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7 Reasons to Start Seeds in November

Why am I bothering to germinate herb seeds in November?

Planting more herbs while still wrapping up my vegetable garden and finishing up my weeding for the season doesn’t seem to make too much sense, but I am eager to experiment and see if I will eventually be able to provide my family with fresh herbs year round. 896 more words

Reward Offered

Reward Offered by Dawn Illsley

My words got lost

while trying to find the right ones.

If anyone sees them send them back home.

Reward offered for their safe return.


5 Things to Consider When Caring for Houseplants

It may be cold and dreary outside, but that doesn’t mean we need to forego our green thumb until next spring. In addition to providing a winter hobby for gardening enthusiasts, houseplants make a home more inviting, purify the air, and contribute to an overall healthier living environment. 487 more words


All About Ginger: Benefits, Doses, Growing Tips, and Recipes

What is ginger?

Ginger is a rhizome, commonly just called a root, that has been grown for thousands of years in China and India.

Prescription for Herbal Healing calls it the most widely available and widely used herbal remedy on the planet. 1,123 more words

Beating Winter Blues with House Plant Gardening

It’s no surprise that most avid gardeners prefer the summer months to the winter ones. In summer, daylight is plentiful and gardeners have ample time to dig, plant, and sow. 465 more words


Kratky method for hydroponics

Since I have been thinking of starting to grow peppers using hydroponics I found this video very interesting. Here you’ll learn the Kratky method for growing ghost peppers. 10 more words


Sprouting Day 5

Hi everyone! So it is now Day 5 and I’ve already rinsed the sprouts for the second time.

Tomorrow, I am going to rinse them one more time in the morning and place them under the grow light for a few hours before I officially harvest them. 136 more words