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Producing more food won't feed the poor

I suggested she try this exercise: “Put yourself in the poorest place you can think of. Imagine yourself in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example.

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Identifying the Problem in Industrial Agriculture Is Easy; Identifying a Solution that’s Truly Sustainable in Every Way (Including Profitability) Is Extremely Tough

I’ve seen quite a few business plans recently that propose to take a significant amount of investors’ money and build some really cool sustainable agriculture project, i.e., sustainable fish farming or aeroponics used to offer locally grown, organic produce.  407 more words

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Mostly plants.

I find myself living with a vegan, very little counter space, and a huge appetite. I need to learn how to cook.

When I was little, I used to make strange concoctions in the kitchen (raisins in flour with a pinch of salt was, weirdly, something I kept coming back to). 979 more words


Dr. Jane Goodall exposes GMO lies and corruption

‘This very real difference between GM plants and their conventional counterparts is one of the basic truths that biotech proponents have endeavoured to obscure. As part of the process, they portrayed the various concerns as merely the ignorant opinions of misinformed individuals – and derided them as not only unscientific, but anti-science…

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Modern farming practices are killing us

An alarming new study, accepted for publication in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology last month, indicates that glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide due to its widespread use in genetically engineered agriculture, is capable of driving estrogen receptor mediated breast cancer cell proliferation within the infinitesimal parts per trillion concentration range. 47 more words


Tips To Implement: Sustainable Farming

The world has been experiencing a huge increase in population which equally led to the increase in demand for food in order for the people to live. 447 more words

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Advantages Of Industrial Agriculture

Agriculture has been an age old occupation across the globe. It is this occupation that serves all the food needs of the country. Therefore, agriculture is considered to be an occupation that serves the basic necessity of the people i.e. 453 more words

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