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Chris Hedges: Choosing Life

The animal agriculture industry is an integral part of the corporate state. The corporate state’s exploitation and impoverishment of workers and its poisoning of the environment, as well as its torture and violence toward animals, are carried out because of the obsession for greater and greater profit. 837 more words

Social Justice

Factory Farming Mentality.

I must be feeling ornery today.

I was reading the Sunday Star Tribune newspaper this morning and this article caught my eye in the business section – “Going Small Pays Off,” a question-and-answer article about a manager of a Twin Cities farmer’s market. 441 more words


Niman Ranch: Philosophy of Raising Pigs

Niman Ranch has a different way of raising their hogs. For many years before industrial farming, hogs would grow up mostly outdoors, grazing on the vegetation of the land, and enjoying the warmth of the sun. 206 more words

Niman Ranch

Modern Farming and Climate Change

Back in the early ’90s I was part of the Green Peace Action team canvassing throughout Chicago discussing Dioxins and the wretched effects of Chlorine on the Ozone Layer and our waterways. 950 more words


Must See Food Documentaries

If you eat food from our main stream food source you are most likely poisoning yourself. The government is not only letting this happen but they are in many ways contributing to the problem. 264 more words


Tomato, Tomahto

Local farming is starting to become a thing of the past. Though more and more consumers are aware and in favor of locally produced crops, they are also accustomed to having “fresh” fruits and veggies of every variety at any time of year. 367 more words

Blog 8- Dialogues

Wine Secrets

Wine making is such a romantic business.Noble Ridge Vineyard, Okanagan Falls

It’s a way of selling peasant culture as elite culture.It’s done within a metaphor of capitalization. 114 more words

Nature Photography