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Hydroponic Gardening For Beginners

You’ve always had an interest in gardening. You may have a small garden of your own at home, or you could spend time at community gardens helping other people develop green thumb.  448 more words


Plant Watch Summer 2016 (July.22): The Newest Additions

The Great Big Greenhouse in the south side of RVA hasn’t let me down yet. Obviously I spent too much money, as per usual, but they’re fitting in with their new brothers and sisters so far! 23 more words

Plant Babies

Everything Is Coming Up Green!

It’s that time of year when the sun is warm enough in the morning to head out to your local farmer’s market to support your local farmers and delve into the depths of delicious and fresh produce!   526 more words

Mango-venture: Part I

Until fairly recently I had never actually eaten a mango in the US  The only times I ate them were when I was in the field on an archaeological dig (perks of working in hot places), but now that we’ve gotten fresh mangos up at midatlantic farmer’s markets, I jumped at the chance to experiment with growing them from seed. 365 more words


Wild Peppers Get Personal

Over the past decade there has (luckily) been resurgence in wanting heirloom varieties of long forgotten vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that before we had cultured gardens and rows of produce all plants grew naturally, in some overgrown forest, somewhere on Earth. 488 more words

Indoor Gardening


It may not look like much but I am rather happy with this pot of basil. It began as a handful of stalks after Steve and his cooking crew had picked a bag of basil clean in preparation for his pesto. 134 more words


Feed Me, Seymour!

Just checked on the dormant carnivores (Venus flytrap & pitcher plants) and they’ve got some pretty good new roots going! 1 week in and so far, so good.

Plant Babies