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Blackburn museum visit 

my inspiration came from the collections put there by Victorian collectors.

  • Artefacts from Peru
  • Ivory from polar regions
  • Egyptian mummy’s
  • Display cabinet of beetles

This made me wonder about the discord created by scientific discovery and bringing these ancient artefacts over to Europe for display and private collections, yet the moral conscience of removing ancient artefacts from their burial place or homeland. 49 more words


An analysis of imitation

I consider imitation a process which is based on inductive reasoning. It provides to the acting individual considerable benefits with little sacrifice in time and effort. 383 more words


Textbook Pregnancy: Devastating Loss

It was the textbook pregnancy. Everything went perfectly, no sickness, average weight gain, all tests normal. I felt great and the appointments went fast because I never had questions or concerns and things always looked just the way they should. 593 more words


A Letter to My Daughter

You were due on March 18, 2015. By the time March rolled around, I thought I would be pregnant forever. Each week, the doctor would report that all looked well, but I had yet to dilate. 995 more words


Harder than Expected

It was 3 weeks before my due date and I was going in for my weekly feel-up… I mean check-up. My doctor said my belly was looking a little small (I wish people would say that to me when I’m not pregnant!) She sent me to get an ultrasound. 1,555 more words


John Henry Newman and the Problem of Inductive Knowledge

I think that the neglect of Newman as a philosopher is lamentable; Newman is an original thinker, one whose philosophical thought warrants attention for its own merits.

46 more words

Mental Models and Human Reasoning

To be rational is to be able to reason. Thirty years ago psychologists believed that human reasoning depended on formal rules of inference akin to those of a logical calculus. 108 more words