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Industrial Hemp vs. Marijuana

The world uses words like hemp and marijuana almost interchangeable. When doing any kind of search, a person interested only in Industrial Hemp will need to follow through with some due diligence. 446 more words


Southern Oregon medical marijuana growers fear industrial hemp could ruin their crops


Southern Oregon marijuana growers want to ban industrial hemp production from the region out of fear that hemp may pollinate their crops and render them worthless. 882 more words

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Kansas bill would direct state to study industrial hemp

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas Department of Agriculture would be tasked with cultivating and studying hemp under a bill before the state Legislature.

The House Agriculture and National Resource Committee will hold a hearing on the bill Monday. 110 more words


Plant the Seed Then Process It

Now that Colorado has celebrated its first hemp harvest, its time to think about the next steps in taking the harvest to market.

A company you may not be familiar with, Industrial Processors Corp, 318 more words

We Need Industrial Hemp Farms

The Oregonian Newspaper of Portland has to be the shittiest newspaper on the west coast. It loves to fear monger and not always reports the truth by leaving out facts and other inconvenient truths that gets in the way of their “message”. 102 more words

More Strange, Weird Stuff About Hemp

When I was a kid growing up, I learned that if I wanted to know something about what the “big folks” were thinking, a good way to do it was to follow my Dad around the farm. 734 more words