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Change of Heart

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I have had a change of heart for this blog. Instead of being about religion, I am going to make this blog about 2 completely different things. 78 more words


Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

Plenty people put a plastic tree in a corner, and named it indoor gardening, but indoor gardening has developed into something more than that recently.  482 more words

Indoor Gardening Ideas - Update

The indoor gutter system my wife put up last month is going well, but it wasn’t perfect. With a busy schedule (you wouldn’t believe how much time kids take!), watering every day was proving to be difficult and we wanted these plants to survive this time! 274 more words

just enough light to bloom

In winter I always feel like I am killing this orchid with my inattention but somehow, so far, each spring, I turnaround and somehow it has bloomed.


How do I get my Air Plant to Bloom?

Like many people, you probably bought your air plant hoping it would bloom. Like…now. You water  it, it’s in a breezy location, it gets bright filtered light. 247 more words

Air Plant

The magic!

As far as I know, Adenium plants have the capacity to be re-grown through cuttings of the mother plant. I tried the last time, but did not bother to take care of it well. 107 more words

Container Gardening