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Season 2 | Ep6 | Labor Majora!

You guys!!! Know what’s harder than labor, newborns, bloody nipples, no sleep, or life with two kids!?!? Getting a mom on the mic just a few weeks after having her second baby. 36 more words


Retail Case Study: Shopper's Stop - Employee Focus

Shoppers’ Stop was started by C.L. Raheja in 1991 when organized retailing was unheard of in India. The retailer’s main focus was on the customer and to the person who attended the customer- the employee. 308 more words



A very common way how to prove a certain type of theorem or result in Mathematics is through a method of proof called Induction. The first time I personally was introduced to such a concept was through an immediate exposure to the method without any introduction, background or time to absorb what was taught. 1,434 more words

High School

Introducing Jade Rachel Buckley 💖

Morning guys (or is it the afternoon?…)

Well this month sure has been a wonderful rollercoaster for me! On Monday the 6th February I went into hospital to start the induction process to bring my baby girl into the world, I waited all morning for a phone call to tell us what time to go down and when they eventually called me we had an appointment at 7:30pm. 474 more words


Moving into management can be a lonely process without proper support

Being good at your job is rewarding; and it is certainly something that employers welcome. So much so in fact that it isn’t unusual for the good worker to become a new manager. 458 more words

Best Practice


Our baby sits low in my wife’s belly. She appears to be quite comfortable, far more so than my wife for whom any position can now only be maintained for short periods at a time. 245 more words


My First Birth Experience

If you would’ve told me two years ago that I would consider a home birth I would’ve laughed in your face!  I am NOT that kind of mom!   856 more words