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Mesic & Xeric

The terms mesic and xeric are tossed around a lot when discussing Tillandsia.  More or less, this is how I view those terms ~ mesic Tillandsia can tolerate lower light levels and are more tolerant to humidity/moisture in their native habitats.  346 more words

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DIVERSITY - size, shape, texture

The flowers of Tillandsia often become a main attraction & focal point.  But, the different shapes/sizes/colors/textures and overall plant structure can really make this plant stand out, truly showing another side of its beauty and uniqueness.  82 more words

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Seed Starting

Toronto is slowly warming up, like very slowly….
I started some seeds two weeks ago. Salvia, suppose to be easiest perennial to start from seeds, but so far, I am still waiting. 77 more words

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Tillandsia aeranthos

A very popular species that is hardy, can tolerate cooler temperatures, and is well known for producing beautiful flowers.  Tillandsia aeranthos has many different forms.  A very good species for growing indoors.  90 more words

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How to Grow Wheat Grass

Wheat grass seems to be one of the latest popular go-to foods in the health world. It is also one of the easiest things I have ever grown.   472 more words

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Tillandsia chiapensis

One of my personal favorites.  Not only has this species performed exceptionally well growing indoors, it has also provided me with numerous offsets throughout the years.  240 more words

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Tillandsia ixioides x aeranthos

A very nice cross (hybrid) that grows well indoors.  I have been extremely successful with this plant.  A hardy hybrid that flourishs within my tillariums.  Easy to reproduce via offsets.  34 more words

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