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News: Support Induction on Steam Greenlight

Eye-catching puzzle game Induction from sole developer Bryan Gale has hit Steam Greenlight.

Induction is now on Greenlight! Is breaking causality your idea of fun? You should vote 👍 at…

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A friend of mine will be meeting her sweet babe very very soon. To help her summon the magical powers she needs to make it a safe and calm process I have worn Oggle Tonks Birth Beads. 260 more words


17 (or less)

Guess who is still pregnant?

If you answered Kate Middleton, have you been living under a rock?

If you answered Karen Jones, you’d be 110% correct. 955 more words

Searle on direct realism

As I hinted in my previous post, I want to discuss some aspects of Searle’s theory of perception.

Searle makes a good start with:

I believe the worst mistake of all is the cluster of views known as Dualism, Materialism, Monism, Functionalism, Behaviorism, Idealism, the Identity Theory, etc.

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Workshop on Writing for Publication & Induction Ceremony 2015

Rufaida Honor Nursing Society would is organizing a workshop on writing for publication. The workshop will be facilitated by Professor Roger Watson and will take place in RCSI Bahrain on 2nd June 2015 from 9:00 – 11:00. 15 more words


The Flying Poetry Creation Contraption

Most people are not very creative. They are very good at doing what they’re told but are often stuck in neutral when they have to figure out what to do by themselves. 598 more words


Passing the Baton: Shubharambh 2015

We had been at IIM for more than a month and we had already lost count of days. We were quickly adjusting with the analytic and critical transformation provided by the elite professors, discussions with diverse peer group and the leadership talks of the great minds of the country. 476 more words

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