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Hula Hoop

Blasting belly fat isn’t easy, and there’s only so long that you can hold a plank for, and only so many dozen sit ups before you’re burnt out. 496 more words


Don't Let The Heat Defeat Your Goals

No one likes walking in the heat especially if you’re headed to the gym. I decided to make this video for those in a similar situation as myself. 362 more words


One of My Biggest Excuses...and the Solution

Have you ever gotten home from work and by the time you get around to doing your workout or your training run it’s too dark? Or its raining? 331 more words

Yoga, Pilate, And Zumba

The Filthy Fifty Workout (bodyweight)

Oh my god this cold weather is KILLING ME. Over the weekend I finally (begrudgingly) acknowledged the fact that summer is over with a little winter-centric shopping spree… given my wardrobe up until now has pretty much consisted of singlets and shorts this was not so much an indulgence as a necessity though, and I can now say with a little more confidence that I think I’ll survive ’til spring. 138 more words

Lazy Girl Fitness

Spartan 500 Ab Workout (Video)

Happy Monday y’all! Midterms are here and it is crunch time so I definitely understand how hard it can be to get to the gym this week. 163 more words


The Friday Five: Indoor Workouts

Okay so let me be honest. I would never chose to workout inside over going for a run outside.

Nature > gym rats

But sometimes, I am forced inside. 352 more words

The Warm-Ups of Incredible Opportunity

Good afternoon, fellow fitness researchers!

So, as has been promised for a while now, here are my favourite warm-ups.
I love to do these before a run, as they loosen my limbs, and genereally motivate me to actually go out and run, and from there, to keep active through the day! 1,245 more words