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Series 21: Staying Healthy along the Way - Lesson 4: When do I rest?

When do I rest?

According to the Genesis story, humanity began with God’s activity – breathing into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life. We still receive life from the Creator of the universe.

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Bible-Teaching Prep

(1) Pray.

(2) Read the passage several times throughout the week, keeping an eye on the context before and after.

(3) Write out the English text by hand, which is helpful for slowing down and paying attention to every word. 51 more words


Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Life is boring and frustrating.  Welcome to philosophy class 101.


  1. It is the words of who?
  2. The Hebrew word, hebel, is referenced how many times in verse 2 alone?
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Inductive Bible Study

An App that lets you whizz through the Bible in 60 secs (Or get your money back)!?

In the modern world we live in we like quick fixes. Microwave ovens, fast food restaurants, instant coffee and the list goes on. And so you have come to this post expecting to get a quick bible fix too. 123 more words


Updated A-Z Key Word Symbol Sheets are finally here!

Just in time for all of you who will be starting back to Bible study soon after the summer hiatus, here are the new and expanded A-Z Key Word Symbol Sheets! 221 more words

Bouquets of sharpened colored pencils...

I love shopping the back to school sales. Not that I have children headed back to school, but I need new supplies for my home office. 169 more words


Philemon (verses 21-25)

Inductive Questions

Philemon (verses 21-25)


  1. Paul’s confidence was in what?
  2. Trust is built through what?
  3. List the names in the final greeting.


  1. What do you think Philemon did in response to Paul’s letter?
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Inductive Bible Study