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Baby B's birth story.....

“Labour doesn’t hurt. It’s just an intense pressure that your body tells you is pain because that’s what you have been told to expect”

Yes. I am ashamed to say that I actually uttered these words.

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Mummy Musings

Throwback Thursday: Labour & Birth story

Continuing on from last weeks post about my pregnancy journey, I’m now going to tell you about my labour and birth story.

The Labour

So, when we left off, I had just said that I was going to be induced providing an examination determined I was able to be. 1,202 more words


Comical Drug Induced Spiders - GawkUpon

You’ll be cracking up with this video about drug induced spiders that is surely not meant to be educational.

Still not D-Day?

So here’s the latest in the delivery drama. I’m going to describe some of the gory details here so if you are particularly squeamish or coy I guess you should go read something else! 1,417 more words



I guess I thought today would be the day, with me going in to be induced. That’s what happened with my son – went into hospital at about 9am, midwife attempted (without success) to break my waters, went into labour naturally later that day and gave birth at 22:11. 288 more words


The Ultimate Stage of Empty Philosophy

Sometimes I’m surprised by the people around me. I attended Plzensky Barcamp last week, and it was amazing. People were showing their skills, talking about a bunch of stuff that interested them, and were really amazing in many other ways. 368 more words

Fever Induced Ptst Nightmares

Hi Folks, I have been away for a bit, normal stuff you know life and revealing some material to the T. Something since then has seriously been triggered, and I suspect that there must be another(s) anniversaries around now that I just can t remember. 56 more words