fix it now)

Dex and I got Mission Cliffs at 9:07 am Sunday morning.   999 more words


Bouldering at Planet Granite - June 28, 2015

Dex has been out of town for a few weeks, so I have been focusing on CrossFit and running while he was gone.  I didn’t want to go two weeks without climbing, so I went bouldering at Planet Granite. 246 more words


Grade improvement - bouldering update

So after dragging my arse out of bed last week and heading to the local bouldering centre with the aim of completing a certain set of problems (blue, if that helps anyone, if it does you should get some kind of prize). 704 more words