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Should embryo's be allowed to develop longer than 14 days?

Ever since the first discovery in 1981 of embryonic stem cell grown from mice embryos, leading to the movement of culturing human embryonic stem cells in a laboratory in 1998, there has been a massive concern in relation to ethical issues. 740 more words

Holy Hot Damn...it hurts!

So our due date was May, 15, 2016. I kept on telling myself May, 2 he was coming… May 2 rolled around… and those last two weeks… and then that extra week went by SO FUCKING SLOW. 478 more words

The birth story

We’ve all got them, and every one is different, so here’s mine…just make a cup of tea before you start because it’s pretty long! I want to tell Millie this story one day so I needed to get every detail down. 1,690 more words


Hello Induction Date...

It’s a case of de ja vu in our house this morning, after a growth scan yesterday at 39+4 my Consultant decided that whilst we have an estimated over 7lb and strong baby, it’s time for her to come out into the world. 430 more words


The Waiting Game...

Five days to go and I’m counting down the minutes, make that seconds!

The first time around I was induced, so I knew what date and what time I had to be there. 357 more words


Diary: Psychologically Induced Tears


~Diary Entry~

Now, psychologically induced tears are nothing new, actors and “drama queens” use it all the time – they can cry on command. 577 more words

INTJ - Diary Soliloquy