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The Peace That Once Was - Ashura, Indra and Kurama

We’ve seen Ashura and Indra along with their reincarnations many times over, with Hashirama and Madara being the ones before Naruto and Sasuke. Ashura and Indra were the original brothers, they weren’t equal but were blood related. 82 more words


Indra Regent Hotel

Indra Regent Hotel, 1970

โรงแรมอินทรา, 2513
สถาปนิก : จิระ ศิลป์กนก
วิศวกร : รชฏ กาญจนะวณิชย์

Indra Regent Hotel, 1970
Architect : Jira Silpakanok
Engineer : Rachot Kanjanavanit


vişu : east : indra : spring equinox

vişu, in samskŕtam, means equally or the same in both directions. In malayaļam it is the festival closely assciated with the Spring Equinox. At this time the Sun is due east and exactly between the Winter and Summer Solstice. 146 more words

Ancient Indians

Review: Abomination by Gary Whitta

I started this book a couple months back, though admittedly I didn’t finish it until recently. It wasn’t so much because I didn’t like it–I did like it, to a point–but because it was a pretty dark story, filled with horrific description of an alternate medieval England with monsters and witchcraft. 923 more words


Review: 'The 100' ep 3.07: "Thirteen"

WOW.  Ja-HEEzus.  Now there was a good episode of television.

Update: Wow … and more wow.  It quickly got too late for me to write much last night after the episode, so I’m adding this extra note the next morning.  3,416 more words

Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane – Book Review

Kavita Kane is an author who writes about the less spoken about women in Indian mythology. In her latest book she speaks about Menaka, an apsara, who is a strong, beautiful, smart, talented, warm, caring woman. 287 more words

Book Review