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Chipotle Makes a Sound Business Decision

By Ronnie Cummins, International Director
Organic Consumers Association

Since when does the mainstream media, in a country that worships at the altar of capitalism and the free market, launch a coordinated attack against a company for selling a product consumers want? 332 more words


Video: Using the Legal System to Fight Factory Farms

In 2001, Michele Merkel worked as an attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency on a case where farmers were suing huge factory farms for polluting the community’s air and water. 146 more words

Social Justice

Do animals have the same rights as humans?

If a firefighter died going into a burning building to save a human baby, I would regard that firefighter as a hero.

If a firefighter died going into a burning building to save a puppy or kitten, I would regard that firefighter as a tragic victim of bad judgment. 1,112 more words


Industrialized Food and Natural Food

Ever since the human civilization went to large scale agriculture to produce food, it has resulted in disaster for the ecosystem. It was first the Egyptians that tried agriculture by altering and manipulating nature, this resulted in producing more grains. 242 more words

They Say We Are What We Eat; (What Does That Make Of Us?)

We are no experts in food, nevertheless having consumed a great deal of it over years on earth, we have opinions. Who of us does not? 613 more words