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Hanger Queens and Kings and Information Technology – Updated

When I worked in productionization, that step in the product development process when you figure out how to build cheap production versions of a costly prototype, we often accumulated a storage area filled with units called “hanger queens”. 784 more words


Handling it..

The designing of the kitchen actually started on Friday – Alleluia! Naturellement it’s not a new kitchen per se but a hotch potch of the old kitchen units (we like recycling) and new additions that somehow all need to be brought together, but this picture represents the inspiration (I only wish I could have that island unit…but sadly it’s the only space for the sink/dishwasher/bin/cutlery so the carcasses need to hit the floor..maybe in another life..) But we’ve been working on how to line up the sight lines, even up the variety of widths and unify the look. 130 more words


Introduction Of Work Study?

Work Study


Work Study is the systematic examination of the method of caring on activities so as to improve the effective use of resources and to set up standard of performance for the activities being carried out. 287 more words

Work Study

Introduction of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

To simplify work & to continue improvement of productivity is called Industrial Engineering.

Frank (1868-1924) & Lilian Gilbreth (1878-1972)
Known as a parent of motion study 733 more words

Work Study

The Future of Industrial Engineering

A December, 2015 XKCD comic poked fun at our future not looking like that promised in comics, movies and books over the past few decades. Where’s my flying car? 351 more words


Materi Mata Kuliah Fisika (Teknik Industri)

Berikut ini adalah salah satu tugas mata kuliah Fisika Industri (semester 1) yang saya ampu di Jurusan S1-Teknik Industri STTS. Dalam tugas ini, mahasiswa (2 orang/ kelompok) merancang sebuah alat untuk material handling dengan memanfaatkan hukum Pascal, bejana berhubungan, konsep linkage, dsb. 40 more words