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What to expect when you start Bouldering

Hi guys!!

My gosh I can’t believe how long it has been since I last posted on here :( This summer has been a little difficult for me, for many reasons which I am not yet ready to share online. 1,033 more words

Yoga Journey

Summer Work

New work from second year Evie Curtis-Owen.

climbing, climbers, bouldering

climbing, climbers, bouldering

climbing, climbers, bouldering

“I have recently been working creating images of rock climbers, Alex Oates and Tom Millin ¬†at the Warehouse in Gloucester.”


Roo Stops Play

Okay, the name of this post is a little misleading given the amount we’ve been managing to get out recently! It came to me as we were forced into a hasty retreat on our first unaccompanied day out once someone decided enough was enough and the title seemed pretty apt as we’ve been at various crags this weekend listening to Test Match Special and following the cricket… Nevertheless, there’s no doubting the start of our little adventure together has been a resounding success. 1,361 more words


Experience Report: Boulder Brighton Climbing Centre

Has your child ever wanted to try indoor climbing, but feels a bit put off by how technical it all looks with the ropes and harnesses, not to mention the heights involved? 1,001 more words

Climbing Out Of Alcoholism

I’ve mentioned my love of climbing quite often in this blog, but I’ve never really gotten around to writing anything specifically about climbing and, more importantly for this here blog, the specific benefits of climbing for a recovering alcoholic. 1,032 more words

The basics may not be so basic

Climbing nutrition sounds easy right- you need carbohydrates for energy and protein for those muscle gains… Well depends on what ‘sort’ of climber you are. First of all do you climb inside or outside, or both? 95 more words

A Potentially Interesting/Dull Post About Rock Shoes

This could go one of two ways and i’m hoping it turns out to be interesting! I’ll certainly try my best. Because after many years of climbing exclusively in… 1,317 more words