Copper/Crude Oil Spread: Watching For a Reversal

Looking to Reenter

Back on December 1st, the IMC blog entered a short position in the copper/crude oil spread at the equivalent of +$12,870 (premium copper), due to rollovers. 244 more words

Platinum/Gold Spread: Roll to Halloween Contracts

The Long Road

The blog is holding an unleveraged April platinum/gold spread from the equivalent of -$206.30 (premium gold).  It was originally entered in September of 2015.  326 more words

Copper/Crude Spread: Rollover Update

Overdue Update  

The IMC blog entered a short position in the March copper/crude oil spread at +$13,265 (premium copper) on December 1st.  We rolled to the May contracts at the market-on-close last Friday (February 17th) because Monday was the Last Trading Day for the crude contract. 176 more words

Copper/Gold Spread: Stay Long For More Upside

Keep ‘Em Rollin’

Currently, the blog is holding a long position in the March-February copper(x2)/gold spread from the equivalent of -$22,700 (premium gold).  It was entered on September 29th. 376 more words

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Copper/Crude Spread: Switching Bets From Red to Black

The Correlation

Copper and crude oil prices are strongly correlated.  You can look at the last three decades of price history and see that this is the case.  643 more words

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Copper/Gold Spread: Roll to 2017 Contracts

Mean Reversion Underway

Last spring we said that the plunge in the copper(x2)/gold spread was setting up for the buying opportunity of a lifetime.  We reiterated this statement again in the summer. 331 more words

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Copper(x2)/Gold Spread: Long-Awaited Birth of the Bull?

The Real McCoy?

Just before Memorial Day, the IMC blog bought a December copper(x2)/gold spread.  The position was liquidated with a loss a few weeks later when the spread hit new lows for the move. 628 more words

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