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Gardening Gadgets

When starting out as a new gardener, choosing amongst the large variety of tools and gear can sometimes be a bit overhwhelming. ¬†Hopefully, this article can assist you in picking the simplest of items needed when you’re just starting out as a plant enthusiast. 631 more words

Indoor Plants

Evening shift

As much as  I love my job, grading papers is the one thing I could do without the most. Especially in times like these (end of term) when everything piles up around you, marking becomes this odious task that keeps you up late at night. 379 more words


Big Games - Jenga

Play Jenga with a big set! Although, if you collect a large amount of exactly the same size boxes that would surely work as well. … 7 more words


Big Tower

Simple. Use lots of buckets to create the tallest tower possible.


lots of buckets; cycle helmets if desired


Big Games - Operation

One Scout lies on floor with, for example, a cup of water placed on various parts of their body. Task for the rest of team is to lift off the cups of water using broom handles. 21 more words