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The Symbolic Meaning of the Hindu God Indra

In ancient Vedic literature, Lord Indra is depicted as a war god, a destructive force that yields a powerful weapon in the form of the vajra. 1,451 more words

Ancient Symbolism

July 19, 2011, is when I left on a non-stop flight back to St. Louis, Missouri without my daughter Indra. Paula and Indra took me to the airport in Charlotte, NC, Indra give me a hug told me she loved me.

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Alienated Dad

āyurvēda origins

brahma was the ŕşi of many mantrā: of the atharva vēda which he taught to dakşa prajāpati, the one who named the fixed nakşatrā: and was hailed as their father. 51 more words

Ancient Indians

Seruput Kopi Cantik

by YennyIndra

Ada sebagian kecil orang-orang
yang sebaik apa pun kita memperlakukan mereka,
Sehebat apa pun usaha kita,
mereka tidak akan pernah menyukai kita.

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The Peace That Once Was - Ashura, Indra and Kurama

We’ve seen Ashura and Indra along with their reincarnations many times over, with Hashirama and Madara being the ones before Naruto and Sasuke. Ashura and Indra were the original brothers, they weren’t equal but were blood related. 82 more words