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Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom analysis

Sonic boom is a Racing game with a London based theme. It will mainly be focused on the PlayStation 4 platform , migrating to a PC or Nintendo switch is a major possibility as well. 691 more words


Pick up items

In this post I present my Pick up items, iv added this feature to add some clarity to my game and make it more enjoyable, players can also collect coins to upgrade their cars and buy new skins. 136 more words


Poster and evaluation

In this post I will be talking about my poster design and evaluate it. I will also be explaining my design and the development and the research methods it took to get my final product. 264 more words


Vehicle Development and designs (Cars)

In this post i will be presenting a number of my car designs and how i built my cars and what inspired me to do, i have included a range of designs from your modern day cars to your urban legends, from Aston martins to Ferrari’s, i have done this to add variety to my vehicle choices, each car in my game will be unlocked via levels , coins and additional missions. 417 more words


Vehicle Development and designs (Motorcycles)

Here i will be presenting my concept art and designs for my  motorcycles.

I have designed a numerous amount of motorcycles for my players, ranging from your mobile and agile bikes to your extremely fast and all rounders, I have included all my un-lockable bikes and what they do, you will be able to unlock these vehicles via levels, coins and additional missions. 467 more words


Environment Sketches And map development - Lines and Perspective

In this post i will be showing you my current environment sketches and how it will suit my game, i will also be talking about the process it took to make the sketches and any other additional points. 318 more words


Final Character Sketches and Development

Here i will be showing you my current status on my character and car designs for my game.

Here we have the process of the drawing, as you can see i have added bright and vibrant colors to my digital version in order to be appealing to the audience and really pop out. 300 more words