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The Beautiful Ceiling Lights by HPL Provide a Classy Look to the Entire Decor of Your Home!

The ceiling lights offered by HPL India are intricately designed for efficient indoor lighting and are highly environment-friendly in nature. The lights contain do contain harmful ultraviolet rays and mercury and speak high of its long life span upto 30000 hours, high lumen value and sustainability. 10 more words

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Bring home the life...

Lamp light enhances the beauty of your room, bring home these colorful lamps and create your own ambiance.

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Why Choose Danlers Occupancy Sensors?

“Save over 20% on Danlers Occupancy Sensors, at Sunny Electrical Supplies, a leading UK electrical wholesalers. “

The splash-proof, ceiling flush-mounted PIR occupancy switch from Danlers is a great way for you to save energy and money in your home. 190 more words

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Lighting & Layering: shades and texture variations to experience environments built for life

Natural light is both physically and psychologically rewarding to people, contributing to our health, productivity and wellbeing, at home, work, or school.

In a built environment, thresholds, portals, doors, bridges and windows, are transitional spaces, providing access from one area to another. 414 more words

Indoor Lighting

Creating visual interest with accent lighting

Ambient lighting plays a very important role in an overall lighting design for residential just as it does for commercial lighting schemes. It is the soft fill of non-directional light provided by chandeliers and pendants, that helps humanize the space. 210 more words

Indoor Lighting