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Baby and toddler snack foods not as healthy as presented - consumer group CHOICE

Snack products targeted at babies as young as six months may claim to be fruit-filled, nutritious and organic, but tests have found not all munchies are as healthy as they appear. 11 more words

5 of New Zealand's coolest companies

We know about Google’s ice-cream machines, Twitter’s catered breakfasts and Apple’s mysterious “infinite loop.” But where in New Zealand can you work and live a life of corporate luxury? 13 more words

When is 'New Zealand made' not really NZ made?

Just making a product in New Zealand is not enough to earn it a “New Zealand made” label, the Commerce Commission has warned.

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Industrial - recent projects and announcements

The industrial sector continues to invest heavily and experience strong growth. Here are some of the recent projects and announcements in manufacturing and distribution:

Sting on Whangarei sushi outlets reveals staff underpaid

More than $70,000 has been recovered in unpaid public holiday and holiday pay entitlements for sushi bar workers.

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