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Stuff & Things: A Life Update, Vol. 2

As usual, I’ve let things go far too long without writing about them. And, as usual, I’ve made an unofficial “resolution” to revive this site and write more regularly. 1,024 more words


Are climbing comps sexist?

Throwing around the buzz word ‘sexism’ at the moment is like holding a match to some touch paper and being surprised when you lose your eyebrows. 662 more words


Dogpatch Boulders (Gym Review)

If you took the best aspects of almost any climbing gym, and plugged them into one place, that place would probably look something like Dogpatch Boulders in San Francisco, California. 417 more words

5 Types of Climbers You Will See at The Gym.

In addition to there being many types of climbing, there are also certain types of climbers that you can always count on meeting.  Here are 5 types of climbers you can always count on seeing. 606 more words


How Not to Make Friends at The Gym

There are good ways to make friends at the gym and there are also terrible ways.

There are things that I have noticed at the gym that people do to try to impress people, attract attention to themselves or to make friends. 268 more words


How to Make Friends at The Gym

The Gym. Where we go to climb, train and to do what we love. Yet that isn’t all the gym is good for, is it? 349 more words


Bouldering: my new obsession

Cape Town opened up the possibilities of hiking to me. But I always found the best part of the hike to be the “scrambling bit” at the end. 455 more words

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