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Little Ideas: Seedlings

Little Ideas will be a regular feature of this blog, giving you small, doable tips to help you create a more mindful existence.

Today I want to draw your attention to the many benefits of having plants in your home. 252 more words


Fluorescent Chillies

The seasons are undeniably shifting once again, with the nights drawing long some people suffer from the lack of heat & sunshine. To remedy this you could throw together some simple clamp style light fittings, a few cheap bulbs and some seed. 257 more words


Growing easy Garlic

Usually I find garlic rolling around in the bottom of my refrigerator in the vegetable tray. I’ll pull off a clove and I swear it splits and hides right then and there. 221 more words

Tuesday Tips

S.O.M. (Save Our Mint)

Another summer is coming to an end and even though I don’t garden outside I find myself desperately trying to get my garden in order, supplies organized, and seeds saved. 740 more words

Indoor Gardening

Indoor Winter Gardening

For this gardener as Fall speeds toward me like a run-a-way freight train I tend to be a little  down having to give up a passion of mine. 549 more words


Adventures in Indoor Gardening, Part 1

For about three years, I have been trying to operate a DIY aquaponics system.  It’s been an uphill battle all the way, and I have yet to reap much from it – I got some Swiss chard off my first planting three years ago, and that’s it.  487 more words


It's Still Alive ~ I haven't killed it yet !

I am shocked and amazed as the temperatures begin to drop here. This first week trying to grow a pineapple indoors has been a success. I’ve read that the leaves will look poorly in the first two weeks, but I am going to try to succeed with this little project of mine. 315 more words