Close Up on Au/GYX & Au/WTIC

Folks, far be it from me to go all gold pumper on you, but also far be it from me not to show you things I find interesting, even if just very preliminary. 211 more words


Industrial Metals, Global Growth, a Decision on How to Play Canada and a Look at Japan vs. US

The NY Fed’s Empire index is the latest in a line of strong manufacturing reports. Several ‘global vs. US’ stock market charts are looking prospective, and then of course there is the bullish monthly chart of Industrial metals, as noted in NFTRH 469 and the… 688 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates

China's Property Slowdown And The Impact of Xi JinPing’s Reform Program

China’s real estate market provides jobs to millions and underpins demand for materials ranging from steel to cement and glass. But recent data suggests that peak growth for this sector is over. 125 more words


Copper/Gold Spread: There May Be More Downside Ahead

Bag the Profits

IMC blog entered a long position in the July-June copper(x2)/gold spread from the equivalent of -$21,885 (premium gold) on September 29th.

The spread exploded higher at the end of last year.  282 more words

Copper/Crude Oil Spread: Watching For a Reversal

Looking to Reenter

Back on December 1st, the IMC blog entered a short position in the copper/crude oil spread at the equivalent of +$12,870 (premium copper), due to rollovers. 244 more words

Platinum/Gold Spread: Roll to Halloween Contracts

The Long Road

The blog is holding an unleveraged April platinum/gold spread from the equivalent of -$206.30 (premium gold).  It was originally entered in September of 2015.  326 more words

Copper/Crude Spread: Rollover Update

Overdue Update  

The IMC blog entered a short position in the March copper/crude oil spread at +$13,265 (premium copper) on December 1st.  We rolled to the May contracts at the market-on-close last Friday (February 17th) because Monday was the Last Trading Day for the crude contract. 176 more words