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Indra Ceramic

Hey! Have you seen or heard about Indra Ceramic yet? if your answer is “NOT YET”!! I am not surprised. Indra is not the statue of liberty that you will know. 352 more words


Swarga in America

Niagara Falls is a favorite tourist destination of all Indians. I still remember the fun-filled trip Amrita and I had with a bunch of friends back in 2010. 731 more words


Indra gestiona el tráfico del túnel más largo de La India

Fuente. prnoticias.com. 03/07/2017

La multinacional española Indra ha implantado su tecnología en el túnel más largo de La India. El túnel de Chenani cuenta con casi 10 km de largo, lo que le convierte, realmente, en el más largo de todo el sudeste asiático. 315 more words

Actualidad Empresarial

इट इज एन एन्क्रिप्टेड ओपन लेटर!

एक गो बार की बात है- ब्रह्मा जी (हाँ जी; वही जो, औड़म-बौड़म आशीर्वाद-वरदान दे के राक्षसों और असुरों-ससुरों को, देवताओं और ‘बोर्ड मेंबरs’ की नाक में दम किए रहते हैं) के पास असुर पार्टी रोते-झींकते पहुँच गई. 86 more words



South Side of the Caldron Pool
Lantern Waste
Northwestern Narnia

Drune pads along the path with his nose to the ground, heading in the direction of the meadow. 1,793 more words


In the vidanga temples there will be a murthi called Thyagarajar , Uma and Skandha (generally called Somaskandha) form of Lord Shiva. Initially this murthi was prayed by Maha VishNu, later he gave it to Brahma and he gave it to Indra who offered prayer to this murti for a long time. 348 more words