Copper/Gold Spread: A New Four-Year Low Was Hit.

The Metal Meltdown

On September 9th the blog entered a long position in the December copper(x2)/gold spread at +$11,625 (premium copper). The position was liquidated on November 20th at -$4,880 (premium gold), resulting in a loss of approximately -$16,505 per spread. 443 more words

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Sparkle And Shine With These Simple Jewelry Tips

There is a lot more to owning jewelry than being flashy and spending extravagant amounts of money. It can become your legacy and is a very good investment. 278 more words

Jewelry Gifts

Copper/Gold Spread: The Last Three Trend Change Signals Were Correct. How About This One?

Pedal to the Metal

At yesterday’s close, the December copper(x2)/gold spread closed above the declining 50-day Moving Average for two consecutive days. This triggered a bullish trend change. 177 more words

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Copper/Gold Spread: Almost Time To Prefer Redheads Over Blondes?!

Precious Metals and Industrial Metals Are Correlated

Although gold is considered to be a precious metal and copper is strictly an industrial metal, the two markets show a surprisingly strong correlation on the long-term timeframe. 626 more words

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Bitcoin is no longer the worst investment in the world

Great news for the bitcoin faithful. The crypto-currency, which crashed after reaching highs of over $1,100 late last year,  is no longer the absolute worst thing you could have bought this year. 138 more words

Why a collapse in copper prices is a worrying sign for China's financial system

Dr. Copper is looking ill.

Because copper is so widely used in industry, its price has a long-standing reputation as a gauge of global economic activity. 224 more words

Asian Stocks Rebound, Metals Gain

Industrial metals advanced, with copper rebounding from its lowest close since 2010, after Asian shares rose. The Swiss franc weakened while corn extended its biggest slump in more than three months. 78 more words