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Indoor Gardening

Our version of indoor gardening.  Hu-mom had back-to-school night. We helped.

Growing Things - Top Ten Tips for indoor gardening

I love plants. I mean I really love them. My flat is filled with plants.

My friends call my flat my ‘jungle’ :)

So I’m going to post a bit about indoor planting. 509 more words


The Tough Stuff

So I had mentioned before re-potting Ringo some time back and worrying that he might not survive the move. I should’ve been more worried about my mother’s arcane sense of gardening. 467 more words

New Leafy Family Members

Hello gorgeous!  Meet Britney, Jeanette and Eleanor, they are the newest addition to my family <3 (And can you tell how playful Jeanette is from the way she’s poking Britney in this photo?) XD… 241 more words

The Anything-Goes Bin

A Guide to Container Gardening

Container gardening is a great way to bring plants into your life. Whether you live in an apartment or simply want more green in your life, knowing how to grow plants in containers is a must. 549 more words


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Bathroom Jungle

I know that it’s not everyone’s taste but I love our bathroom looking a bit like a jungle. It’s hugely satisfying to take a shower surrounded by plants. 219 more words

Jungle Bathroom