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इट इज एन एन्क्रिप्टेड ओपन लेटर!

एक गो बार की बात है- ब्रह्मा जी (हाँ जी; वही जो, औड़म-बौड़म आशीर्वाद-वरदान दे के राक्षसों और असुरों-ससुरों को, देवताओं और ‘बोर्ड मेंबरs’ की नाक में दम किए रहते हैं) के पास असुर पार्टी रोते-झींकते पहुँच गई. 86 more words


Anime Couple Lineart/Color

Hello all!

As promised I did managed to finish the color of this sketch rather quickly. The idea behind it is of two characters. The male would be of my muses’ old character Indra and the other would be Rena in her current state. 100 more words


South Side of the Caldron Pool
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Drune pads along the path with his nose to the ground, heading in the direction of the meadow. 1,793 more words


In the vidanga temples there will be a murthi called Thyagarajar , Uma and Skandha (generally called Somaskandha) form of Lord Shiva. Initially this murthi was prayed by Maha VishNu, later he gave it to Brahma and he gave it to Indra who offered prayer to this murti for a long time. 348 more words


Anjana was a lovely young Vaanara maiden. One day as she was strolling in the sylvan gardens of Kishkindha, the wind god Vayu came by hurriedly and swept her garland away. 451 more words

Sanatana Dharma Puranas

Keangkuhan Indra Sang Pemimpin Menjerumuskan Dewa ke dalam Derita #SrimadBhagavatam

Keangkuhan Indra

Keterikatan kita dengan dunia benda memenjarakan kita dalam sangkar ini. Padahal Jiwa bebas adanya. Ia tidak perlu “menyangkarkan” diri dalam dunia benda ini. Sayang, karena keterikataannya dengan kebendaan ilusif, ia memenjarakan dirinya dalam sangkar dunia benda ciptaannya sendiri. 936 more words

Anand Krishna

Mahabharata Stories: 40 – Castaway

In times of adversity alone can we judge the true worth of a man. Adversities may be man’s stepping-stones to success. But to  face a situation unswerving despite when one’s very life is at stake but for one’s principles requires a heart made of rock. 576 more words

Sanatana Dharma Puranas