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When to use IO-Link RFID

At this point it is pretty clear that RFID is a fairly simple identification solution that involves a tag, antenna, and processor. The tag holds the information that is critical to the application. 444 more words

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Customization of RFID tag holders and mounting accessories

Does your RFID application require a customized tag holder? What about special brackets for read/write heads and processors? Don’t have the bandwidth to design the mounting hardware required for your unique application? 164 more words

Industrial RFID Systems

Industrial HF RFID System: BIS M Industrial RFID Systems

The BIS M system uses a High Frequency or HF 13.56 MHz inductively coupled technology along with passive tags to provide mid-range RFID solutions as far as 400 mm. 138 more words

Industrial Identification

BIS U Identification System: Industrial UHF RFID Applications

The BIS U Identification System is classified as a non-contacting system with read and write functionality for single or multiple UHF tags. This allows it to transport not only programmed information that is fixed on the data carrier (tag), but also to collect and pass on tag information to interfacing control or data collection systems. 241 more words

Industrial Identification

BIS U Identification System: Industrial UHF RFID System

The BIS U system (UHF RFID System) uses Ultra High Frequency or UHF 865 to 928 MHz propagating wave and back scatter technology along with passive tags to provide very long range RFID solutions as far as 6 m. 260 more words

Industrial Identification

Barcode and RFID, A one-two punch when it comes to sequencing

All too often I read about RFID replacing barcode as an ID technology. No doubt, there are cases where RFID is used to replace a barcode system due to a harsh environment or there is a need to “de-centralize” information etc., but more often than not I see both barcode and RFID being used together to address an application. 247 more words

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Vision-based Identification: BVS Vision Sensor - As Simple as a Sensor

BVS Vision Sensor is the perfect choice to insure a reliable, flexible and productivity increasing vision-based quality solution. The BVS offers a full tool box of advanced machine vision functions that can be combined to reliably solve error proofing, quality checking and barcode reading applications. 345 more words

Industrial Identification