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Condemning #YulinDogMeatFestival is easy. Facing our own animal cruelty is harder.

The annual summer festival in Yulin has been widely criticized, mostly by Westerners who aren’t used to thinking of dogs as food. Images and footage of filthy dogs crowded into cages and being brutally slaughtered zoom around the Internet, leaving a wake of outrage and condemnation.

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Animal Welfare

Death in the Afternoon

It all went quiet, the ‘Toril’ (Gates of Death) were flung open and 550-kilograms of prime Ecuadorian fighting bull charged across the freshly raked sand and into the centre of the arena. 1,294 more words


"Climate Change," Fertilizer, and Politics

For those in government who believe climate change is our nation’s greatest threat, why do they not address chemical agricultural products such as fertilizers, pesticides and soil fumigants?   437 more words


Large Scale Farming Can Have Some Large Effects

By Meghan Byrge 4/26/16

You spend your evening at a store shopping. You come home and put away your fruit, your vegetables and maybe even make dinner. 640 more words


Green Deserts of Norfolk

Auch die Gräslein können den Acker nicht begreifen, aus dem sie sprießen.  

Hildegard von Bingen

Our favourite walk leads across the allotments and passes the fields behind the hedges through a landscape which looks a tiny little bit like it had looked at Hildegard’s times. 1,133 more words

Norfolk, England

Corporate Farming, the road to disease

Industrial or corporate farming, as mentioned in yesterday’s post harms bees and contributes to climate change.   But what exactly is industrial farming? Industrial farming refers to modern farming methods that endorse chemicals more so than common sense. 1,025 more words


Factory Farms and Water Pollution

Factory Farms produce more waste than the entire US population.

According to the EPA, factory farms “now account for a significant share of the remaining water pollution problems in the United States.” 81 more words