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Computer Science Algorithms are way better than Mathematical Theorems

I see a great deal of beauty in mathematics. There is much beauty in a well-described, step-by-step proof of a theorem.

Lately I have been learning algorithms for parsing and compilers from a pair of marvelous books. 188 more words

What You Need To Know Before Scheduling Your Induction

One of the most empowering parts of motherhood is learning to be confident in owning your experiences. You research topics and become educated so you can make informed decisions that are right for… 1,194 more words


The Rest of Induction

After the initial 11-day hospital stay, we had a few more weeks of “Induction” — wherein the goal is to kill all detectable Leukemia cells with multiple intensive chemotherapy medications.  1,413 more words


Ethan's Initial Hospital Stay

Ethan (& Steve and I) spent 11 nights in the hospital. They were hard. He had many blood transfusions and multiple platelett infusions. On Thursday 10/30 he had a spinal tap/lumbar puncture, bone marrow biopsy, and his first dose of intrathecal chemo (chemo to protect disease in the central nervous system). 283 more words


Does an Induction Really Increase Your Chances of a C-Section?

Pregnant women often fear that having their labor induced will lead to a c-section. In her bestselling book, Expecting Better, Emily Oster cites fear of a c-section as the primary reason she opted not to have her labor induced. 1,247 more words


A very 1300 wednesday

Started the day off with a 9.00 class where we watched and analysed our first assignment clips. It was fascinating. I was so sure nobody was going to understand my clip, because it lacked camera movement and it really did not have a beginning and an end, but yet again I should not have worried. 287 more words

MDA 1300

Welcome young Criminal Psychologists!!

We embark on a journey where we are about to discover the theories of why people commit crimes! Are you ready??

What did we do the first day of class? 191 more words