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Best tips to induce labour naturally

So I was 39 weeks yesterday and ready to pop. Please let me pop soon…?!

The last few weeks are really tough and you spend your time watching and waiting for any little twinges, asking yourself if it means baby is coming. 944 more words

Vendor induced chaos

My frustration grows. In the beginning I had control of my stuff. Granted the screens were green, there were no graphics, and a fast modem (Hayes SmartModem) operated at 1200 baud. 163 more words


I am back with a BABY <3

I am finally back after a loooong break. I am not going to apologise for my overdue post, purely because there is nothing more important than creating life and settling in to the new start for the little one. 1,405 more words


Labor Shame

I became a mother 2 months, 25 days, 12 hours, and 55 minutes ago. Looking back on it now, it was one of the best days of my life. 1,081 more words


Film-Induced Tourism (Aspects of Tourism)

Film-induced tourism has the potential to revitalise flagging regional/rural communities and increase tourism to urban centres, however it carries with it its own unique problems. This publication explores such elements, delving into the disciplines of sociology and psychology, along with the fields of destination marketing, community development and strategic planning. 20 more words


Xavier's Birth Story Part 2: Labour

So there we were on Wednesday 9th November getting ready to go to Bolton Royal to be induced. On the way I remember my back starting to ache quite a bit, but I just put this down to being uncomfortable. 4,006 more words


Xavier's Birth Story - Part 1: The Long Game

So I’ve decided to write up my labour story, it wasn’t the best experience, but was by no means the worst either. My baby arrived safe and healthy and I’ve come out the other side doing just fine too. 2,116 more words