Copper(x2)/Gold Spread: Exit Signal Triggered

Bears Maul the Commodity Spreads

On December 29th the blog entered a theoretical long position in the March-February copper(x2)/gold spread at +$25 (premium copper) because it closed back above the ‘even money’ level. 370 more words

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Copper(x2)/Gold Spread: Entry Signal Triggered

Coming Up For Air

Yesterday the March-February copper(x2)/gold spread close above the ‘even money’ mark for the first time since the first half of November. This triggered an entry signal for the blog, so a hypothetical long position was entered at +$25 (premium copper). 140 more words

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Copper/Gold Spread: A New Four-Year Low Was Hit.

The Metal Meltdown

On September 9th the blog entered a long position in the December copper(x2)/gold spread at +$11,625 (premium copper). The position was liquidated on November 20th at -$4,880 (premium gold), resulting in a loss of approximately -$16,505 per spread. 443 more words

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Sparkle And Shine With These Simple Jewelry Tips

There is a lot more to owning jewelry than being flashy and spending extravagant amounts of money. It can become your legacy and is a very good investment. 278 more words

Jewelry Gifts

Copper/Gold Spread: The Last Three Trend Change Signals Were Correct. How About This One?

Pedal to the Metal

At yesterday’s close, the December copper(x2)/gold spread closed above the declining 50-day Moving Average for two consecutive days. This triggered a bullish trend change. 177 more words

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Copper/Gold Spread: Almost Time To Prefer Redheads Over Blondes?!

Precious Metals and Industrial Metals Are Correlated

Although gold is considered to be a precious metal and copper is strictly an industrial metal, the two markets show a surprisingly strong correlation on the long-term timeframe. 626 more words

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Bitcoin is no longer the worst investment in the world

Great news for the bitcoin faithful. The crypto-currency, which crashed after reaching highs of over $1,100 late last year,  is no longer the absolute worst thing you could have bought this year. 138 more words