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Factory Farms and Water Pollution

Factory Farms produce more waste than the entire US population.

According to the EPA, factory farms “now account for a significant share of the remaining water pollution problems in the United States.” 81 more words

The health, environmental and welfare costs of industrial farming


This fascinating report by Compassion in World Farming, examines all of the impacts of industrial farming and makes an excellent case to slam the assertion that it is important to maintain because it is cheaper. 7 more words

Eating Meat

Growing up in a small town in a developing country, a visit to the local butcher frequently presented itself with the opportunity to witness the slaughter of a goat or a chicken. 83 more words

Industrial Farming

Quote: DREAM

“The only person who can stop you from actualizing your dream is the same person that birthed the idea – YOU”.

                               – Oluwafunmibi

Moral:- I’ve been on a trip to a farm in… 204 more words


Urban Farming Promoters Look to Transform Food Production

Urban farming is still in it’s infancy but there are plenty of  efforts to bring food production into our cities and closer to the populations we are trying to feed. 288 more words

Farming Education

Fair Oaks Farm: a look inside an industrial pig farm

If there’s one thing I wish more people would do, it’s visit farms.  Most of our country has lost an intimate connection with the way our food is grown because they don’t grow it (raise it, slaughter it, or even cook it) themselves.   811 more words


This Little Piggy Went......

Happy eating to all you meat lovers out there. I hope you can face gazing at your next plate of pork chop, lamb cutlet, beef steak or chicken breast after reading… 186 more words

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