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Elsecar Heritage Centre

Whilst reading Black Diamonds: The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty by Catherine Bailey it occurred to me that I had not visited Elsecar Heritage Centre since I was a kid. 311 more words


So good they named it twice

Apologies to anyone who knows of the Gerard Kenny song of the 1970s and was expecting this post to be about New York (“New York, New York, So good they named it twice; New York, New York, All the scandal and the vice” etc etc…) 771 more words

ArteFACTS - Lancashire Clogs

By Melissa Cole, Curator

Originating from northern England, Lancashire Clogs have also gone by the names Northumberland Clogs or Yorkshire Clogs. 

Unlike the more famous Dutch clogs, Lancashire clogs have a leather upper; some lace up like ordinary shoes while others contain an engraved metal clasp, such as the ones in our collection.  569 more words


J. J. Smith's Oil Works // 1837

This parged stone industrial building is one of the oldest remaining in Warren, Rhode Island and is directly related to the history of the town being the leading whaling port of the Ocean State. 126 more words


A Family Tradition: Working more than 175 years in North Carolina's Textile Industry.

The textile mill started by the original Franklinsville stockholders in 1838 wove its first yard of cotton sheeting in March 1840 and its last yard sometime before Easter 1978.  1,692 more words

Randolph County

J A Eisenberg

Johann Andreas Eisenberg (1819-1901), commonly referred to as “J A Eisenberg”, was a German-born civil engineer, notably associated with the Victoria Bridge and Monteferre projects. 660 more words

Social History

Fallen Cradle

Shildon may be the most important town that you’ve never heard of and if you’d bear with me, I’d like to tell you why.

As you drive into the town, you’re greeted by signs announcing ‘Shildon – Cradle of the Railways’. 830 more words

County Durham