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Science is not always Sensible

It is a very common human tendency to copy whatever is successful and apply it indiscriminately to many different areas of human endeavour. One sees this tendency in the realm of human knowledge, where dominant theories become more and more widely applied, sometimes venturing into realms, such as the use of evolutionary theory to explain the development of human cultures, or economic theory to account for non-economic behaviours, where they have little or no validity. 1,890 more words

Act III: The Glorious Miracle Of Life

A Message to the Poor Farmers of the World

There are many well-meaning economists, aid workers, and organizations who go around the world to poorer countries and regions, with the laudable aim, so they believe, of helping farmers increase their yields and thereby earn more money, which in turn will enable them to improve their standard of living. 1,583 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

Frances Moore Lappé: Farming for a Small Planet

How we grow food determines who can eat and who cannot—no matter how much we produce.

People yearn for alternatives to industrial agriculture, but they are worried. 3,549 more words

Opinion Leaders

Size Matters

Ask someone who grew up harvesting dinner from their backyard, or someone dedicated to organic subsistence farming; farm work is small business.

Ask someone with 100+ acres of grains, or anyone within the industrial agriculture supply chain; they will think BIG. 646 more words

Heat Stress


Cannabis Citizen Public Forum was launched tonight with special guest “The Hemp Mayor”, Adam Gower.  Adam has been expounding hemp knowledge that has nothing to do with cannabis, and I wanted to take some time to find out what his inspirations and focuses are currently aimed at. 84 more words


Where wild things were 

For billions of years the Earth has thrived, civilisations have evolved and the Earth is now home to 7 billion people and many different species of plants and animals.The Earth is filled with beautiful big and small creatures; from the elephant to the water vole. 320 more words


Topsoil Thoughts

by Glen Wallace

What is the timeline of the predicted length of time that industrial scale farming will be able to continue in the midwestern section of the US?   842 more words

Applied Social Political Philosophy