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Mystery Rooms: Unravel the Science of Deduction

On a Sunday night when all my friends were out for party, I was watching Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous fictional private detective running down the British lanes wearing his frock-coat and cloth cap with his partner against crime following him clueless and uncertain. 459 more words

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Quick One : Day 75

This girl is still looking gorgeous! The main cola seems to be maturing a little slower than the other buds, but its coming along nicely. I might consider harvesting some of the lower nugs before I do the main cola but only if it doesnt harm its growth in any way. 55 more words


Kritikal-K : Day 57

Now its definitly easier to see her pistils, but still no sign of budding.

I dont think shes liking her environment anymore. Since I moved her from the LED bucket under the CFL shes started developing a lot of problems, like spots on leaves, heat stress and accelerated yellowing of bottom leaves. 30 more words


Afghan Skunk : Day 24

The lack of light is not only stretching this girl but also deforming her. Look what shes doing to try and get some sweet light on her leaves… 14 more words


Workout for 4/28/16

Inside today for a quick strength workout. Post times to comments.

5 min run

Arm flaps – horizontal
Shoulder rolls
Forward arm pull… 37 more words


Coatbridge Indoors

This blog is all hearsay and rumour. I wasn’t there but my spies were, meticulously forgetting everything that happened. 249 more words

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4/27 Composting Update!

I have been adding food waste to my indoor compost bin for about three weeks now!

The average worm farm is recommended to have about 2,000 worms in it to handle a pound of food waste per day, however for my project I chose to go with around 210 worms, and I’ve only added around a pound per week. 470 more words