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Thoughts & Musings: The 100 (TV series)

Recently, I’ve been watching the TV show The 100. I blame tumblr entirely, especially the tumblr lesbian community. Their gifs of Clexa, the ship name for Clarke Griffin and Lexa, Commander of the Tree People aka Grounders, are what made me start watching. 451 more words

Thoughts And Musings

Party Going On, by Indra

There’s a party going on (party going on)
Where I feel I belong (feel I belong)
There’s a party going on (party going on)
Where I feel I belong (feel I belong) 124 more words


Indra's Net

Deferring to the wisdom and wishes of one my Earth Angels (so called by me)  who voted in (a landslide 2 – 0 vote. She voted twice but then I never said I was running a democracy over here) for a post on Indra’s Net, I give you the requested post. 621 more words

Personal Exploration

Lào: Voi thần 3 đầu Airavata


Lá quốc kỳ đầu tiên của Vương quốc Lào từ năm 1952 đến 1975 là một lá cờ nền đỏ với hình tượng một con voi 3 đầu màu trắng  ở giữa. 1,171 more words


Bali - Ubud: Pura Tirtha Empul

Cuenta la leyenda que el Rey Mayadanawa, poseia grandes poderes mágicos, este poder lo volvió arrogante y le hizo sobreestimar su lugar en el orden de la jerarquía cósmica.   515 more words

Jaka for Damson Clothing

This was a real treat to find on a Friday afternoon. Jaka coming out of the woodworks in Malaysia for Damson Clothing absolutely killing it. Everything super dialed and a few hammers towards the end for sure. 17 more words


INDRA compra a los Jueces con técnicas típicas de la mafia

NOTA: Se sabe de buena tinta que también lo hacen con notarios.

  • Los pagos eran por colaborar en la renovación tecnológica de la administración
  • El Poder Judicial quiere averiguar si se han producido incompatibilidades…
  • 134 more words