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Hanging flower pots

So I am starting to run out of place if where to keep my flowers so this was a great way too save some space! And it cost almost nothing. 56 more words


Brugmansia Plant (Angel Trumpet)

On a recent trip to Yelm, Washington I stopped by a local food co-op and plant nursery. A classic activity of mine, of course I picked up a few new exotic plants to add to my apartment’s ecosystem. 349 more words

#29 : The Great Lucky Bamboo Experiment

Oops, I did it again … I did not realized that 6 months have passed since I’ve last posted an entry here !

Well, I’m ready to end my urban gardening journey…. 637 more words

Indoor Gardening

Spring Onions

I’m quite proud of these. At some point I decided to try regrowing vegetables from scrap ends and this is one of the results. If you want to try this for yourself all you need to do is put the cut ends in water for a few days until they sprout new green shoots and then transfer them to a pot. 17 more words


Indoor Jungle Vines

To fill your home with plants a nature, vines are a great choice. Living plants add a fresh and alive quality to any room and ‘jungalow’ living is all the rage. 316 more words

hot off the press ...

I must say, I’ve had a good year with gardening in so many unexpected ways.  Please enjoy a new poem, hot off the press, published in Lyrical Somerville:  Near the Window.