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A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Climbing

Disclaimer: I am not a professional climber or a professional instructor. However, I taught introductory rock climbing classes for a year and a half and have six years of climbing experience. 912 more words


Bouldering League

Gripped. Terrified. Panicked.

These are the words I could use to describe the time a small rock slide started while we were in a chute on Mt. 557 more words


The Arch North Climbing Wall.

It has been a while since we have taken a look at other walls to climb at as our usual hot spots are just getting a bit boring. 480 more words


Quiet on the eastern front

First of all apologies for the lack of posts. It has been a busy few weeks! I have finally got my new 13″ MacBook Pro touch bar model and have been getting bits transferred and USB-c adapters ordered (finally arrived today), can finally get sorting and updating you all with the mountains of pictures I have been taking. 47 more words


Final Score

I’m going to avoid the line, “i never win anything!”- it’s a tired old cliche and quite honestly, it’s almost never true. At least if it is, it’s most likely through a lack of effort! 1,252 more words


Finally roped the wife in!

It has finally happened! Hold the press! I managed to get the wife out on our own to have a climb! “I know” not much of a achievement, but when you have two small kids any time alone is a win in my book. 107 more words


A busy weekend and delivery received. 

A busy weekend….. Saturday night climbing with my good friend paul, resulted in a good spirited climbing session. A review of the petzl gri-gri 2 which will be ready in a day or two (keep a eye out for that!). 146 more words