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As another induction project, we were given a load of trash and told to make something with it. As I am a fashion student naturally I went to make a dress. 219 more words


Blackburn Museum Project

As part of our induction period, we spent a week in Blackburn Museum. We had to go around the museum and take photos of things that we found interesting to develop further. 486 more words



On the 22nd of September we went down to Dolphinholme to expand our creative abilities.

 Ual Foundation Drawing Residential 25th

I had previously planned to recreate the painting I picked out at the museum. 497 more words



I plan to photograph the countryside and the surrounding areas in dolphinholme. I will take a tripod and ND filters so I can have a slow shutter speed on the river so make it more of a silk looking river. 38 more words


Induction - Lecture 2

Last week we spoke about the difference between science and religion. We said it could be conceptualised as one between belief and facts. The more, we investigated, however, what a fact is, the less certain we became of its status as a starting point for scientific investigation. 1,841 more words

Science And Belief

The Day We Met Sophia Isabelle

On the 24th of November 2013, we received the most precious gift of our lives; two distinct lines on a home pregnancy test kit.

The forty-week journey was fraught with joy, excitement, anxiety and drama – both hormonal and medical in nature. 1,747 more words


Bring it on

Though you’ve been eagerly awaiting your baby’s arrival since that day you peed on a stick, Baby may need a little extra encouragement to make her grand entrance. 28 more words