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Indoor Plants: Creating a perfect ambience in your house.

Gardening or plants, whenever mentioned an image of a beautiful garden comprising of various plants belonging to different-different families making the exterior of our house alive by offering different -different colors and an overwhelming beauty to it, occupies our mind, but have you ever wondered that these plants can even give a beautiful touch to your interior also. 647 more words

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Botanical Bookworm: "Rooted in Design"

Rooted in Design by Tara Heibel & Tassy de Give (the two women behind Sprout Home Chicago and Sprout Home Brooklyn) is a book that delivers up one inspirational burst after another. 219 more words

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Keep on Growin

This Hoya just keeps on growing! Another arm appeared a few days ago and now I’m thinking I will start to track its growth every couple of days. 21 more words


How to take care of Lucky Bamboo at home

ఇంటికే లుక్కు తెచ్చే.. లక్కీ బాంబూ

కొని ఎక్కడో ఓచోట పెట్టేస్తే సరిపోదు. దీని పెంపకంలోనూ కొన్ని మెలకువలు తెలిసి ఉండాలి..continue

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My Succulent Journey: First Steps

My Succulent Journey: First Steps

So I purchased my first plants at the end of March, and since then have bought a few more (and some seeds) and I wanted to document some of what has happened with them. 501 more words

Composting With Worms

Vermicomposting, aka vermi-composting or worm composting is the practice of utilizing worms to break down waste resulting in worm castings (poop).

According to one study, when compared to conventional microbial composting, vermicomposting results in a material which has lower contamination levels (fewer toxins such as heavy metals) and is able to retain more nutrients over a longer period of time. 262 more words

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New Indoor Farming Device Can Grow Food With 95% Less Water

With California’s water crisis in full swing, there is one question on the tip of everyone’s tongue. How do we save more water? More specifically, how do we cut back on the water we use to grow our food? 843 more words