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Commenting on the Vedas: The power of fire and soma

The second book of the Rig Veda starts with identifying Agni to be other gods. Agni is said to be Varuna, Mitra, Indra, Vishnu, Rudra and even Aditi, the latter of whom was declared to be all gods in a previous hymn. 542 more words


Of Millets and Recipe-collecting Kings

THE MUGHAL EMPEROR BABUR (who enters later chronologically) had strong opinions of the Indian food scene based on limited encounters. He bemoaned the lack of fruits that appealed to him, or for that matter “any good food in the markets”. 684 more words

Commenting on the Vedas: Is there tension between Indra and other gods?

I know I should have posted this several days ago, but 1) I completely forgot and 2) a lot of personal things have happened lately that delayed this. 958 more words


My 11 Handmade Spirit Dolls and their Uses

Today I will share with you all my Spirit-Dolls. These are dolls I handsewed to act as either devices of communication or as vessels for spirits. 1,709 more words

Spirit Interactions

Truth about Indra

Our Vedas define, Indra as the leaders of all the ‘Devas’ (Gods), the Deva of Rain and Thunderstorm and the king of ‘Swarglok’. Swarg, according to Hindi and Sanskrit means ‘Heaven’. 679 more words

Mythology And Science

Indra, Thor, and the Legacy of the Proto-Indo-European Gods

This image of the Hindu god Indra, also known as Sakra, comes from The complete Hindoo Pantheon, comprising the principal deities worshipped by the Natives of British India throughout Hindoostan… 1,075 more words


Indra @ Wake Up Worl - Ritualized Bliss – Detox Rituals for the Utopian Body - 6-30-15

By Indra, Wake Up World, June 30, 2015


When we experience ‘bliss’, we are tuning into the state of consciousness that is experienced through the full activation of frequencies in the body. 3,649 more words