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They Say We Are What We Eat; (What Does That Make Of Us?)

We are no experts in food, nevertheless having consumed a great deal of it over years on earth, we have opinions. Who of us does not? 613 more words


The Refarmation

If I told you that, in 100 years, 50% of the population would live at the North Pole while the other 50% lived at the South Pole, you’d likely think I was crazy. 685 more words


Shill or...not?

I like to bust myths here on the ol’ blog.

From the so-called dangers associated with GMOs to ethanol production, regulations, animal welfare and the often misquoted study that speaks of… 499 more words

Illinois Farm Bureau

The Growing Power of Urban Agriculture

Chemical fertilizers, E.coli, mono-cropping, fast-food restaurants, unethical treatment of animals, high fructose corn syrup, natural, genetically modified, Monsanto, Tyson, exploitation of small farmers, obesity, diabetes, food safety… These are some of the words that accurately describe the current state of the food industry in the United States. 2,327 more words


Passover: Liberate Yourself from Industrial Food

Our nation is enslaved to an industrial food system that is making us sick and fat. It abuses workers (with many cases of modern day slavery), 837 more words


Producing more food won't feed the poor

I suggested she try this exercise: “Put yourself in the poorest place you can think of. Imagine yourself in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example.

278 more words

Identifying the Problem in Industrial Agriculture Is Easy; Identifying a Solution that’s Truly Sustainable in Every Way (Including Profitability) Is Extremely Tough

I’ve seen quite a few business plans recently that propose to take a significant amount of investors’ money and build some really cool sustainable agriculture project, i.e., sustainable fish farming or aeroponics used to offer locally grown, organic produce.  407 more words

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