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Coaching Teachers

In 2011’s Personal Best, Atul Gawande recounts his desire to “up his game”, by hiring a retired surgeon who had once trained him, Robert Osteen, to act as a coach.  2,341 more words


Popper on non-inductive science

Working with the Scientific Method and Hume’s work on induction can reveal some difficulties. This post outlines  Popper’s response to Hume’s problem, and some issues with his attempt. 998 more words


The Grand Budapest Hotel: Aesthetics

Today we focus on the aesthetics in The Grand Budapest Hotel, more specifically Aspect Ratio.

Anderson uses aspect ratio to differentiate between the time periods in which his film is set. 182 more words


Kitchen Sink Drink: Finished Film And Evaluation

After I finished  my first edit of my sequence I could receive additional feedback  from my classmates and teachers so that i could create my final version. 171 more words


Kitchen Sink Drink : Treatment

It tells the story of a jealous sister…

A young woman R is talking to her sister who is a year younger A about an up coming job opening at the company they both work at, secretly they both want it but R lets A go for it and pretends to be supportive. 71 more words


Colour in digital printing

  • the Hue Wheel 

RBG — red , blue , green

CMYK — cyan, magenta, yellow, black

When we work digitally we work in different colour spaces, and the more colours you have it means you have a better image. 155 more words


Kitchen Sink Drink: Editing

Using Final Cut Pro, I uploaded all of my footage previously shot along with the sound I recorded. The first stage of editing revolved around synchronising the audio with the visual clips. 471 more words