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Eat for change

Als je jezelf inbeeldt dat ik opgegroeid ben op een boerderij, alwaar mijn vader koeien hield en slachtte om mijn studies te betalen en ik ondertussen in de vakantie als tijdverdrijf  pasgeboren katjes vermoordde, is het moeilijk in te beelden waar ik nu sta. 1,046 more words


Meat is Murder but Fishes are Delicious

“I want to be a vegetarian.”My daughter surprised me with that declaration a couple days before her 16th birthday.

I paused a minute to let the whole “sixteen years old” thing sink in, because I don’t want to agree with it. 587 more words

Awesome Children

This is How You Make Bread and French Fries

First, you take the shrub steppe of the lower Snake River. Then you add petroleum-based fertilizer (white tank) and water (six deep well pumps). This combination makes bread. 210 more words


Sustainable Farming


Farming for Tomorrow: Sustainable Changes


An apple a day keeps the doctor away – or it used to, 80 years ago. Now, the average apple doesn’t cut it; although it looks like the same apple, the method of growing it is different, and with it, it’s concentration of vitamins and minerals. 1,908 more words


Video: Why does the United States have the highest level of super-virulent bacteria contamination in the meat supply?

Super-virulent strains of bacteria which used to appear only in hospitals are now being found in meat. Dr. Michael Greger explores the possible reasons why beef, pork, chicken, and fish sold to consumers in the United States have a much higher rate of contamination than meat sold in the European Union.

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Niman Ranch - Philosophy of Raising Pigs

Niman Ranch has a different way of raising their hogs. For many years before industrial farming, hogs would grow up mostly outdoors, grazing on the vegetation of the land, and enjoying the warmth of the sun. 205 more words

Niman Ranch

YOCR#7 - The Omnivore's Dilemma

I don’t think I can go any farther afield in my Year of Creative Reading than “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. I spotted it at the library (best place to serendipitously find books other than a book store), having wanted to read it for a while, and checked it out. 639 more words