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Just incase you missed it.. November 8th

I must start of by welcoming several states that have recently made moves into the Marijuana industry within the last couple weeks. On November 8th, four states voted in favor of legalizing recreation marijuana use, sale and consumption; these states being California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts. 581 more words

Hemp (part 1)

Hemp and Cannabis are two names because they are IN FACT two different plants, They are similar, they are both amazing but they have different uses and they are different and should not be confused. 1,464 more words

Fuck Cancer

The "King of Seeds"

The hemp plant has a unique versatility, that opens up endless market possibilities. What many believe to be the most prominent method of extracting value from this plant is through its seeds. 317 more words

Is CBD Legal?

There has been much-ado about CBD in the cannabis community lately. Many people don’t even know what it is and some are still skeptical if it actually works as described. 432 more words


CBD: A New Way to Health?

‘Weed’ is not just for the shady high-school stoner anymore. The cannabis industry has become much more than just a recreational way to relax and have fun with your peers. 351 more words


CBD From ‘Industrial’ Hemp - Safety & Effectiveness

The acronym CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol – one of many cannabinoids  found in the cannabis or hemp plant.  CBD is non-psychoactive and has been recognized for its use to treat varying ailments through humans’  277 more words


It's as simple as corn flakes and whiskey

Let me be very clear, I am informing you first and foremost on industrial hemp.

However, I think to clear up some confusion we also need to take a look at its close cousin in order to get a better understanding. 945 more words