Doctor Copper Follows His Industrial Pals

People look at the Doc, with his Ph.d. in Economics as a key cyclical indicator. The Wall Street Journal gave investors handy reasons why Copper was under performing broader commodities… 347 more words


Being Closer to the ‘Oh Darn’ Inflation Strike

By Michael Ashton

The time period between spikes of inflation angst seems to be shortening. I am not sure yet about the amplitude of those spikes of angst, but the concern seems to be quickening. 577 more words


NFTRH; Metallic Indicators Updated

It’s the metallic indicators again, doggedly refusing to negate their bearish turn. Thanks to subscriber Joe for giving me the heads up on this. The first part of my day was spent rescuing my wife from her flat tire, giving her my car and figuring out the spare tire inflation system that the Germans put in their cars these days so I could install it and get back home. 214 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates

NFTRH; Tech & Industrial Metals

In the event that this is just a correction – which technically speaking is all that it is at this point given the market’s up trend – I want to illustrate some buying opportunities for those who do not see a bear market beginning here. 301 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates

NFTRH; Metallic Indicators Not Convinced

Well, it’s just a day. But after the big bounce back in stocks one set of indicators is not confirming the big upward burst. I took a look at PALL/Gold expecting to see the typical big bounce back that would in oh so predictable fashion begin to question the market’s bearish potentials. 207 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates

Industrial Metals Still in Big Picture Bullish Stance

With our bond bounce played out at least in part, it is time to ask whether the other side of the trade (the inflation trade) is ready to resume its rally. 138 more words


NFTRH; Updating Gold Miners Pullback, Indust. Metals Miners Consolidation

Gold Miners

Let’s keep it simple. As noted in a public post yesterday, the pompom brigade was out in full force right at the short-term top for the gold stock sector. 587 more words

NFTRH Interim Updates