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Cannabis Citizen Public Forum was launched tonight with special guest “The Hemp Mayor”, Adam Gower.  Adam has been expounding hemp knowledge that has nothing to do with cannabis, and I wanted to take some time to find out what his inspirations and focuses are currently aimed at. 84 more words


Where wild things were 

For billions of years the Earth has thrived, civilisations have evolved and the Earth is now home to 7 billion people and many different species of plants and animals.The Earth is filled with beautiful big and small creatures; from the elephant to the water vole. 320 more words


Topsoil Thoughts

by Glen Wallace

What is the timeline of the predicted length of time that industrial scale farming will be able to continue in the midwestern section of the US?   842 more words

Applied Social Political Philosophy

Post-Brexit animal rights: why it’s important to legally recognise animal sentience

Hi there…

I realise that complaining about Brexit right now, amidst the far more pressing security concerns about terrorism, is perhaps not best placed. However, I don’t feel like losing sight is in anyone’s best interest either. 1,202 more words

Animal Ethics

Plant Intelligence, Industrial Farming and Modern Health Issues

Sometime ago, I came across a documentary on plant intelligence which started a train of thought on some of the health issues we face today. 809 more words


Paul Brown: Food industry is cooking the planet

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is the agricultural food industry, but the political will to tackle the issue is lacking.

LONDON, 25 May, 2017… 773 more words

Opinion Leaders

4 Facts to Consider Before Buying Meat

Each year, nearly 50 billion animals are slaughtered for their meat, to feed a world population of 6 billion people. These numbers might look odd but not only are they real; they also are the result of the way WE consume! 629 more words