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Exclusive Premiere: The Creptter Children - "Asleep With Your Devil"

Today, we have the immense pleasure of presenting to your eyes and ears the exclusive premiere of  Australian gothic/industrial hard rockers The Creptter Chilren’s new single and music video “Asleep With Your Devil,” off of their upcoming Imminence Records debut, to be released in early 2018! 420 more words


Godflesh - Post Self (Review)

Godflesh are a UK industrial post-metal band and this is their eighth album.

Combining rumbling industrialised dub beats with heavy guitars and no small amount of emotive beauty, the latest Godflesh release is a rusting cyborg constructed from so many clashing parts of pieces that in any other band’s hands it probably wouldn’t work. 206 more words


As Right as Reigns - Anarchy Reigns, the New Salvation for British Metal

How many false dawns the British metal scene has had over recent years? Time after time, it has fallen to the old campaigners to resurrect themselves from their crypts for yet another tour; another live album; another reissue. 308 more words


Godflesh - Post Self

 Throughout the long and adventurous history of metal, there have always been key bands that have carved the way for others to follow and thus create their own style. 468 more words


Drug Honkey - Cloak of Skies (2017) REVIEW

Give the average industrial metal listener a million layers of atmospheric synth and a heavy death/doom riff and suddenly you’ve got their fealty, it is an uncomplicated demographic appeal. 421 more words

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Conspiracy Theory Posts That Trent Reznor Recently Appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Did Trent Reznor play one of those irritating “living statue” street performers on the most recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Namaste”? The question should immediately strike you as odd. 219 more words