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How Indra Nooyi Turned Design Thinking Into Approach: An Interview with ...

How Indra Nooyi Turned Style Pondering Into Strategy: An Interview with …
In China, we&#39ve introduced a stacked chip that comes in a plastic tray inside a canister. 37 more words

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More questions in Prasna upanishad:

Then Bhargava approached the teacher and asked: “Holy sir, how many several powers hold together this body? Which of them are most manifest in it? 221 more words


Story is Everything and it is Nothing

I first encountered “The Jewel Net of Indra” in a class on Chinese Religions. My understanding is that it came from the Mahayana sect, and it’s attributed to a Buddhist named Tu-Shun (557-640bce). 541 more words


Kena Upanishad

“Once the gods won a victory over the demons, and though they had done so only through the power of Brahman, they were exceedingly vain. They thought to themselves, ‘It was we who beat our enemies, and the glory is ours.’ Brahman saw their vanity and appeared before them. 396 more words


Facing Vritra – The Greatest Adventure of Indra

This is a story about the great god Indra, who was the undisputed king of the three worlds. However absolute power has its perils, the most dangerous of which is pride which consumes even gods. 2,605 more words


Commenting on the Vedas: The power of fire and soma

The second book of the Rig Veda starts with identifying Agni to be other gods. Agni is said to be Varuna, Mitra, Indra, Vishnu, Rudra and even Aditi, the latter of whom was declared to be all gods in a previous hymn. 542 more words


Of Millets and Recipe-collecting Kings

THE MUGHAL EMPEROR BABUR (who enters later chronologically) had strong opinions of the Indian food scene based on limited encounters. He bemoaned the lack of fruits that appealed to him, or for that matter “any good food in the markets”. 684 more words