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Finalists of bio-based material award named

The six finalists of the Bio-based Material of the Year award, presented by the nova-Institute for Ecology and Innovation to those developing new applications and markets for bio-based products (those derived from living organisms), have been named. 331 more words


Florida: 2015 SB 902/HB 363 "Hemp Industry Development Act" Passes Second Committee

General Bill   by Clemens

Hemp Production: Citing this act as the “Hemp Industry Development Act”; providing that hemp is an agricultural crop; providing legislative intent; requiring registration of hemp producers; providing registration requirements; providing exemptions; requiring rulemaking; providing for an affirmative defense to certain charges relating to cannabis; providing exceptions to other laws, etc. 145 more words


Willie's Reserve Coming Soon...

Well, it looks like Willie Nelson is finally launching his own brand of marijuana dubbed Willie’s Reserve. Announced during a charity fundraiser at the SXSW event in Austin, Texas, Willie’s Reserve is expected for purchase in 2016 for pot-friendly states, such as Colorado, Alaska, and Washington. 266 more words


Introduction to Hemp and Its History

Cannabis and Industrial Hemp have been labeled as narcotics and banned since the early 1900’s under a guise. Scare tactics of the past have slowly faded and US Legislature is finally starting to approve the medicinal, and in some states recreational, use of cannabis. 820 more words


Arizona Education from Mealer's point of view.

Let’s face it, Arizona’s education system is fundamentally broken. Our teachers are underpaid. We have less funds going to classrooms than we’ve ever had before YET, we have more money going into the educational system. 802 more words

Nevada Hemp Bill SB305 - Sen. Tick Segerblom

19 states have pilot programs studying industrial hemp, and eight states including California actively promote industrial cannabis.

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — A Nevada lawmaker is introducing a bill that would allow industrial hemp farming. 227 more words

What to do: The Cannabis Stock Market & You

If you read a word your brain doesn’t have a colorful picure for, <Stop> and look it up here <http://www.investopedia.com/>  Your education is your biggest tool in your weapon to regain personal sovereignty. 3,584 more words