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Small things

Eating breakfast is more fun when it is a picnic for two:

Luke kept running through to excitedly tell me: “I eat cereal with Scott!” 233 more words

Indoor picnic spots in Melbourne

Hi there! I drafted this post a while ago when the weather in Melbourne was bad. Now the sun’s come out, you might find you need an air-conditioned picnic on those 40 degree days.

250 more words

Day 19: This Is No Picnic

I’ve come up with an addage, “there are no free rides in Switzerland.” Switzerland is an expensive place to live. Let’s face it, you’re in the Alps and anything that isn’t home grown is transported through a mountain range that had kept invaders out for centuries. 325 more words

Having a Picnic

After seeing Zoella put up picnic videos and blog posts, I got really excited to have my own. With the monsoon having hit with a vengeance (we really need it so its ok) we experience few sunny days and mostly cloudy and rainy days and so over the weekend, we decided to have the perfect indoor picnic.  352 more words

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