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Urban Farming Promoters Look to Transform Food Production

Urban farming is still in it’s infancy but there are plenty of  efforts to bring food production into our cities and closer to the populations we are trying to feed. 288 more words

Farming Education

Fair Oaks Farm: a look inside an industrial pig farm

If there’s one thing I wish more people would do, it’s visit farms.  Most of our country has lost an intimate connection with the way our food is grown because they don’t grow it (raise it, slaughter it, or even cook it) themselves.   811 more words


This Little Piggy Went......

Happy eating to all you meat lovers out there. I hope you can face gazing at your next plate of pork chop, lamb cutlet, beef steak or chicken breast after reading… 186 more words

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Do you think GM crops are bad ?

Hi thanks for reading my article if you do then join the good people of Scotland who are campaigning for a GM free Scotland ! 16 more words

Eat for change II

Ik ben nu bijna twee jaar een trotse veganist. Die stap heeft me geholpen enorm veel bij te leren met betrekking tot voeding en de impact van onze voedingscultuur op ecologisch vlak. 1,287 more words


Eat for change

Als je jezelf inbeeldt dat ik opgegroeid ben op een boerderij, alwaar mijn vader koeien hield en slachtte om mijn studies te betalen en ik ondertussen in de vakantie als tijdverdrijf  pasgeboren katjes vermoordde, is het moeilijk in te beelden waar ik nu sta. 1,046 more words


Meat is Murder but Fishes are Delicious

“I want to be a vegetarian.”My daughter surprised me with that declaration a couple days before her 16th birthday.

I paused a minute to let the whole “sixteen years old” thing sink in, because I don’t want to agree with it. 587 more words

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