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Serlachius Museum Gösta

In the west of Mänttä you can find the second part of the interesting Serlachius museums. Serlachius Museum Gösta combines an art museum and a mansion that is accessible through the entrance hall of the art museum. 274 more words


'Gentleman come try your skill'

Actually the quote doesn’t relate to the Martin brothers pictured in my header photograph, but to something called a puzzle jug. Puzzle jugs were an 18th century drinking game, where the drinker was encouraged by the inscription on the side of a jug to drink from it without spilling any of the contents. 456 more words

Days Out In England

Éamon Ó Cuív ...

… is a loon.

Perhaps he’s basing his economic views on those of his grandfather George, who did his best to drag Ireland back from the nineteenth to the eighteenth century (although he was living — for certain values of “living” — in the twentieth). 8 more words

Economic Activities

Sandfields Architecture

Sandfields plumping Station is a Gothic Revival masterpiece, a cathedral to the industrial revolution, for years abandon, and for years unloved.

The Gothic Revival style gave Briton its industrial look and identity. 116 more words

Sandfields Pumping Station

Beer, bathtubs and bricks: how craft beer lived, died and was eventually reborn in uptown Waterloo

Until a few years ago, the smell of boiling wort was a fragrant reminder that beer was brewing in the lower reaches of uptown Waterloo. Wafting from the former Brick Brewery, the malty odour – inviting to some, off-putting to others – was a connection to a long brewing history in what’s become one of the city’s trendiest residential neighbourhoods. 1,296 more words

Industrial Heritage